pondělí 23. května 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to talk about one amazing place which should every vintage/second-hand-lover visit ♪
The Pick&Weight store !
I had no idea something so amazing exists so near to my house, until KK told me about ♥ she found there super-cool rounded sunglasses and was really excited about the shop, so I didn't hesitate and went there right on the next day =D

When KK told me about a "cool second-hand where everything has a price according to its weight" I instantly had on my mind an image of this vast stinky second-hand stores where we used to go with my mum. The price was set by the weight as well and everything was cheap and ugly =D
...so I almost missed the store on Schellingstrasse while looking for it, because it's an absolute opposite of what I was expecting =D The shop is rather small, totally FULL with clothing, with great interior design, things are organized by colour, style, materials and you can find there literally EVERYTHING ! Hippie bags? check! Fetish shoes? check! Japanese Yukata? check! Gothic clothes? check! Military corner with crazy postapo stuff? check! ...and much much much more ... I don't even know how long I was there, but in the end I found three things I brought into super-cute changing room ...

Unfortunatelly the beautiful light-green FlorenceWelch-like dress was too small for me, but the other two things fit perfectly, so I just had to buy them <_<

The amazing dress with white collar is from a Japanese brand and the cute mori jacket has no tags, so maybe it's handmade? who knows ♪
I can't remember the exact price of each item, but I think the dress was around 40euro and the jacket 20euro ...yeah it's not cheap like in thrift store, but you can find there real treasures =)

When I finally left the shop, I decided to stroll around the Schellingstrasse a bit more. So far it's my favourite part of Munich, because there is a lot of cool people, good restaurants and cute shops =D One of them is tiny-little store called Unimoden which is selling mostly Plazmalab clothing... I couldn't skip it and of course I found there something amazing and pooof! more money was gone from my bank account >_<

How totally perfect is this thing?? I feel like Star Wars hero in it =D 

...unfortunatelly I managed to destroy the fabric a bit in washing maschine after a week of wearing, because I'm stupid and didn't read the tag properly -_- fuu ...but it still looks great ! phew

I got these cool stickers with the purchase ♥

I also discovered a cute shop with all kinds of beautiful things from Nepal ♥ and had a lunch in Dean&David which is a chain of cute salat restaurants all around Germany.

The day was sunny and warm, so I decided to take out my hippie clothes ♪

hat - H&M
dress - Gudrun Sjodén
shawl, vest - knitted by me
shoes - Vagabond

oh, and I forgot to say that Pick&Weight is not only in Munich, but also in Hamburg and Berlin =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 18. května 2016

April Meet-up in Munich

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In April we had a tiny little private lolita meet-up in Munich ♪ It was so nice to finally dress up after a week in dusty working clothes among moving boxes ! We decided to visit a very interresting exhibition in Münchner Stadt museum about women´s fashion in 1930's Germany.

It wasn't big so we went to other floors of the museum as well. There was also exhibition about nazis (which we skipped completely), marionettes (they were so scary that we left immediatelly), typical Bavarian things (we didn't have enough time for it) and music - where we lost the time, because it´s super-fun =D There is 100000 musical instruments, old, new, tiny, huge, funny, boring... and there is a lot of interactive parts, for example a big room with wall full of instruments and a table with buttons with name of each - you can push them and it plays a short song so you know how the instrument sounds *o* there are also mystery doors, which you open and a loud organ starts to play...and a japanese drum... yeah, we had a lot of fun =D

After we left the museum we went for something to eat. We randomly found a tiny asian restaurant which had surprisingly delicious Japanese dishes *o* Then we went to two Japanese shops and bought a lot of stuff =D ha ha
I couldn´t resist and finally purchased an ink stone, a caligraphy brush and sumi ink... I also bought a pack of sakura burning incense sticks and a lot of yummy gifts for my husband ♥

And here are some photos of my outfit ...please excuse the terrible Photoshop blur, but there was a totally not-matching moving mess and my husband putting together Ikea furniture =D
I finally wore my new Metamorphose blouse which I bought on tea party in Vienna, toghether with my all time favourite BTSSB jsk and a beautiful brooch from Vanilla´s Traumfabrik who I finally met  again on that day after a very long time =) ♪

It was such a great day !
I hope we will meet more often =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 13. května 2016

New Home

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As the title suggests, this is the very first post from and about our new home ♪
We had to unexpectedly move to Munich at the beginning of April, because my husband's office was moved to Dachau. It was really sudden and quicker than anyone expected it to be =D We were looking for a new apartment for about two weeks and then the very first visit was success ! From a lot of other "candidates" the company who owns this super-nice-just-reconstructed apartment chose us *o* whee !

After the terrifying experience of moving everything from Prague to Ingolstadt on our own, just with help of Honza's dad, we decided to order a moving service this time... and it was the best decision ever ! No stress, no struggle with heavy furniture and paper boxes full of books... what a comfort =D

Now a month and 13 days after we moved in, the apartement looks great ♥ ! The only room which isn't finished yet is my studio <_< I just set up tables, unpacked my sewing machine and art supplies so I could work and placed plants on my window... but the rest is still chaos, maybe this weekend we will finally hang all my pictures and the celtic deco-fabric on my walls, so it will be a nice cozy room again =)

I don't want to make any "room tour" or something like that, because I don't have to show everything to everyone =) but here are at least some photos I took on my phone during the past month ♪

 the house itself isn´t the most beautiful one in Munich, but at least we have pretty sakura right next to it !

 from the hill in the nearby Olympic park is a view on Alps *o* now I can see my dear mountains everytime I want ! ♥

 some details from my studio
I love the fern and the flowerpot I bought in Ikea *o* 
... and of course I have to have a porcelain dwarf ! We´re in Germany =D !

 our view from living room - right into a huuuge spruce tree ♥ sometimes there is a squirrel looking for food or ravens... how perfectly mori is this ? =D

our new sofa - we chose petrol blue this time !
Snoop Dogg... I mean - Satan - approves it =D

After three years of taking photos on balcony with the ugly green fake-grass floor I decided to save some special place just for photos in the new apartment. Mostly because I want have better photos for my shop and don't want to freeze in -10°C when I make a new product in the middle of winter and have to take photo of it =D (like I did in Ingolstadt)
We have a ceiling window in our corridor which make great lighting for photos, so I decided to keep one of the walls plain white and make it my "photo-corner"

Here are the ever first outfit photos taken there =D !
My mori outfit from a nice sunny day which ended up as a huge rainstorm with me stuck in the middle with Satan in arms =D I went to Gudrun Sjoden shop in Munich to change my address for new catalogues... I planned to take a look around the town, but instead I ended up drenched and cold. So I went home and strolled a bit around the big shopping centre near our place. (which is huge and crowded and I don 't like it)
Even though I looked like a drowned rat, on my way home an absolutely normal-looking guy stopped me just to tell me that I looke so amazingly different and if I want to go for a drink with him =D ha ha ...of course I didn't ! But it was nice, in Prague a guy like him would shout on me something about mascarade, witches or Lady Gaga... like they always do -_-

So - my first impression of Munich people is good so far ! 
(at least when they're sober - I'm not talking about soccer fans and the groups of guys dressed up in Lederhosen, pulling a cart with a beer barrel behind them, shouting like crazy and pissing everywhere... <_<)

scarf - Gudrun Sjodén
dress - H&M (I bought it a few years ago in sales)
necklace - Brett Manning Etsy
bracelets - C&A
shoes - Vagabond

When I was packing I had to go through my whole wardrobe - I really like doing it, because I always find something I forgot about and I see new layering possibilities and colour combination when everything is spread on floor =) 
Like with this dress - they are actually two - one black summer dress which I wore only on WGT because it's terribly transparent and the brown long dress which is also transparent... so I´m wearing them both now ! I don´t know why I never thought about it before =D

...speaking about WGT... we´re not going this year (again) T_T  ... mostly because it´s too expensive and for the same money we could spend five days in Amsterdam (which is exactly what we´re going to do =D), we also have no one who can look after Satan and most importantly we´re not much of goths anymore, so...yeah... BUT STILL there will be DARKHER AND FAUN AND....ARRGHH ALL THIS GREAT ATMOSPHERE WITHOUT ME ! >_<
...yeah, so I will watch Eurovision instead =D ha ha

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 10. května 2016

Magical Girl Frida

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my travel-outfit from one March day. We visited our new apartement on that day to take a look how the reconstruction is going and to sign a contract *o*

I decided to wear the skirt/over-skirt from Moshiki which I recently bought in Nürnberg and my new Frida necklace from super-amazing artist Brett Manning . I found her art page on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the style and colours she is using ♥ And when she made these necklaces I didn't hesitate for a second and bought the one with "Magical Girl Frida" right away =D
It arrived quickly and packed in a box full with faux-fur =D together with a business card and two cute stickers ♪

Now that I look at these photos I see that the outfit is in autumn colours again ! >_< I need to finally accept the fact that is spring and have to start wearing some lighter colours =D
...which is easier said than done for someone who is currently madly in love with mustard colour

necklace - Brett Manning Etsy
skirt - Moshiki
shoes - Vagabond

I recently ordered Frida biography from Hayden Herrera, which was used as a reference for the Frida movie. I saw it a looong time ago when it was in cinema - I had no idea what is it about, my friend just said "it's cool, let's see it, I have some free tickets" =D
...and since than I'm a huge fan of this amazing artist ♥ Her paintings are so surreal and full of meaning that I could stare at them all day and still find something new... 

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 4. května 2016

Restless Nostalgia

Hi, my dear readers ♥

It's been more than half a year since Han asked me to draw a logo for her yarn shop Hana Paimen Yarns ♪ It was a great honor for me to make something so important ! And since it was a commission from a yarn shop I asked for yarn instead of money ho hooo =D
I was drooling over all these amazing knits from mustard-colored yarn for a long time, so I asked Han to spin a few meters for me in this beautiful colour ♪  I was already sure about the pattern for it - Restless Nostalgia from Caitlin ffrench ♥ it's such a beautiful shawl with a great crescent shape !

I didn't get around to knit it until March of this year, because I have so many project on my to-do list ! =D And the reason why I finally started it was that I needed something simple to knit on train. I was travelling to Dachau a few times to meet with my husband and go for a visit of our new apartement in Munich ♪ Knitting is a big help for me when I need to travel alone. Anxiety makes everything harder and knitting helps me to concentrate on stitches instead of worries =) I´m not sure how will I survive my first flight to Amsterdam at the end of May, since it's not allowed to take knitting needles in plane >_< eek !

The shawl was finished very quickly, because the pattern is changing all the time and I never got bored, not even for one row =) it´s not as complicated as it looks, it just needs a good concetration and not to get lost in the repeats ♪

The handspun yarn from Han made such a beautiful texture *o* I need more !

We took photos in Klenzepark in Ingolstadt where is a huge field full of crocuses every spring *o*

Last year I took there super-cute photo of Satan and sent it to everyone as Easter "card".
This year Satan wasn´t in the mood...

just look at his pissed off face =D 

Now my current knitting "WIPs" are Breathing Space pullover and a pair of socks which I will hopefuly finish today =) And then? ha ha... I have a bag full of yarn and head full of plans ! Right now I´m determined to start "Enchanted Mesa" sweater after all of this is finished... it would be nice to have it to Amsterdam ♪ 
just in case I run into Stephen West on the street, you know
which is this guy

(I´m currently a bit obsessed with his videos, because I haven´t laugh so much for a long time =D)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 29. dubna 2016

Chalice for Girls

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm so happy when I look at fashion trends for this summer =D Hippie bell-bottoms, fringed tops and white lace tunics everywhere ! wheee *o*
But who has the time and patience to wait until summer? I don't.
So I'm wearing my bell-bottoms and hippie witchy clothes already ♥

Here's an outfit I wore on one special March day when I was in Prague. After years we finally met again with our "old" lolita group ! So nostalgic ! We didn't wear lolita clothes anymore, but we had so much fun talking about the "old days" =D Instead of frilly clothes and tea in café, we were all comfy, met in geek pub and got a bit drunk ha ha - we definitelly have to do this more often !

I combined my beloved blue pants from Velvet Cave with new amazing t-shirt from The Ahoy with design from my favourite artist NataszaKura alias Space Manifesto. She released four witchcraft-themed designs for The Ahoy... it was a hard choice, but in the end I bought Chalice for Girls
I already bought an art book from Fukari on Ahoy and I can only recomend this cute shop from Poland =) The delivery is always fast, the quality of products perfect and what's more - everything is made and printed in Poland ♪

choker - DIY
t-shirt - The Ahoy
pants - Velvet Cave

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 25. dubna 2016

Cozy Neighborhood

Hi, my dear readers ♥

According to the title it almost look like this post is going to be about my new home, but I have to dissapoint you - it will be about knitting again !

Those who are following my chaotic blog on tumblr maybe remember this gif I made two years ago =D

I bought this super-huge skein of grey yarn in Kaufland and I was sooo happy about it =D (back then I had no idea about synthetic/natural yarns, maybe I wasn't even knitting yet)
The skein is really big - about 1200m, exactly an amount needed for a simple sweater ♪

The yarn was waiting in my box for a while, because I didn't have the skill to transform it into something wearable, until beginning of this year. I decided to finally use it, mostly because I needed more space in the box =D
Since it's just a cheap yarn from Kaufland, it doesn't have the perfect info about weight - and me - not expierienced enough - thought it could be a sport weight... so I was looking for a pattern from this kind of yarn.
After hours of searching I got back to the beginning and chose

The pattern is easy to follow, the sweater is knitted from top down and thanks to the simple cable in front it doesn't get boring =) it was fun and I learned a lot about knitting sweaters thanks to it ♪

When I was at the end I started to see that sport weight maybe wasn't the right guess =D I was so scared that it will be another "sweater for Hagrid" piece, but in the end I added just short sleeves instead of regular ones and it got a nice oversized look ... phew !

So, the sweater doesn't look exactly like it should, but I like it anyway ♥
I wear it quite a lot, even though the spring started already... for example today - it was around 0°C in the morning and it snowed ... <_< eh

leggins - LovelySally
shoes - Vagabond

And now back to my pile of WIPs !

I finally bought a knitting basket in IKEA, so I can work on more things at once without being in constant fear that Satan will make his new toy from them =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥