pondělí 11. srpna 2014

Herzogsfest in Ingolstadt

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A week ago we had quite a big visit (..3 people =D) - my boyfriend´s parents and sister came to do some sightseeing, but most importantly to visit a historical festival which was finally in our town *o*

The festival was so much bigger that I expected o__o so many shops, food, music and performances ! We were there all three days. I only skipped Saturday, because I went to lolita birthday party on Chiemsee =)

There wasn´t much time for making outfits or gluing ears, since our flat was full of people and everything was quite hectic >_< but still I tried my best and finally took photos of the new skirt I bought in Leipzig !

I´m really happy that everyone enojoyed the festival as much as we usually do - especially Eva (my bf´s sister) - she bought so many things that in the end she looked like a different person ! Suddenly she had a braided hair, floral crown, ringing bells on ankle and a lot of celtic accessories =D one last thing she needs now is a medieval dress =) ...maybe we can solve it somehow until the next summer he he

What´s more to say? Let´s take a look at photos ! I have quite a lot of them since I was taking some with my bf and his dad had a camera, too ♪

"nice ride for big and small" =)
medieval ferris wheel

salt baths =)


tent of the witch *_*

blue&white and a dragon are symbols of Ingolstadt

they were great - especially the girl with pipes =D
this is how I imagine a dwarf band !

together with Eva =)

I took photo of my outfit later on our balcony, because on the day I wore it we got all cought up in a HUGE rainstorm and ended up totally drenched and standing in a pool of mud under the castle together with tens of others and three ponies =D

earrings - WolfTea
waistcoat - second-hand store
skirt - Miparti
everything else - collected through time

And now I must get back to packing my suitcase for another adventure which beginns tomorrow - a road trip to France *_*
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Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 29. července 2014

Moon Visions

Hello, my dear readers ♥

In the past few months I became quite active on Etsy and VotočVohoz (which is place to sell/buy used clothes - Kleiderkreisel in Germany). The reason is that I opened a shop with harnesses and garters on Etsy and in case of VotočVohoz I really want to get rid of A LOT of my clothes.
...and you know that...while waiting for a new order, you´re browsing throught the website and when you finally sell and earn something you spent it right away because you just found something totally amazing and you have to have it ! I´m not alone in this, I´m sure about it =D

And so I discovered this magical Etsy store Raintower owned by beautiful bluecohosh. Everything there is handmade, hand dyed and from recycled materials. And - as if it wasn´t already enough - she´s making leggings as well *o* I missed the previous pair, so I was waiting patiently for a new one to appear and when they did I bought them immediately ♥ They came a few days after, packed in a cute piece of cloth, looking exactly as on the photo and they fit perfectly !

The second thing I want to show you is a great mori thing I found on VotočVohoz. What´s funny about it is that I was browsing through some "natural" and "mori" tags, discovered this beautiful frilly top.... and found out that the shop belongs to my dear friend Han =D instant purchase, of course !

Both things came in the mail at the same time and I was so happy about them that I wore both together right away ! Han even made for me a beautiful necklace to match the top as gift to the purchase ♥
Everything matched perfectly !
...and a day after I bought a pair of white shoes as well, but I already took these photos so maybe next time =) ♪

floral hairpins - H&M
feather earring - DIY
necklace - made by Han <- check out her Etsy store !
top - second-hand
leggins - raintower
sandals - from grandma

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 24. července 2014

Gauklernacht on Kaltenberg 2014

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Since I started living in Ingolstadt, summer became my favourite season of the year - there so much to do here in Bayern ! Appart from really nice pool and beautiful lake just a few minutes from our house there are HISTORICAL FESTIVALS EVERYWHERE *o*
We already visited some of them this summer, but the most important was yet to come - Kaltenberg !

This year we decided to go only once (last year we were there three times =D), since we already saw the joust, but most importantly...it´s not that cheap to go there >_< After an amazing experience of the "Juggler´s Night" last year we decided for this one again. I have no idea why we thought that we could buy tickets at doors instead of buying them in pre-sale, so we ended up panicking on Friday morning while official FB said that it´s already sold out D= ...but pheeeeww in the end we managed to buy THE LAST TWO tickets for the night >_< next year I´m buying tickets in January to spare myself the stress =D

And it was AMAZING ♥ I´m soooooo happy that we were there, it´s such a magical place with such a possitive atmosphere in the air (partly thanks to a good beer and mead =D). Everyone is enjoying being there, dressed-up in historical clothing or just casualy, eating all you can because everything looks delicious and having fun ...
Time flies here so fast ! We were there for seven hours and it felt like nothing, at 2am in the morning when all shops were closing we were already dead tired but still wanted to stay there longer (as for me I wanted to stay there forever =D) ...

As I said before all tickets were sold out, so it was really crowded there but it wasn´t annoying...just a LOT of people around. As usual I spent all my money for burning incense at Al Mischas and I even got one to take with me - already burning - so I was annoying old people with the lovely smoke while watching the parade of jugglers mu ha ha ! I just had to buy a sack full of dried cinnamon apples, because they´re sooooo delicious ♥ We also met our dear friend Brigita who has a shop with weapons and armor there, but we hadn´t much time to chat since so many people wanted to buy something =) When the night came we were wandering through the magical forest and bought a really nice embroidered cloth with elephants in shop owned by a cute lady with a pointy mushroom hat =D ...I have to say that I want a hat like hers for a while now so when I found a shop with them in the forest I was so close to buying one......but they were too expensive for my wallet T_T I need to learn how work with felt so I can make one !

We had a delicious spinach dumpling and I just had to buy a plate full of Kaiserschmarrn with home-made Apfelmus (apple sauce?) whaaa it was delicious *o* not to mention the mead I had there ! ...maybe too much of it <_< (if you don´t want me drunk in an hour keep the mead hidden =D)

What is great on Gauklernacht appart from really good jugglers performing on every corner is that it lasts until 2am in the morning. It´s so beautiful to walk around everything lit by candles, lanterns and then by a huuuge fireworks in the middle of the night ♥

We stayed there till the end, but this year we decided to sleep in the car until morning light because the ride in the darkness through wilderness was too dangerous last year. And so we ended up home at 8am in the morning =D Party hard !

It´s a bit hard to take photos there since it´s a juggler´s "night" so it´s dark most of the time, but still we managed to take a few thanks to my bf´s hi-tech phone =D

It was really hot that night, so I was just a casual pixie in a hippie dress =) 
no need for my adventure equipment and cloak ♪

blurry photo of my pixie ear =)

There was this guy performing with geese again *o* he has a dog and commands him with flute and the dog commands geese - epic =D I had to give him my vote in the "King of the Jugglers" contest !

Spinach dumplings !
While I was waiting for my bf to get them, some guys started to talk with me because they liked my ears and also they tried to teach me how to pronounce "Knödel" in the right bayerisch way =D knöööödl !

traditional photo

band Braagas

lanterns ♥

the house of vikings =)


...and this one too - I could be Red Ridding Robin Hood !!!

Valhala decorations

I want to live in this shop

Dear Kaltenberg, I already miss you T_T
hope to see you soon !
On Christmas market maybe ?

oh! and the loot ! I almost forgot =D

it fits perfectly on our door !

dried cinnamon apples, sage burning sticks, Celtic burning incense and one vial for my mum - the same I bought at WGT, because she liked it =)

And now it´s complete !
Have a nice day, everyone ♥