neděle 17. února 2019

Westknits Mystery Knit Along 2018 - Texture Time

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Same as the past two years, I took part in the legendary mystery knit along organized by Stephen West ♥ This year was super-mysterious - Stephen promised some completely new technique and also there were 4 fingering weight yarns + 1 mohair !

I decided to start with the dark violet and green/violet skeins I already had at home and then added the light violet and the copper/gold one as the main contrasting colour. As for the mohair - I expected it to be light-green, but it ended up being blue and white changing colour :D (but it looks great in the ends, so damage done !)

It all started with wavy brioche using all colours at once, then continued with "squiggles" and new Latvian Braids and ended up with two wavy wings :D Every week you had to make not only one, but two identical sides of the shawl which ended up with almost everyone being behind "the schedule" and a lot of people abandoning it completely, but I somehow managed to be just a bit late and finished the whole THING on time :)

And I LOVE IT ! I know a lot of knitters were complaining that it's hard to wear, but I was wearing it quite a lot in winter ♥ It's huge and cozy and keeps me away from cold ♪

We took some photos on a walk through Dachau, with a flock of goats watching us from the nearby garden :D ha ha

I feel mega-honoured that Stephen likes my version so much that he featured my photo on the main pattern page on Ravelry !!! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ (I'm a big Stephen West fan so this means A LOT for me aaaa ♥)

There was optional bubble edge to the shawl, but I didn't have enough yarn to do it... and also the shawl is HUGE enough, think :D

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a great day, everyone !

pondělí 4. února 2019

NOVEMBER 2018 - outfit post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

November was the most potterhead month of the whole 2018 !
I'm usually wearing some small Potter accessories through the whole year, but this November it apparently got out of hand, because all outfit photos I took are Potter-themed :D I went to see Crimes of Grindelwald three times, I got done the first part of my new Sirius Black tattoo and overally was in the biggest mood to wear EVERYTHING Hogwarts-themed I have at home :D 

I know there are a lot of mixed emotion about the movie, but mine are mostly positive. I really enjoyed this one, I like the characters more and more, I'm super-curious about the whole plot and I got obsessed with the whole Grindelwald/Dumbledore #grindeldore relationship (◔◡◔)♥

SO,  here's the first one - an outfit I wore for the movie premiere.
I went on my own for the first screening of the day, so I put on pants instead of the short school uniform skirt and ended up looking like Teddy Lupin :D no problem with that !

The second one was when we went to cinema with my friends ♪ I felt like Sabrina with that headband :D but I really like this classic school uniform look !

The third one is my Marauders-fangirl attire ♥ And you can also see my new tattoo - from now on Sirius is mine FOREVER (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And the last one is super-casual and comfy outfit with some HP accessories :D like new Fantastic Beasts socks and Deathly Hallows pin I got as a gift from my friend ♪ Also you can see my new shoes I bough at warehouse sale of local sport-stuff shop :) (I couldn't resist the colour !)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 24. ledna 2019

Lorien Leaves

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of summer I had the honor to test-knit a new shawl pattern for my dear friend Han "Lorien Leaves" . While Han's original version is inspired by calm and wise elves of Lorien, I decided to do mine in more Mirkwood style - autumn colours & brown/off-white stripes. 

Even though the shawl is huge it was fun to knit and didn't take much time (but that was probably because I had a deadline for the test-knit - be free to knit this two years and don't feel bad about it, OK? Knitting is not about speed ♪)

I used various colours of Holst Garn, because I like working with it and it's also quite cheap - but still really good quality and they also have like 100000 colours to choose from !

Speaking of my friend - Han recently opened a new online shop with yarn from northern lands ♥ It's called SEVERSKÉ VLNĚNÍ and guess who made the logo ♪ Make sure to check it out ! I'm currently working on a new stranded yoke sweater from Tukku Wool and it's SO good to work with !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 17. ledna 2019

OCTOBER 2018 - outfit post

Hi, my dear readers ♪

The monthly outfit post is here, this time from October 2018 because I'm terribly behind, but you're used to in now, right? The weather was still very warm, not really indian summer - more like global warming... I visited Oktoberfest, local sheep/yarn/wool festival and released a set of autumn-themed button for my Etsy Shop ♥

Let's start with the most important event in Bayern - Oktoberfest, of course ! We went there just to take a look around, didn't have a single beer and I was happy that I could finally wear my pink dirndl again :D other than that, it's really not my thing, but I think I'll go and take a look again next year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For me much more interesting event which is happening in Munich is Wollmarkt in Vaterstetten. A weekend long market at farm not far from Munich with all kinds of products around sheep (yarn, wool, clothing, cosmetics, etc.), food and drinks - homemade marmelades, fresh apple juice and much more. At the other side of the road is also ceramics market with all kinds of amazing mugs, baking forms and everything you can make from ceramics (I wanted to buy like 1000 tea cups and mugs :D ha ha) The weather was perfect, sunny and warm - actually maybe too warm, because I couldn't even wear any knitted sweater, just a light shawl :D
I was wearing my favourite autumn combo, which I'm wearing every year, so you've already seen it like five times ... the only thing that's different every year is my hair and number of tattoos ...

dress - C&A
buttons - from my Etsy shop :)

The next one is quite basic outfit, probably for our weekly knitting afternoon in café :) I found this grey turtle-neck shirt among my to-DIY stuff... I probably planned to paint something on in and yeah, that won't happen, I think :D better wear it now before it falls appart !

... and here you can see the third new button I made for my shop :)

And now something darker - outfit with a new t-shirt design from czech artist Raven From The North  ♥ This is my second t-shirt from him  and I wear both a lot, because they kinda match with everything I have :D

And the last one is a bit unusual - I got a new haircut ! Also wearing all my neon knits together with my Boris Karloff t-shirt, because I was in Halloween mood already... and of course the ugly denim jacket !

...and speaking of Halloween - I can't end post about October (which is basically Halloween month) without a photo of our costumes which we put together literally one hour before the party :D ha ha
 Honza as Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive and me as ordinary vampire ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have a beautiful day everyone ♥