čtvrtek 19. ledna 2017

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

 Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm really late with this one, I know ...

As you probably noticed, in November something big happened for us potterheads ! It was a premiere of new movie from the world of Harry Potter, this time set in 1926 New York and following adventures of magizoologist and writer Newt Scamander (played by the cutest Eddie Redmayne ♥) 

I think you can imagine HOW DAMN MUCH I was looking forward to this ! I had actual tears in my eyes when the WB logo appeared on the screen =D
And I wasn't dissapointed... not a bit ... well maybe I'm not happy about cast of one particular character, but that's spoiler so I'll leave it for the next movie ♪
Anyway I really like all the characters, costumes, setting, beasts and most importantly the story ♥
Now I just CAN'T WAIT FOR APRIL when the BluRay comes out and I'm going to buy it right away so I can watch it again, and again, and again ... *o*

Everyone was going to cinema in groups, dressed up in Hogwarts house's school uniforms or cosplays and I am lucky to have friends here in Munich who were willing to do the same with me =D ha ha
We went to cinema in Hogwarts-inspired lolita outfits ...and of course I was Hufflepuff lolita !

I improvised a bit with the outfit - just put together something from my thin lolita wardrobe and my loot from WB Studios in London ♪

the KNITTING & WITCHCRAFT buttons are from my Etsy AuberginenART shop
skirt - DIY
blouse - Metamorphose
badger brooch - An English Garden on Etsy

There are many things to buy as merchandise for this movie, but my absolute favourite is The Case of Beasts - a book which looks like Newt's case and it's full of interesting informations and facts about the film making, costumes, characters and there are also some additional things like flyers, Tina's ID or "wanted" posters of Newt and Tina ♥

(because photo can't do it justice, believe me)

And of course the combination of me being a knitter & Hufflepuff & Newt's fan escalated in a dire need of his scarf *_*
So I commissioned Han right after I got home from the cinema and now I'm ready to start knitting !
now I just need to find some blue coat in thrift store

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 12. ledna 2017

Elven "Big Jim" Shawl

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you the third and final project from the busy November, which was full of knit alongs and finished shawls ♪

This one is my absolute favourite !
It's the first one of my planned serie of elven shawls ♥
I planned to give it some lovely elven name, but I... eh... didn't come up with any... this pattern reminds me of some gypsy-like elves, wandering from place to place...like dalish or elves from Witcher (...I think - I haven't read the books, yet I know I'm terribly behind ) ...but still - no ispiration for the name =D

The original name of the pattern is far from elves - it's called "Big Jim" and it was designed by Justyna Lorkowska to have more western-like look (western like cowboys and indians).
I fell in love with the design immediately and I was also instantly sure that it will be green/natural, big, warm and cozy ! That's why I asked Han to handspin the yarn for me from some natural raw-looking materials ♥

The result looks exactly as I imagined it and it's the coziest winter shawl I have !
It can be also worn as poncho with the shawl pin ♪ The fringe is such a beautiful element, I think I need more shawls with fringe ... !

At the end of Autumn we took some elf photos at our favourite spot in English garden ♥

As I said 100 times already, this shawl was part of the "Cozy for Winter KAL" organized by Justyna Lorkowska and believe it or not I WON THE INSTAGRAM PRIZE ! *o* whaaa
The prize was a beautiful skein of hand-dyed yarn from Martin's Lab in "Caterpillar", pair of the cutest scissors and a bunch of stitch markers ♥

Right now I'm working on three projects at once (again) - two pullovers and one shawl ♪
I hope it won't get warm before they're finished =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 9. ledna 2017

Christmas 2016 // New Year's Resolutions

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today the Christmas holidays are over here in Germany and I'm back with a new post ♪
It can't be about anything else than Christmas and new year's resolutions !

Same as the last year, we stayed at home for Christmas and went to Prague for the New Year's Eve. These were our first Christmas in Munich, which made everything more fun ! There is SO MANY Christmas markets everywhere, that it's impossible to visit all of them =D We went to one in our district, which was small but cute and cozy. We were also at Marienplatz - which is the main Christmas market with tree and everything. I also visited twice winter Tollwood (which is the fairtrade/hippie festival, but in big tents instead of open air like it was in summer) and my favourite Christmas market ever - the medieval market near Odeonsplatz ♥ The combination of historical festivals and cozy Christmas atmosphere is just amazing ! The hot mead, mulled wine or Feuerzangenbowle (which is mulled wine with something stronger and set on fire) and also meals are all served in earthenware pots and plates. There are medieval bands performing every weekend and some people are even wearing costumes *o* I love this place !

Last year we decided to break the usual (Czech) Christmas habits and spent our Christmas day/eve in more relaxed way, with no complicated cooking and overeating. It was the best decision ever, so we decided to continue with it ...

We went for a lunch to nearby Bavarian restaurant and for dinner I fried a few pieces of breaded carp and the rest of the dinner consisted of some fish delicatesses (?) from NordSee =D (I also bought full plate of gluten-free Christmas cookies, because I'm too lazy to bake)

This year I dressed up in my new Hufflepuff dress which I ordered from Black Milk when they restocked they're amazing Harry Potter collection ♪

Some Christmas Eve moments...

And gifts, of course *o*

Honza in his new super-cool PlazmaLab hoodie ♥

And my pile of gifts !
new Darkher LP, The Case of Beasts book, book about sketching from German illustrator, Marilyn Manson dress with clip-on garters ♥♥♥, Picture of Dorian Grey book, onesie, pajama, underwear collection =D, body lotion from Rituals, infinity shawl from American Apparel, and whoohoo power bank for my phone (more Pokémon playing !)

The week between Christmas and New Year's Eve was busy with family visits, but it's always a good time to look back at the previous year and set some new goals for the upcoming one.
Since I have quite a bad memory, I'm writting everything down - new year's resolutions are no exception.

Here is my planner - on the left are goals set for 2016, I highlighted the ones I managed to do - and on the right is a list of important events of the year... it was a big one, I dare to say !

As you can see I failed at driving a car (I'm scared !!!), reading (10 books vs. 21 knitting projects tells why) and sketchbook-ing (I need to practice more)

And here is (quite smaller) list of goals for 2017
...I also have to-read list, to-knit list, to-do bussiness list and wishlist, but I won't bother you with these =D (...did you notice that I really like making lists?) 

I hope you had calm and peaceful holidays and I wish you all the best in the new year !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 21. prosince 2016

Christmas Lolita Meet-Up 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of December I traditionally attendended Christmas lolita meet-up.
Same as the last year - I went to Nürnberg ♥

We travelled by train with Rommily, which was super-cute because we were both knitting the whole time =D On our way there the train was quite crowded, but on the way back we chose special "Advent-Train" - which was a completely new model, almost empty, with good light and we also got a chocolate st.Nicolas from the staff =D cute !

The meet-up itself was in the same restaurant as last year, we took photos outside at the castle, then had some delicious lunch, tea and talked A LOT. I was sooo happy to see everyone again, because I haven't been to meet-up in Nürnberg ever since we moved to Munich =(
I missed everyone so much !

I also realized how much I missed Nürnberg itself ♥ It's a BEAUTIFUL town and in Christmas time twice as pretty than usual !

Since we had to travel quite a lot I decided to wear otome-kei instead of petticoat ♪
So I finally had a chance to wear this cute dress which I found in Pick´n´Weight again  . It has some nice Christmas-themed colours, so it was a perfect outfit for the day ♪

The dress is from Japanese brand, which I am unfortunatelly not able to read it ha ha

I wanted to look like Wednesday Addams, but Honza told me that I should probably take umbrella with me, because I look like Mary Poppins ...and then the embarrasing truth was revealed, that I've never seen the movie and Honza got it right away and now I'm obliged to watch it on Christmas =D

dress - Pick'n'Weight
necklace - Brett Manning
shoes - Demonia

So...this is it - the last post of 2016 !
What a year ! So many things happened good and bad.
I fulfilled a lot of goals from my personal list and now I'm slowly setting up a new one for 2017 ♪
For now my goals are to learn how to do digital art, draw a lot and work on my skills, learn how to do proper lettering, read a lot (same as every year), save more money, buy less clothes (imposibru), try a lot of new things, start learning Spanish, travel a lot, etc. ... =D
 I signed up for pole dance class and I have three(?) tattoo apointments for 2017 - so there is something new planned already ♥

What are your goals or plans for 2017 ?
Something you want to learn? Stop doing? Books you want to read?

Have a beautiful holidays, stay safe, party hard and thank you for following this blog ! ♥

pátek 16. prosince 2016

Building Blocks /// Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Let's talk about he second knitting project from my busy October/November ♪
This year I decided to join Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL for the first time !
Last year I wasn't sure about my skills, I didn't understand yarn weights and the Westknits sets were too expensive for me. This year I'm much wiser, but still broke, so I decided to give it a try but instead of using some super-cool-fancy yarn, I just bought new Flora from Drops - which is quite a good quality yarn for a very low price =D
I also didn't go for any shiny-neon-Stephen-West-like colours, but simple earth tones to match with my mori wardrobe  ♪

Now a little explanation of what the hell am I talking about...
Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL is an event hosted by Stephen West every year - he designs a new pattern, you purchase it, but you don't know how does it look - only how much yarn and how many colours you need. You wait for the first clue. You knit the first clue and wait for next Friday for the second clue, you knit the second clue and wait for the next Friday... etc.
Cool right?
I had so much fun with this project and I even managed to knit my very first brioche - lvl. up !

I decided to knit the medium sized shawl, but it still ended up HUGE.
But it's really nice and cozy, so I'm not complaining ♪

Here are some photos we took on the walk in the centre of Munich ♥
I recently bought these pants and I feel so cool in them =D ha ha 
at the age of 28 I discovered magic of slim fit denim pants

I will leave the last knitting project post on January, because next week I want to talk about Christmas lolita meet-up and then do nothing, just be lazy, knit, read, draw and watch Christmas movies =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 13. prosince 2016

Light Mori

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of October my dear friend Rommily celebrated her birthday and invited us over for ramen,  delicious cakes, Bollywood movie and a lot of lolita talk ♥
Since I knew we will be sitting and eating most of the time I didn't want to wear petticoat or any fancy lolita dress.
Instead I dressed up in mori, a bit more fancier than usual ♪

Light colours, flower headband and white shoes are something I unfortunatelly don't have a chance to wear very often ...

headband, necklace, crochet shawl, skirt - DIY

Even though it was Rommily's birthday party, Vanilla surprised me with gift as well *o*
I got A HUGE package full of yarn, crochet hooks, Harry Potter socks and also delicious fruit wine from medieval fair ♥

I already bought more of the mustard yarn for cardigan,  I plan to knit fingerless gloves from the natural ones and hmm maybe hat or headband from the blue ones and violet one... so many possibilities *o*

I hope you're not stressed out from Christmas !
I always think about gifts in advance and then I just go and buy everything planned, no stressful improvisations =D I already sent out all gift for my distant friends, I got everything for Honza and mum... now just a gift for granma remains usolved - the hardest part =D

I also visited Christmas lolita meet-up in Nürnberg and went to Christmas markets in Munich many times already, so I'm in quite a holiday mood ♪ ♫ ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 9. prosince 2016

Meadow Grass // Samhain 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

October was a busy knitting month, because I was participating in three Knit Alongs at once =D
                                   ○ "Meadow Grass" shawl - KAL with czech yarn shop Vlněné sestry
                                   ○ "Building Blocks" shawl - secret Westknits KAL
                                   ○ "Big Jim" shawl - Winter Cozy KAL organized by Letesknits

I managed to keep up and finished all of them on time and now I have three new super-pretty shawls ♪
Ready for winter, I would say !

The first one finished was "Meadow Grass", beautiful semi-circle striped shawl with lace edging ♥
As main colour I decided to finally use this cute pumpkin orange yarn which I got from my dear friends from Nürnberg ♥ it's from German shop DyeForYarn
Contrasting colour is cool black&white Shelter yarn from Brooklyn Tweed (I loved the yarn since the first time I saw it in the shop and I was just waiting for an excuse to buy it =D)
As always I ran out of yarn before the end, so I had to finish it with black Drops ...

Also the Shelter yarn was shorter than the recommended yardage for contrasting colour, so I decided to do the striping wider towards the end ♪

I'm super-happy about the result !
I finished it on Halloween/Samhain so we took some witchcraft-themed photos right away ♥

Speaking of Samhain, here are a few photos from the magical evening,
because I haven't posted any altar photos in a while ♪

Have a magical day, everyone ♥