čtvrtek 24. července 2014

Gauklernacht on Kaltenberg 2014

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Since I started living in Ingolstadt, summer became my favourite season of the year - there so much to do here in Bayern ! Appart from really nice pool and beautiful lake just a few minutes from our house there are HISTORICAL FESTIVALS EVERYWHERE *o*
We already visited some of them this summer, but the most important was yet to come - Kaltenberg !

This year we decided to go only once (last year we were there three times =D), since we already saw the joust, but most importantly...it´s not that cheap to go there >_< After an amazing experience of the "Juggler´s Night" last year we decided for this one again. I have no idea why we thought that we could buy tickets at doors instead of buying them in pre-sale, so we ended up panicking on Friday morning while official FB said that it´s already sold out D= ...but pheeeeww in the end we managed to buy THE LAST TWO tickets for the night >_< next year I´m buying tickets in January to spare myself the stress =D

And it was AMAZING ♥ I´m soooooo happy that we were there, it´s such a magical place with such a possitive atmosphere in the air (partly thanks to a good beer and mead =D). Everyone is enjoying being there, dressed-up in historical clothing or just casualy, eating all you can because everything looks delicious and having fun ...
Time flies here so fast ! We were there for seven hours and it felt like nothing, at 2am in the morning when all shops were closing we were already dead tired but still wanted to stay there longer (as for me I wanted to stay there forever =D) ...

As I said before all tickets were sold out, so it was really crowded there but it wasn´t annoying...just a LOT of people around. As usual I spent all my money for burning incense at Al Mischas and I even got one to take with me - already burning - so I was annoying old people with the lovely smoke while watching the parade of jugglers mu ha ha ! I just had to buy a sack full of dried cinnamon apples, because they´re sooooo delicious ♥ We also met our dear friend Brigita who has a shop with weapons and armor there, but we hadn´t much time to chat since so many people wanted to buy something =) When the night came we were wandering through the magical forest and bought a really nice embroidered cloth with elephants in shop owned by a cute lady with a pointy mushroom hat =D ...I have to say that I want a hat like hers for a while now so when I found a shop with them in the forest I was so close to buying one......but they were too expensive for my wallet T_T I need to learn how work with felt so I can make one !

We had a delicious spinach dumpling and I just had to buy a plate full of Kaiserschmarrn with home-made Apfelmus (apple sauce?) whaaa it was delicious *o* not to mention the mead I had there ! ...maybe too much of it <_< (if you don´t want me drunk in an hour keep the mead hidden =D)

What is great on Gauklernacht appart from really good jugglers performing on every corner is that it lasts until 2am in the morning. It´s so beautiful to walk around everything lit by candles, lanterns and then by a huuuge fireworks in the middle of the night ♥

We stayed there till the end, but this year we decided to sleep in the car until morning light because the ride in the darkness through wilderness was too dangerous last year. And so we ended up home at 8am in the morning =D Party hard !

It´s a bit hard to take photos there since it´s a juggler´s "night" so it´s dark most of the time, but still we managed to take a few thanks to my bf´s hi-tech phone =D

It was really hot that night, so I was just a casual pixie in a hippie dress =) 
no need for my adventure equipment and cloak ♪

blurry photo of my pixie ear =)

There was this guy performing with geese again *o* he has a dog and commands him with flute and the dog commands geese - epic =D I had to give him my vote in the "King of the Jugglers" contest !

Spinach dumplings !
While I was waiting for my bf to get them, some guys started to talk with me because they liked my ears and also they tried to teach me how to pronounce "Knödel" in the right bayerisch way =D knöööödl !

traditional photo

band Braagas

lanterns ♥

the house of vikings =)


...and this one too - I could be Red Ridding Robin Hood !!!

Valhala decorations

I want to live in this shop

Dear Kaltenberg, I already miss you T_T
hope to see you soon !
On Christmas market maybe ?

oh! and the loot ! I almost forgot =D

it fits perfectly on our door !

dried cinnamon apples, sage burning sticks, Celtic burning incense and one vial for my mum - the same I bought at WGT, because she liked it =)

And now it´s complete !
Have a nice day, everyone ♥

pondělí 21. července 2014

Summer Day in Augsburg ZOO

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A few weeks ago we went to a ZOO in Augsburg and did a little sight-seeing in the center of town as well. I like ZOOs so much *o* I don´t share this idea that animals shouldn´t be kept in ZOO because they´re suffering, so far what I visited - they always seemed very happy, in natural environment and in a good shape. No signs of tired, hungry, poor animals... I think that it´s much better for them to be in the ZOO than free but in a place where they are in constant danger of being killed by humans for fun or money...

And since I can´t have any cute fluffy pet at home, after some time I always need to be in animal presence to feel happy again =) My boyfriend knows this, so after I couldn´t go to a June lolita meet-up because of the train intervals on Sunday, he almost instantly decided that we´re going to the ZOO instead =D Of course it made my day 100% better !

The ZOO in Augsburg is the perfect size - not huuuuge like in Prague where you end totally dead after a whole day and still you didn´t see all animals. We needed only three or four hours and saw everything + I spent 40 minutes watching elephants, because I just love them ♥

We still had some time left after that, so we decided to take a look in the center as well. And we didn´t regret - Augsburg is such a pretty town ! Beautiful historical buildings and tiny cute canals through all the town center. To take a rest from walking all day we stopped to have a cake and tea in a really old patisserie Dichtl. All cakes there were sooo beautiful *o* I had a raspberry&prosecco desert and it was delicious ♥

And now for some cute photos & my outfit of the day !

these cute little birds were so busy making their rounded nests all over the tree =)

sorry for the weird photo, but MANED WOLVES ! They´re so beautiful *o* it was the first time I saw them !

they were so close *___*

baby meerkats ♥

This ostrich was judging everyone who passed by while the black shaved alpaca was chilling hard and laughing on us =D

Fennec ♥

canal bridge over a canal o_o

nom nom nom ♥

And here is what I wore for that day - floral dress, crochet bag and rounded sunglasses - a bit like from ´60s =D

dress - Gudrun Sjõdén
bag - DIY
sandals - Reno

Do you like ZOOs? And what is your favourite animal ?
As I said before I love elephants, but also anteaters and because of The Owls of Ga´Hool I´m always looking for owls, especially Eurasian Pygmy Owl alias Kulíšek Nejmenší *o* they are the cutest !

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

úterý 15. července 2014

"Porcelain Dolls" tea party + exhibition in Olomouc

Hello, my dear readers ♥

As I said hundred time already, I went to Olomouc an the end of June for a lolita tea party which was at the same time a tiny little exhibition of my lolita-themed illustrations.

It was probably the longest way I had to travell for a lolita meet-up, so long that we had to arrive a day before because it took us six hours to get there...phew ! Together with my boyfriend we spent the night at a really cute old pension in the historical centre of Olomouc. The city center is so beautiful ! I was there once some time ago, but this time I had a chance to see it at night as well and wow ! Totally worth the visit if you live nearby =)
Back to the meet-up. Thanks to my clever idea to arrive a day before we didn´t even have wake up that early, slowly enjoy our breakfast at pension and with no hurry take a walk to the Porcelain Doll shop where Pierrette was already waiting for us. Then we put illustrations in their frames and helped Layla to display her collection of beautiful handmade earrings. Just when we were about to leave for the tea room, we met downstairs almost half of the lolitas who were attending the tea party =)

After that we went to the beautiful tea room we were waiting for the rest, chatting, eating and drinking tea. Then a first group went to the shop (it´s literally few steps from the tea-room) to take a look at the pictures and maybe even to buy something. And there is A LOT to choose from in the shop *o* I totally fell in love with those ouji pants from Madame Muffin, but I didn´t have enought money so I ended up at least with a great mushroom necklace made By Anasis ...you know I have a weeknes for weird things around my neck =D

While we were at the shop I had to say something about my "art" which was probably the hardest part of the day, since I get really nervous while talking in front of others and I´m 100% sure that I talked really weird things and it probably didn´t even make sense >_<

When the second group saw the exhibition and bought some new things as well we headed to a town square to take some photos. We took a lot of them, had fun and people sitting around in restaurants weren´t sure what to think about us =D Then it started to rain so we took cover back in the tea room and stayed there for some more hours in which Pierrette revealed us results of her lolita survey. There were so many interresting facts about Czech lolita community ! For example, - can you believe that 70% of Czech lolitas are making their own clothes o_o ?! That´s so cool! We´re such a creative community ♥

Then the tea party slowly ended. Some girls went for cocktail, but we had a travel to Prague ahead of us, so we passed. I´m so happy that I had a chance to see my friends who I haven´t seen for four or maybe five years T_T ! I hope that in future we will meet sooner than that =)

And I almost forgot to say that appart from looking at pictures in Porcelain Doll shop you could or you still can buy postcards and buttons, Pierrette got printed. They´re really beautiful and I got some for myself as well, but on my way home I gave all the postcards to my mum and grandma so in the end I have just buttons and nothing to show you =D

So that´s probably everything I wanted to tell you and now some photos !!!
all thanks to Pavel Beran who had a great patience with us all day and was shooting one photo after another until everyone was happy =D ...some of photos were also taken by my bf or me ♪

(my phone couldn´t get over the fact that I have silver hair, so it made my face pink like a piggy)

the shelf in the upper left corner is the one of RABBIT HEART- full of flower brooches and antlers ♪

dear Pierrette in her kingdom ♥

with the tea-room owner =D

Anko, me, Kawaiiko and Anna Bastet

me being silly while Layla wants to strike some true-rori pose >_<

Kioko, Layla, Marilyn Monroe and Reiko =D

we matched !

one more with an owner =D this time inside the tea-room

And at the end - my outfit of the day !
This is the kind of outfit in which I feel so ME - no blouse, no heavy make-up, witchy things and horns...I´m breaking so many rules, but whoooo caaares =D

horns - DIY + horns bought at WGT
wig - Lockshop
The Séance necklace - Omnia Studios
dress - made by me

(hopefully) see you soon, everyone ♥