pondělí 18. června 2018

April Outfits

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today it's just another outfit post ♪ 
Two looks, each quite different ... as always :)

The first one is like a flashback to years when I was teenager - I used to own a pair of ugly dungarees and was wearing them all the time together with weird accessories and little ponytail in the middle of my forehead... eh... those were the times !
But honestly, not much changed since them :D Only my dungarees are more flattering and I there's no ponytail on my head (myslím jakože palmičku na hlavě, netuším jak se to řekne anglicky) 

Lately I've been collecting all kinds of enamel pins and crazy socks, like these with pufferfish which I bought with my friends, slightly drunk, around midnight at Tesco in Prague, together with few bottles of wine, gluten-free snacks and 10 lolipops with Han Solo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 dungarees, t-shirt - C&A
pin with coffee spirit - Frannerd
pin with poison - czBaterka

The second outfit is something completely different :D I really wanted to wear overknee socks and skirt on that day, because I felt like I don't wear this combination anymore, which is sad ... I'm getting old, or what ?! More over-knees with short skirts, please !
To avoid looking like a wanabe-schoolgirl I matched the black skirt with more mori/fantasy pieces and ended up looking like Thranduil fangirl from Little Witch Academy... which is fine !

cardigan - made by me as well (pattern Bare Branches from Alana Dakos)

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 7. června 2018


Hi, my dear readers  ♥

I'm back ! So let's start with another art adventure ♪ Somewhere in March we went to Kustnhalle München again, to see the new exhibition DU BIST FAUST. As the title suggests it's a collection of various artworks, illustrations, sculptures, movies, etc. inspired by Geothe and his Faust :)

I must say that I never really read the book and was a bit worried that I won't understand everything. But the exhibition is so very well done, that now I know the story and all its characters almost perfectly with every detail possible :D It starts with a short introduction of Geothe and where he got the idea, then there are rooms for every character, while at the same time the story continues and everything ends in grand finale (my favourite part is the Walpurgisnacht !), followed by display of various book covers from all over the world and short theatre acts screened in mirror maze ... sounds quite amazing, right ? It is ! The exhibition is still ongoing until 29.7. so if you're planning a trip to Munich, you know where to go on rainy day *wink wink*

 this reminded me of CLAMP a bit :)

 Words can't even describe how beautiful this painting is in real life ♥
Witches going to their Sabbath (1878), by Luis Ricardo Falero

The day was cold and rainy, so I decided to wear more autumn-themed outfit with my new favourite culottes and the cutes mori shirt ♥

shirt, pants - C&A
sweater - Takko
shoes - EtikButik

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 7. května 2018

Coralina Raincoat & Furie Nocturne

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm sorry for quite an inactivity lately ! There were public holidays in Germany, I'm busy with illustration project and I'm also leaving for 3 week to USA very soon ... ! But I still have so much to write about and bunch of outfit photos to post :)

To catch up a bit I decided to put two in one post today, because both these outfits have something in common - my new super-amazing yellow raincoat ! I'm so happy that these are trendy now, because I always wanted one ♥ I just wish I had blue hair and dragonfly hairpin, to complete the Coralina look (but at the same time I hope that I won't accidentaly find "the crossing" and end up 30/60 years in the past, like Jonas from Dark who also had yellow jacket :D) 

I usually don't buy displayed sets of clothing, but this time I just couldn't help it - not only the yellow raincoat was on my wish-list for ages, but they also had matching stripped pants with the same navy/white stripe as the lining of the raincoat ♥ Lucky for me, I keep my Christmas money loooong after Christmas are gone and in cases like this I can grab a few coins from my vault at Gringott's ♪

raincoat, pants,t-shirt - C&A
shoes - EtikButik

The second outfit has the yellow raincoat, but most importantly this cutes Chat Noir/Toothless t-shirt I ordered from RedBubble ♥ I kinda really love How to train your dragon, I can watch the movie over and over and the OST makes a great background music while drawing :) and of course Toothless is THE CUTEST ♥

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 23. dubna 2018

Bare Branches

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Recently I finished quite a few knitting projects, so get ready for some new knits !

The second finished project of 2018 was a cardigan/knitted jacket "Bare Branches" from Alana Dakos's amazing "Botanical Knits 2" - which is a must-have book of knitting patterns for all forest-loving beings like me ♥ I have this book at home for a while, but I've been hesitating with starting any projects from it, because I'm waiting for the right yarn to appear :) I would love to use some beautiful, natural, hand-dyed skeins, but these are not that cheap and easy to get... so I have to be patient ♪

One of these perfect natural and ethically-made yarn is definitelly Rauwerk wool - from Munich-based yarn shop of the same name - which I believe, I told you about already in one of my older posts :) The Rauwerk Wool is ethically produced yarn from local Munich sheep ♪ THE PERFECT ONE for this project ♥ 

After a lot of thinking I went for the light grey - almost the same colour as the original sample in the book. I wanted to be sure that the tree on back stands out and that it goes well with my hand-carved bone buttons from Kaltenberg ♥

When I was working on this project a lot of people told me that they love the design, but they're really scared of it because it isn't made in one piece and they're not sure about the seaming in the end. I decided to give it a try and believe me - there's nothing to be scared of ! Everything is very clearly explained at the end of the book and I didn't have a single problem with the whole pattern and seaming process :) It fits exactly as it should and it looks great !

Again, we took some photos on the riverbank of Isar ♥

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

neděle 15. dubna 2018

New Sewing Book + DIY pants + Creativemesse München 2018

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After the last year's success at CreativeMesse München (creative fair), we decided to go there again together with Rommily and Kathi ♪ 

This time we knew what to expect and I was really looking forward to buy some yarn at Tausendschön's stand again... but I ended up being pretty dissapointed about this one - they didn't have all these pretty yarns at all ! It looks like they only took a few leftovers with them (each skein was different colorway) and a wall full of Malabrigo (but that's quite easy to order online and not what I was going for), atop of  that their stand was really small so I just looked around and went to look at other stuff ...

What I absolutely didn't expect to buy and get excited about was SEWING BOOK and FABRICS ?! I thought I'm done with sewing, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to - except from upcycling stuff... but - suddenly - while searching for book with hand lettering alphabet, I stumbled upon Hosen nähen - schön, leich, schnell - with 16 sewing patterns, tutorials and videos online for the more complicated designs. Usually I'm not really interested in sewing books, but this one has a lot of loose pants, sweatpants and most importantly LEGGINS pattern, so I had to buy it :)
Also I couldn't leave without fabric, especially with so many stands around selling really cute prints and materials... I went for organic cotton jersey in grey with black dandelion print and light summer fabric in dark blue with... eh dandelions :D 

Aside from unexpected fabric shopping I also had to stop by my favourite SommerAbend to buy even more stamps to my already big collection ♥ I got the alphabet book from Frau Annika, potion bottle, cute mori pendant with squirrel and acorn ...and a few gluten-free cookies from the most unfriendly lady at the whole fair ... (but they were delicious!)

Being really excited about all my new sewing stuff, I just had to make the first pair of pants right on the next day ! I started with pattern called "Hose mit Gummibund / Pants with elastic waistband" and used the summer dark blue dandelion fabric, lightbox, papers from my life drawing sketchbook for pattern tracing and various leftovers of elastic bands I could find at home :D

The explanation in the book of how to make each pair of pants is not really clear and you need some experience with sewing pants (which I don't really have, so I freaked out a few times), but somehow I managed to do it and after the whole day of tracing, cutting and sewing I had my very first pair of pants according to my new book ! And I'm super-happy about them ♥

When I finished these pants, temperatures were still below zero and everything was covered in snow... now it's finally warm and love wearing them ♥

I hope you' re all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

neděle 8. dubna 2018

Winter Rosengarten

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After ages here's another lolita outfit post ! I know they are very rare lately, but hopefully there will be more opportunities and also better weater to wear lolita fashion again soon :)

In February, girls from Nürnberg came for visit and we couldn't pick a "better" day for our meet-up. After a few days which almost looked like winter is slowly over, snow storm arrived and it was snowing the whole day with a lot of traffic jams and highways covered in snow... but fortunatelly girls arrived quite on time and we spent the whole day sitting, eating and chatting at Rosengarten restaurant ♪

I finally had a chance to wear my new "The voice from the other side" skirt from Lady Sloth and decided to go for a bit more OTT "witch" lolita - which sounds pretty ita, I know :D Since the temperatures were around zero I thought I can wear a wig again after a while and also a hat - which happened to be the best decision ever, because the snow couldn't hit my face and destroy my make-up ! (need to remember this trick for the next winter)

Appart from the skirt I was wearing my usual "old" stuff and discovered how PERFECTLY my Ouija necklace from Omnia Oddities matches with the skirt ♥

While we were sitting in the restaurant the snow covered everything with a thick layer all around the park and we just had to take the opportunity to do some "Narnia-like" photos :) here are some really nice shots done by dear Deddi ♥

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥