neděle 11. listopadu 2018

AUGUST 2018 - outfits post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A little flashback to summer ! Three outfits from August ♪

The first one is a bit weird, I know - I just really wanted to wear these long chihuahua socks I bought in NY :D and also my new "Tea Lover" pin from Willy's Paw Etsy

The second outfit is quite simple :) I went to pick up my mum on bus station when she came to visit us in Munich and I wanted to finally wear this new HP t-shirt from Elbenwald - it glows in the dark, how cool is that ??? Last time I had a t-shirt like this I was 10 years old :D 

And the third outfit is something I was wearing to celebrate my name day with Honza ♪ We met on bikes in town and went for a dinner at Italian restaurant ♥ (it was too warm for this dress, but that didn't stop me from wearing it :D) The dress is from Psylo Fashion and I bought it in London, while my new black Nike shoes are souvenir from NY - I love wearing my travel memories ! It always takes me back for a little moment :)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 23. října 2018

So Faded - Violet & Cropped

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Another spontaneous knitting project is here !
I always wanted to knit "So Faded" sweater from Andrea Mowry and I even bought a set of yarns fading from white to green, but before I started on the green version I found myself having three fading violet yarns in my stash and so I started with this colors first ♪ (you know how much I love violet!)

This was probably my last project without gauge swatch, because if I did the swatch I would have known that the light violet BC Garn is more like sport weight than fingering ... ha ha... but lucky for me it worked quite nicely together with the handspun yarn I got as a gift from dear Han and dark violet Malabrigo sock in colorway Dewberry ♪ I made the sweater a bit cropped and with shorter sleeves and I just love how it looks with high-waist pants ♥

Even though this pattern looks scary with all the fading and colours, it's quite simple and easy to knit :) You decide when to change colours and how many shades, or you can do it in one colour completely, it's up to you ! It's the perfect car or café knitting project, it grows fast and it doesn't require much thinking :)

Here is few photos Honza took of me not far from our home ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 10. října 2018

JULY 2018 - outfits post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As promised here's a monthly bunch of my outfit photos - this time from July !

First one is quite casual outfit for warm summer evening spent in Beergarten with friends ♪ I really like going to Beergarten even though I don't drink beer at all :D I always get a big glass of wine with water and enjoy the delicious (but unhealthy) Bavarian food (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

I bought this skirt in NY at Free People - it's the perfect one for wearing big t-shirts tucked in ! The Florence and The Machine tank top is ancient from Jennyfer and shoes & bag are from C&A - I bought both especially for wedding of Honza's sister to go with my blue/white dress and surprisingly they match with a lot of other stuff I own, so they won't be catching dust until the next wedding :D

Second outfit is a bit of mori-kei flashback ♥
I don't really wear this style anymore, because - bike ...
But on this day I went to pick up my potterhead order from Elbenwald store at PEP shopping centre which is way too far away from our home to get there with bike, so I took advantage of travelling with public transport for once and dressed up a bit again :)

 I made this sweater last year - the pattern is called "Sous Sous" and it's from Norah Gaughan ♪
My earrings and bracelet are DIY and the dress is second-hand.

The third outfit contains the new Silverleaf shawl I was talking about in the last post ♥
July means Tollwood festival and this was what I was wearing for one of the many visits :)

I bought the skirt last year at Tollwood. Shoes are from Samsara and the bag is from C&A. I also discovered the magic of hair chalks :D

And the last one is something special ♥
I found this super-weird ugly denim THING in C&A when I was there with Honza's parents. While Honza's father thought I was joking I fell in love with this thing at the first sight :D And I also had some potterhead plans with it instantly (̶◉͛‿◉̶)

I planned to make it Marauders-themed, but my inner Sirius-fangirl took over and it ended up very Padfoot-y... no problem with that ♪

The amazing Marauders enamel pin is from Muggle Born Sisters

Have a great day, everyone ♥

pátek 28. září 2018

Boxy for KK & Silverleaf

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Let's catch up with some knitting projects of mine in this week's post ! 

First - very spontaneous and unexpected birthday knitting for dear KK :) She's an artist, model, photographer,...etc. the list goes on :D but on her paintings she always uses a certain blue/pink/pastel/neon colour palette and it happened to me few times already that I saw some yarn colorway in very similar style. But unfortunatelly they were usually limited or too expensive... until one day, Czech dyer Lovespunning made a few skeins exactly like KK's pictures ! We didn't hesitate, I bought the yarn and even though at first KK commissioned me to knit the sweater for her I decided to give it to her as a gift for her 30th birthday ...which means DEADLINE ! I'm not going to lie... I finished the sweater two days before the party, snapped a few pictures, packed it, jumped in car and went to Prague :D

It was A LOT OF STOCKINETTE and hours of KNITFLIX but I did it and I'm super-happy about it and KK was too ♪

I used pattern "Boxy" from Joji Locatelli it's an easy one and perfect for travelling or watching TV :) (it also takes ages if you don't set yourself a deadline ha ha)

The second knitting project from ...spring? Is an elven one ♥ The "Silverleaf" shawl by Lisa Hannes  is beautiful pattern for all forest-loving creatures like me and it was on my to-knit list since it was released. Last year dear Han handspun this beautiful yarn for me, especially for this pattern ♥
I also added some crystal-like beads to the leaf pattern to make it even more ethereal ♪

I don't know why, but I never managed to take proper photos outside with this shawl, so here is at least something I took at home when the shawl was finished :) Maybe one day I'll remember to take camera with me when I'll wear it for a walk in forest ...

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 19. září 2018

Outfits from Spring which I forgot to post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As the tittle suggests, here's couple of outfits from spring which I didn't post yet :D To catch up with this blog and keep my posts fresh and "on time" I decided to make monthly outfit posts with everything worth showing from the past month ♪ I also chaotically post all my OOTDs on my instagram just in case you're interested :)

This is funny bunch, because each of the outfits is completely different, but I think if you've been following this blog for a while, you already got used to it :D 

So let's start with my "hobbit mage Rosita Dandelion" outfit I was wearing for the first medieval fair we visited in 2018 - Spectaculum Chiemsee. It was a viking-themed fair on the shore of Chiemsee with viking ships and a lot of vikings, naturally :D I liked it a lot, we had a good time and good food and everyone looked great ! I'm all for viking jewellry and guys with half-shaved heads, braids and beards  (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ but sadly there's not many viking-themed fairs in Bayern ...

bolero, skirt - handmade by me
one belt is from thrift store,  the rest was collected on adventures

The second outfits is something completely different ♪
In May I stumbled upon a flyer for tattoo convention in Munich and we decided to go and give it a try. I have my favourite tattoo artists in Prague, but it's a bit complicated with travel and time management, so I would like to find someone local too - for small spontaneous ideas ♪ Unfortunatelly I couldn't find anyone who would catch my eye with their art and also I didn't like any flashes, BUT I discovered great shop Rock'n'Owl and bought a pair of summer shorts there :D (you could spot them in the NY post last week on the Interpid tourist photo)

these are mostly old clothes I own for years + shoes from Deichmann I bought last summer and bird skull necklace from DraculaClothing

And the last outfit is from one of the first hot summer days !
I was wearing a dress which I bought second-hand from my friend Mina and tote bag from New York Public Library with Hermione's quote ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥
See you next week !

středa 12. září 2018

New York Adventure 2018

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm back !
As I said in previous posts I was quite busy with illustrating one bigger project, I had an art show at cat café, we had a lot of visits and I also tried to enjoy summer as much as possible ♪ Which didn't really allowed me to have a peaceful few hours to put together new posts...

This is going to be a big one & picture heavy ! I finnaly want to show you a bit from our trip to New York City ♥ So far my biggest adventure, longest flight and also the longest holidays I've ever been to !

Why New York? Well, my husband Honza was there exactly 10 years ago to visit his uncle and to hopelesly fell in love with this city. Ever since there wasn't a single day he wouldn't miss the busy city and tall skyscrapers. Being bored by high buildings in Europe, always comparing them to "those in New York", watching movies from NYC, collecting photos ... so, to celebrate his 10th anniversay of New York obsession he decided that the right time has come to come back and this time with me as well ♪

I don't need to tell you how excited and anxious I was about all this ! I haven't been to US yet and also (as you probably remember) I started with flying like two years ago and this time we were on board of the biggest double-deck aircraft ever ! But there were movies, wine and quite a good food, so it was more than OK :)

We stayed at Airbnb somewhere between Upper East Side and East Harlem, a few minutes from underground station and amazing gluten-free café ♥ We did a lot of sight-seeing every day, met with Honza's uncle who gave us some super-interesting tours around city (he lives there like 20 years already, so he knows everything about everything :D), I was too scared of the Liberty Island ferry that I couldn't board it (I'm not THAT brave, you see), we fell in love with the New York Public Library and I bought the most souveniers at their merch shop, I also wanted to stay at Bryant Park forever... just laying in the grass and looking at skyscrapers while munching on take-away box from Whole Foods Market, I got starstrucked by gowns displayed at MET for the Heavenly Bodies exhibition, we wanted to spend another 3 week of holidays at Coney Island bathing in sea surrounded by Fallout-like Luna Park :D ... and while we were at Coney Island we discovered that two of our favourite reggae singers had a show at Ford Amphitheater and so we bought tickets immediately and had a blast, my neck hurt from looking upwards 90% of time and I took like 10000 photos of skyscrapers - THEY ARE REALLY HUGE, I saw the saddest piece of architecture which is the 9/11 memorial and couldn't get enough of the Oculus building built on top of the WTC station, we also went on top of the Empire State Building and I was scared as fuck - I really DO hate heights and long elevator trips D: (but it was totally worth it !) ... and much much much more, I still can't get my head around the fact that I was there, it was so different and amazing and alive and new and ...guess what... I miss New York at least once a week since then :D I really want to go back and visit not only NYC again, but also more of US ♥

I would say here is "a few photos" but that's a lie, I took SO MANY that even when I selected the absolutel highlights it's still very picture heavy :D I hope you don't mind ♪

(entrance to The Magical Congress of the United States of America - MACUSA*o*)

Bryant Park and Whole Food Market take-away box (nom)

New York Public Library

Heavenly Bodies at MET

 (this is the place where mrs. McCallister found Kevin when he was lost in New York at Christmas :D)

 See you soon, New York ♥