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Summer Roadtrip 2014 - PART 3 - Giverny, Frankfurt am Main

Hello, my dear readers ♥

The last part of our summer adventure is here !
In the last three days we visited home of Claude Monet and Frankfurt am Main ♪

SUNDAY 17.08.
- bye, bye Le Mont Saint Michel ! You´ll be missed <3
- on the highway again, after three hours we´re arriving at Giverny
- my longtime dream comes true today - we´re visiting house and beautiuful gardens
of my favourite artist Claude Monet *o* I have to say that I wasn´t expecting that
we will be allowed to walk trough his house and when I stepped into his atelier full of paining I felt like crying =D ha ha it sounds weird, I know - but I´ve been admiring his work my whole life and now I was there, touching the same railing at stairs as he did while walking up and saw the bed in which he left this world T____T so touching !
- garden is just beautiuful! There is too many photo-snapping tourist for it to be as romantic as I expectedto, but still - the smell of all those flowers ! aaa *__*
- I´m buying quite a lot of things at the official souvenir shop >_< "art merchandise" is my weakness
- we don´t have more time to visit the museum of impressionism, because everything is closing at 18:00...again -_-
- checking-in at our hotel ! Which is great =D it´s an old house, feautured on one of Monet´s painting in a village near Giverny. Owned by a really friendly french guy who has a pottery atelier here. And there are just two rooms =D one in Indian style and ours in Africa style - and we have the view from the famous window which you can see on the painting ! *o*
- we´re going to buy some groceries in the nearby village where is a beautiful castle - what a pitty we don´t have time visit more things in this region !
- dinner at our hotel room and I fell asleep right away, because I´m sooo tired x_x
- Our last stop tomorrow ! Frankfurt here we come !

 We weren´t allowed to take photos inside the house, so here is at least a view from the garden =)

Our amazing hotel !!!

the beautiful manor + medieval castle in the nearby village
both buildings were connected with some kind of staircase in the hill o_o

MONDAY 18.08.
- really good and nice breakfast at our unusual hotel and we´re chatting with the owner about Czech Republic, because we are his first Czech visitors ever ! =D
- we need to come back to this hotel for sure, there is still a lot to see in this part of France !
- we even got a good luck coin made of clay as souvenier from the hotel owner =) how nice !
- the longest journey of our road trip before us - 7 hours on the highway?!
- we´re getting lost in Paris and istead of going around  we found ourselves near Eiffel tower o_O Paris is crazy and French drivers even crazier D= we´re so happy to be out of this maddness called Paris streets !
- on our way we´re looking carefuly for some electronics store where we can buy the crépe machine *__*
- success ! I bought the most expensive one, because it was pretty =D bye bye money, hello unlimited crépes party <3
- we´re finally in Frankfurt...but it´s too late for sight-seeing - 19:00 =/ so we just bought something to eat and rest
- no need to hurry tomorrow because Frankufurt is (sadly) our last stop, no hotel awaits us to check-in anymore T_T so we plan to do some sight-seeing tomorrow and then travel home

TUESDAY 19.08.
- omg this hotel in Frankfurt is terrible =D it looks like some room from a school trip - ugly bathroom and dirty carpet full of allergens >_< let´s be out of this place as soon as possible
- the breakfast was surprisingly luxurious and good o_O
- it´s a sunny day here in Frankfurt, we go straight to the skyline - skyscrapers were the main reason why we decided to visit this city *_*
- after skyscrapers sight-seeing we´re going to the main shopping alley and Honza is buying new shoes, because the old ones got totally broken after the whole week =D he wears them right away and we threw away the old ones in the first bin =D
- I´m visiting Primark just to see with my own eyes how crazy, overcrowded and full of cheap sweatshop-made clothes it is ...ugghh never again !
- no time to lose - we took a quick look at the tiny historical part and we´re heading back to our car - there is still 300km to home !
- back in Ingolstadt...this was such a great week ! I want to travell moooooore and see everything *___*

So that´s it =)
But not completely - we must not forget about my loot !

two packings of famous La Mere Poulard cookies (they´re delicious btw), calendar with photos of Claude Monet´s garden (I already had like 1000 calendars with Monet, but never with his home =D), a hairclip with Monet´s painting, a button with a painting of his house (I´m crazy fangirl, I admit it), pencils, new mug with Le Mont Saint Michel, postcards I´m planning to put in frames, seashells *o* and tourist guide from Luxemburg + flyers and map of Versailles ♥

I have to confess that I´m bit obsessed with buying pencils on tourist spots >_<

...and the most important thing ♥

I´m sure this wasn´t our last roadtrip through Europe and we will go for another one - maybe next year ? I need to see United Kingdom finally ! (it´s my dream since I started to learn English...so when I was 6 years old?) ...and Spain for sure *o* ...and northern countries and then Italy (Venice !!!)
...and  of course, I wouldn´t mind go for a roadtrip trough the whole Germany as well ♥

So much to see, so little time !

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

pondělí 25. srpna 2014

Summer Roadtrip 2014 - PART 2 - Le Mont Saint Michel

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Part II of our summer roadtrip is here !
This time it´s all about Le Mont Saint Michel =)

- our hotel in Versailles was pretty...but far from good x_x walls were so tiny that we could hear literaly everything from the corridor + they have some "amazing" mechanism on doors which makes them smash really hard everytime you´re going trough
- there was a family moving in at 0:30 *boom boom boom* and another one leaving at 8:00 in the morning * BOOOOM*
- we decided to go to the hotel breakfast, but when we went in the dining room...there was nothing to eat anymore T_T
- looking for ANY opened bakery or ANYTHING, but unfortunatelly everyone from Versailles is apparently on holidays until September ...
- breakfast at gas station
- 3 hours on higway and then a lunch on gas station =D
- after more than three hours we can finally see Le Mont Saint Michel in the distance through the heavy rain (again)
- we´re leaving our car at the specified car park and taking something like electro-bus to the "island"
- it´s soooo beautiful *o*
- ...and totally overcrowded with tourists so it takes a while to get into our hotel with all our luggage
- our hotel is absolutely beautiful building from middle-ages and our room looks like from some kind of historical movie <3 (...oh and the receptionist looks exactly like Peeta Mellark =D this is a good place)
- we´re starving, but every restaurant is closed and will be opened at 19:00 again - I´M GOING TO DIE
- finally a dinner wahhh
- I forgot my mobile phone in a car so we decided to take a ride in electro-buts (which is free) back to car park and get it, it´s slowly starting to rain again and before we´re on the bus it became a huge rainstorm and we´re drenched <_<
- after we got my mobile phone, we´re spending an hour in a big tourists shop full of souvernirs - but really nice souvenires ! Not this ugly tourist shit like everywhere ! ...we´re also buying a lot of wine =)
- the rain stops so we have a chance to snap some pretty night photos of the monastery
- midnight walk with a bottle of wine trough the now empty streets of Le Mont Saint Michel
- an atmosphere in the small chapel is so beautiful
- the hight-tide is here and the main gate is flooded o_o finally the sea is everywhere !!!
- *yaaaawn* I´m really looking forward to more adventures in this beutiful place, good night =)

view from our window ♥

please excuse my ever-present finger with a yellow plaster =D I cut myself the day we were leaving while making a snack >_<

one of my favourite photos =D

The main gate flooded with sea !
Some tourists were in panic...fortunatelly there is a second exit as well =)

The tiniest street in the world ! (probably)

...and my boyfriend revealing his true assassin self =D

FRIDAY 15.08.
- at around six o´clock the staff from our hotel starts to move beer barrels which makes such a noise ! uwaaa when I will finaly sleep properly I have no idea x_x
- we´re quite early out and looking for a breakfast...again, all restaurants serve just coffee and tea but no crépes or anything
- success ! Muffin and waffle in a sweet shop =)
- we´re taking advantage of the early time and going to see the abbey - it´s beautiful *o* finally I can see the sea =D !
- when we´re fnished with the tour, the island is getting more and more crowded with tourists - to run away from this madness we are taking a walk to the shore to have a quiet and peaceful lunch
- our plan is successful ! I have yummy codfish and my boyfriend is trying langoustines for the first time =D adventure ! (they taste great, I really like it)
- because we still don´t want to go back, we´re buying a bottle of grapefruit wine and sitting next two hours on the observation point where we can watch Le Mont Saint Michel in its full beauty =)
- it´s getting cold so we´re walking back, with a great plan to have a crépe somewhere on the way... but in the end we´re at the hotel room asleep for two hours =D
- dinner time ! We decided to try a restaurant with an amazing view and the best rating (according to my mobile phone) - it was right - the food was delicious ! ...I had a soup and salad, Honza was experimenting again - this time with oysters >_< (I didn´t even tried it - I´m scared of the way it looks !)
- after dinner we´re slowly moving upwards to the abbey...again - now for the midnight tour !
- IT´S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING *o* the way throught the abbey is a bit different than at the day and there is a lot of beautiful lighting, projections, creepy jokes for kids and a live music - harp player, then violloncello player and at end a lady with a flute in a beautiful room which looks like a dinning hall from Hogwards with lights hanging from above slowly flickering...and then...suddenly - the lady turns a few note papers...and starts to play soundrack from The Lord of the Rings T____T <3 I have never saw and heard anything so beautiful !
- ...we need to go there one more time tomorrow for sure !
- back in the hotel room, dead tired - but we´re serious about the decision that we will wake up at 6 in the morning to see the sunrise *_* ...just 5 hours for sleep ! I need to hurry >_<

st. Michael who is standing on the top of the abbey made of gold...maybe =D I don´t know, but he´s gold 

 mu ha ha detail just for you !

 and in case you can´t see it properly...

 ...here´s more detailed photo =D ! It´s so beautiful ! I have 100000 same photos of it =D

I was trying to take photo of one of them the whole three days *_*

It´s basically Hogwarts and Minas Tirith in one ♥

- noooo I don´t want to wake up so early...it´s still dark T_T I´m seriously thinking about not going for the sunrise because I was just sleeping so well, but my bf insists on going...soo yeah, I´m putting just some comfy clothes on, no make up...maybe I should take the duvet as well? *yaaawn* ...while he´s surprisingly active, shaving, showering, putting on some perfume o_O (...I don´t care I´m half asleep)
- ...well I have to say that it was worth the suffering - the sunrise is beautiful, I´m taking 1000 photos while Honza is making some weird rustling noise...I´m just thinking - is he joking and starting to eat just now?! ...oh...the content of his secret packet was far from breakfast - it´s an engagement ring <3 ...could this be even more romantic? omg =D whaaa I look like I just got out of bed nooo =D now I understand everything !
- I´m so happy that I fell asleep as soon as we got to our hotel room =D this was pretty active morning !
- waking up just on time for lunch, it´s Saturday and the island is getting more crowded than usual so we decided to take a car and finally go to beach !!! There is sea surrounding the Mont-Saint-Michel but you can´t get to it and it´s more mud than actual sand ...
- unfortunatelly dark clouds are aproaching so we decided to have a lunch on the shore first and see what´s going to happen
- Honza is experimenting again - this time with fried mussles with french-fries - the local speciality, I have to say that it was delicious ! I don´t know if I could eat a whole plate, but those few I tried tasted great *o* I´m having the same codfish as yesterday, now with amazing apple desert nom nom
- dark clouds magicaly vanished while we were eating and the sun was shinning in it´s full strenght (so I have another "pretty" sunburn on my whole right hand...)
- we´re getting on car as fast as possible and going to a 50 minutes remote village Saint-Lunaire, which is a lovely place with a small beach and cute créperies
- so we finally meet again, my dear sea <3
- we´re walking in the water (we had swimsuits, but we couldn´t find any showers =/) and I´m collecting sea-shells like crazy little kid =D they´re all so pretty ! I´m going to make some hama girl accessories from them *_*
- walking up the cliff where is (appart from the monument, of course) a beautiful old restaurant with an amazing view on the sea horizont, we´re having there a delicious crépe with chocolate, vanilla ice-cream with raisins and a flambéed banana in rum *____*
- I´m buying some more postcards for my mum on our way back - I have quite a collection for her after those few days =D
- I decided that before we leave France we have to buy a "crépe machine" somewhere, because you can´t buy it in German shops with electronics and I need more crépes in my life
- we´re tired of eating in restaurans, so we bought some light dinner in the local supermarket
- I´m so tired, but I want to buy a rosary with st. Michael for my granma in the chapel so we´re going for the last night walk around Le Mont Saint Michel
- no energy left for the midnight tour around Abbey =D
- the last day tomorrow T__T I still need to buy a pack of these famous ridiculously-expensive biscuits !
omg wedding omg wedding omg wedding !!!

 detail of sand, because it looked like if there were little gold pieces in it *o*

from the series "crazy flying dreadlocks"


...what an unexpected turn of events, don´t you think =D?
I´m still surprised and happy...and I´m trying not to think about all the organization around wedding >_< eek !

NEXT - Giverny and Frankfurt am Main

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥