pátek 27. února 2015

December Photoshoot with Murhaaya - PART 2 - outdoors

Hello, my dear readers ♥

I´m back with the second part of the December photoshoot with Murhaaya.
Do you remember this one ? (yeah, I know the post is in Czech but if you click on "černobílá" or "barevná" you will get in the gallery)
As I said before, I had this witchy/elven coat with me, so we decided to do something similar, but not the same =)

I really like the result !
Even though it was just a few minutes of shooting all photos have such a nice atmosphere ♥

We also made some more gifs !

more photos&gifs of beautiful women on

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 20. února 2015

December Photoshoot with Murhaaya - PART 1 - indoors

Hello, my dear readers ♥

In December we went to Prague to celebrate Christmas with all our family members which always takes more than just a weekend, so we have to stay a bit longer. Which is great, because I can also meet my friends and plan some photoshoots !

This time we had one really great postapocalyptic idea, but in the end it was too cold for me to pose outside with short skirt and tank top, so we improvized instead =D I had one of my harnesses with me and also the long "elven" coat so we decided to do some sexy shoots at home and then some witchy ones outside.

As I said before I brought my harness with me, together with a pair of shorts, garters and tights, but I didn´t have any matching shoes. So Murhaaya borrowed me a pair of those super-sexy fetish lack shoes, but then my shorts were too much cloth, so we changed them for latex panties and with latex panties you need latex overknee socks and of course a latex garter belt...and so we ended up taking latex photos again =D Which was great !

I will split this photoshoot in two parts, because they are quite different. Let´s start with the sexy/latex part !
As I said before, I wore only panties and bra, so it may be a bit NSFW - I will put the whole set under the cut in case you are reading my blog in school or at work he he =)

Murhaaya took all photos on polaroids or on this cute old Linhof camera which we used for the shooting in forest last year.


pátek 13. února 2015

Birds of Hell Awaiting

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my winter strega outfit which I wore in January for shopping trip to Nürnberg. I wanted to wear something warm (but not too much), pretty and comfortable because I was carrying my dog most of the time in a bag (there´s way too many people in the city center for him)...oh, and I forgot that it was raining ! What a beautiful day =D
And because it was just right after Christmas I really wanted to wear something new, which happened to be this amazing hooded top from H&M *o* It´s from their autumn "strega" collection, which was absolutely amazing and I wanted to buy everything BUT most of the clothing was made in China or Bangladesh, so in the end I have only this top which was made in Turkey - where (I hope) are no sweatshop fabrics ...
It´s so great that my boyfriend bought it as well, so we will definitelly take some "strega couple" photos in spring =D !

I really need to do something about my jewellery collection, because I have 1000 earrings and necklaces, but almost none of them match "the style" I´m wearing now. The bird skull is amazing, but I felt that it need something more, something longer - so in the last minute I upcycled this old rosary in a really blasphemous way and replaced the Jesus on cross for Marilyn Manson cameo =D

Despite terrible weather, the day was great and I successfully spent almost all of my Christmas money - I bought two new dresses from Gudrun Sjõdén and a lot of art supplies *o* 

top, dress - H&M
bird skull necklace - Draculaclothing
huge sparkling "moon boots" - Strauss

And this is how we looked together in the streets of Nürnberg

OH ! And I was wearing my amazing new bag from BENWINEWIN which LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE SATAN AND I LOVE IT ♥ ♥ ♥

...and some music at the end - the name of the post is a song from new "The Pale Emperor" album from dear mr. Manson ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥