pátek 2. října 2015

Knitted Summer Top

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After a while a post about knitting ! =D
I´m knitting all the time and finished quite a lot of new things, but I was waiting for the new camera so we could take some nice photos in nature ♪

Today I want to show you my summer knitting project !
Now you´re probably thinking - knitting in summer ? Isn´t it too hot for something like that? Yes, it is... and that´s the reason why I put aside knitting my sweater and huge infinity scarf, because I couldn´t bear any unnecessary fabric on me and especially not a big piece of warm knit =D
So I started something lighter and summer-friendly according to a knitting magazine I bought - to tell the truth most of the knitting magazines sucks in summer, because all patterns here are kinda silly... "beautiful knitted long dress for your summer adventures on beach" ...yeah, that´s the best piece of clothing you can wear in summer + it will take you endless hours of knitting and then you´ll get hit by a wave and the dress streches/shrinks itself because it was made of some super-expensive pure cotton yarn =D no, thank you

The only thing which cought my eye was this simple, light top with embroidery on cut-out.

I knew it probably won´t work, because it´s just too perfect for a knit...
I had the exact gauge, same needles, almost the same yarn...but in the end it was weird.
I expected that so I changed the design and now it fits pefectly =) !

I haven´d done the emroidery in the end, because it didn´t look good ... oh and I managed to forgot a part of the decorative edge on the cut-out, but whooo cares, it looks good anyway =D ha ha

I used 3 skeins of "Essentials Cotton Soft" from Rico Design and 3,5 circular needles 60cm
the pattern is from Rebecca n.62


♥ rabbit heart ♥ 
I bought this necklace ages ago on Etsy - it´s actually a scrabble tile with picture in resin =)

earrings, top - DIY
necklace - Etsy
skirt - C&A

This was the second time we took out our new camera, so it´s still not perfect. But I´m really happy about the tree with cute red berries, because it matched with my outfit so good =D

I hope you´re all enjoying autumn while it´s still pretty and not dark and rainy... I´m SO not looking forward to getting dark early and mud everywhere uuughhh >_<

oh, and the blog has a new headder as you probably noticed ...
It´s my autumn altar =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 25. září 2015

Elephant Power

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today it´s just a short outfit post with my very first kaftan !
How could I live so long without this great piece of clothing ? =D

I didn´t plan to buy anymore clothing since my wardrobe is almost exploding, but then.... you know... my favourite Samsara got bunch of new things and one of them was this beautiful kaftan with elephants ! I couldn´t resist =D I was so happy about it that I even asked them to ship it to Germany (they ship only to Czech Republic and Slovakia) and the shop lady was so kind that my order arrived just a few days after ♥ whee ! It´s sooo pretty and comfortable =) I can´t wait for next spring to wear it again >_<

The patter for kaftan is so easy !
I will try to make one for sure *o*

kaftan, necklace and bracelet - Samsara / Himalife

(long time no music ! MC Yogi is still my fav ♥)

Speaking about hindu deities... I´m curretly really interrested in this topic and apparently everyone knows ha ha =D I got Mahabharata, Ramayana, book of old Indian myths and a book of demon stories from old India for my birthday *o* whaa so much to read, so little time !
(any suggestions on good books about hinduism are welcome ♪ )

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 17. září 2015

Heat Wave

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As the title says, today I will talk about summer... again =D
This summer was really crazy for Europe ! Usually we have some days with 40°C but only two or three, then comes a huge thunderstorm and the nice 25°C - 30°C summer is back....but this year?? We had...two, maybe three weeks around 40°C, everything dried up, everyone totally exhausted , sweaty and tired... it always looked like it´s going to rain, but no...it only got even worse D= I don´t remember summer like this, but I´m not mad =) I don´t mind heat... as long as I don´t have to travel in public transport ...

So I put together two ultimate-heat-wave outfits and wore them almost every day =D
The most important things for me in this weather is strong sun cream 50 (I bought one from Lush and it´s great) and clothing in which I won´t get sweaty, because I haaaate it >_< so no cotton t-shirts or tiny denim shorts ugh
Dress is the perfect solution !
Light dress with huuuge arm holes & pretty bra ♥

I was sooo happy when I found this amazing bra in H&M and even in my size ! It´s perfect solution for this dress, which I wanted to buy whole spring, but never figured out how to wear it...because it´s too wide for no bra and with normal bra it would look ridiculous...it´s great for layering, but I wanted to wear it in summer... now it´s perfect ♥ instantly favourite combo

 I made this new pair of earrings =) it´s just acryl paint on wooden component - super easy !

earrings - DIY
dress, bra - H&M
shoes - VivoBarefoot

Same bra, different dress, same problem. I bought this dress last summer, but I always had the same problem as I said above... 
I love the design and the fact that it´s from limited edition, the last piece they had in the shop and most importantly - fairtrade ♥
the new choker is actually garter, which looks terrible on my leg so I wear it on neck

it´s not perfect, but still better than normal bra

choker - DIY
dress - PlazmaLab
bra - H&M
shoes - VivoBarefoot

I´m wearing new shoes on both photos - my n.1 favourites of this summer - simple black ballerinas from Vivo Barefoot. Me, my poor back/knees and my husband, we all fell in love with the barefoot trend - it helped me a lot ! After years of wearing funny lolita/goth shoes and other cheap crap I can really feel the difference. Yes, they are expensive, but I decided to get rid of most of my shoes and buy only good, healthy, fairtrade, eco and versatile ones from now on...phew ...or they have to be at least two things from this list =D
btw. I´m still putting together the ethical fashion directory, which I plan to post...soon, hopefuly =) I found so many great shops with fairtrade/eco shoes ! If only I had at least six legs =D

And how did you survived this summer ? Do you have some ultimate-heat-wave-outfit like me ? Are you looking forward to autumn ? I do *o*
knit knit knit sweaters shawls hats knit knit knit

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 11. září 2015


Hi, my dear readers ♥

I finally have photos of the dress I made in......April?? =D
As I said already, I have this weird habit to make summer clothing in winter and winter clothing in summer, then hide it in wardrobe and wait half a year for the right weather ...

This dress was a spontaneous idea, I don´t even know where I got it - I just took some cheap fabric which I bought in Prague, put my Klimt dress on it, traced the lines, cut, sew together with overlock machine and added a weird cape... I had no idea how capes work, the cut-out on the back of the dress was too big and my hood too small =D But in the end it looks cool ! 

I planned to wear it to Kaltenberg this year, but in the end it was too cold and I wore my medieval dress and cloak instead. So I took the dress with me to Prague when the heatwave striked - it was hot enough... too hot, maybe - the fabric is actually knitted <_<

We took some photos on a walk with our brand new camera - which means - we had no idea what we were doing, so half of the photos are focused on trees and peeing Satan in the background instead of me and my dress =D

Since it was terribly hot and I wanted the dress to stand out, I decided to combine it just with those amazing huuuge dreamcatcher earrings I got for Christmas from my friend KK (btw. check out her FB she´s a model!). And I wore my wedding shoes =D ha ha they´re great, I needed sandals like this !

The only bad thing about this dress and a reason why I won´t ever make/buy anymore of this kind of fitting pencil (?) dress otherwise it´s a black one - is my belly...when I´m hungry it looks OK, but after I stuffed myself at veggie restaurant I looked like if I´m going to give a birth to an alien waaah >_<

 I told you there is a peeing Satan on photos... =D

dreamcatcher earrings - gift
dress - DIY
sandals - Reno

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

P.S. no outfit drawing for today, I got tired of them =D I will draw some more for sure, but not weekly anymore

středa 9. září 2015

Burg Prunn

Hi, my dear readers ♥

After all these busy weekends spent on wedding/preparations/paperwork we finally found a free weekend to go on some adventure !
First we planned to visit the tree path, near the Czech border, BUT in the morning we found out that you´re not allowed to take "any kind of pet" (this is how it is written on the Czech website) with you and you have to leave it in A BOX until you get back... yeah, for sure - I will go for a trip with my dog and in the final destination I will put him in a box, while people with screaming and misbehaving kids are allowed to go there freely... this always makes me so angry !
So - no tree path for us !

But it was a beautiful sunny Saturday and we really wanted to go somewhere, so we decided to finally visit Burg Prunn where the The Nibelungenlied was found (I still haven´t read it - shame on me!). The castle lies on outcrop above the Altmühl river - not far away from the Befreiungshalle where we were last time. Beautiful nature all around, easy paths and yummy apple pie at the castle restaurant =D !
This time we didn´t even get lost, since we finally bought a tourist map ! So we got to see two more interesting things - the Blautopf , the tiny little pond with magicaly clear water and the bridge Tatzlwurm, which is a funny modern thing over the river =)

At the end of the day we were exhausted from the sun and heat, but it was such a great day ! And one of the last days of this year´s summer =( ... now that I look out of the window, leaves are starting to fall and the temperature is around 12°C ...hard to believe that a few days ago I was walking around Burg Prunn in shorts and bikini top !

 this looked like a forest temple *o*

 Satan´s chill by the river =D

I really hope we will manage some more adventures in autumn...
The valley around Altmühl river will look amazing with colorful trees !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 4. září 2015


Hello, my dear readers ♥

Another late outfit is here =D
At the end of June, just before the first heatwave started, there was a one really cold week - for a summer, I mean. Good weather to enjoy last layering and warmer clothes before the "I´m-so-hot-I-don´t-care-what-I-wear" season .

In that time my husband (wow... it feels weird not to write "bf" anymore) had a name day and we decided to celebrate it with dinner in Indian restaurant. We´ve never been in one here in Ingolstadt, but since the "Taj Mahal" one has a pretty good rating on TripAdvisor we gave it a try =) And we weren´t dissapointed nom nom :3 

I wore this amazing black dress which resides in my wardrobe for years ! I still can´t believe the fact that I found something so cool five years ago in New Yorker... ??! Why did they even have a perfect strega fashion dress a long time before those black robes were trendy ...? some sort of time travel for sure
Anyway, it´s perfect ♥

dress - long time ago in New Yorker
necklace - Omnia Oddities
accessories - randomly collected in H&M and C&A
shoes - Vagabond

this time drawing the outfit picture was pretty simple =D

I promise, that I will write about something more "fresh" soon =D ha ha
btw. did I tell you that we got a new super-hi-tech camera as a wedding gift from my father ?? *o*
My balcony outfit photos never looked so good ! =D

oh, and remember how I wrote in the last post about the DIY project I plan to try - making a new dark scarf from an old t-shirt? I did it, it looks great and I took photos, so await a tutorial soon ! =)

I hope you had a good start of September / school
and have a beautiful day, everyone ♥