pátek 24. července 2015

DIY "salwar" Pants

Hi, my dear readers ♥

From time to time it happens to me that I have a sudden wave of inspiration and motivation to make my own clothes. I´m always so excited about sewing my own lolita dress, summer dress, pants, etc. ...then I really make it, I´m super-happy about it and plan to do more.......and then....I get to wear it outside several months or weeks later because I already have a lot of clothes and in the end I don´t really need to make more, because I already have enough lolita dresses, summer dresses and even more pants ... >_< eh
But the feeling of making my own clothes is so great ! 

The same scenario happened this winter when I decided to make a dress (which I haven´t worn yet, so I don´t have any photos) and a pair of comfy pants. I planned to make usual harem pants, but the pattern was for "salwar" pants which are something different (I had no idea) so now I have a huge grey "pajama" pants and I love them ♥

With these pants and the dress I finally tried to make clothes from elastic materials on my overlock sewing machine - so fast and easy *o* I want to make more clothes why do I have 10000 already ?!!

For anyone who´s interrested in making their own pair of comfy "salwar" pants

You don´t have to own an overlock sewing machine to make them, I already did one pair for my boyfriend a while ago from non-elastic fabric with normal sewing machine and it worked, too =)
It´s a great pattern for begginers !

About harem pants - I finally have the right pattern and I even tie dyed some old fabric so they will be great, but I don´t have time to make them...I also don´t really need them since I have three already x_x ... I will leave this project for long winter weekends, I think ♪

And now for some photos !
I wore my new pants for a trip to Regensburg. The day was HOT so in the end I didn´t wear the cardigan at all, but still it was a good choice of clothes =)

I visited my favourite shop with spices, where I always want to buy EVERYTHING

(this is what I chose in the end)

... then I spent a lot more money than I planned for art supplies as always ...

...and had this cute green kiwi drink at the end of the day !

Regensburg is such a beautiful town ♥ I want to go there more often !

And now for the pants, finally ...

ha ha I´m fine, don´t worry =D ! I just wanted to show you how these pants look ... =)

necklace - Samsara / Himalife
cardigan - second-hand
pants - DIY
sandals - LUNA sandals

And of course I have a picture again !
I think this outfit would be great for some yoga practice so I got inspired by that idea =)

 ॐ Namaste ॐ

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 17. července 2015

Nuka Cola Bottle Caps

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of May, when the weather was still "layering-friendly" I had a sudden urge to dress up in some kind of "casual postapo" outfits *o* responsible for this are probably shortcuttothestars and the continuing Mad Max madness =D ... I was just so happy to see around so many Mad Max-inspired outfits, art and photoshoots - as I said before, postapo is one of my favourite genres ♥

Before I found Mai´s blog and her great fashion sense I never thought about wearing postapo-inspired outfits on daily basis, not just for a photoshoot or party. I love the idea of some kind of "casual postapo", so you can imagine how happy I was when I stepped into a Strauss (which is a shop where you can usually find some home decors or clothing for old ladies) and they had some "natural summer collection" which was surprisingly full of stuff great for this style =D ha ha
I couldn´t resist and bought a huge grey cotton scarf and this perfect fringe cardigan *o*

I was pretty happy about this outfit and planned to wear it every day since then, but a few days after the real summer started, so...yeah... in September, maybe =D

btw. I finally saw the new Mad Max ! I didn´t have these ecstatic feelings about it like all people around, but it was pretty cool =)

feather hair accessory & nail cross necklace - DIY
cardigan - Strauss
top - second-hand
leggins - H&M

...aaand a picture !
I had big plans with this one - nuclear blasts in the background and myself in some cool dynamic pose...but yeah...........I´m not that good...not now...maybe some other day ha ha =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 10. července 2015

Mermaid Lounge

Hello, my dear readers ♥

A while ago I decided to spend some money and finally buy my dream leggins from Black Milk =D
I want almost all of their designs, but still it wasn´t hard to choose - I always wanted the original very first one and only "Galaxy Purple Leggins" and amazing "Mermaid Leggins" ...I also planned to buy the Slytherin ones from Harry Potter collection, but they are no longer available =(
if they ever have them again I will buy them even if it would cost my soul

I already have one pair of BM leggins which I bought a few years ago and ordered from Prague. The delivery to Czech Republic was really quick, but the communication with the Czech FedEx and the high price for their delivery was ugh... so I was really happy about how easy it was here in Germany ! The package arrived in a few days and I could pay the custom fee right at my door and get my leggins immediatelly *o* heaven ! (Normally I have to ride a bike for 40 minutes to get to custom office and then wait there another 40 minutes and then ride back again...and you know, this usually happens in rainy days, so I love it)

The quality of both leggins is great and the fabric structure of the Mermaid ones is just amazing ♥ You never really see all the glittering details on photos, but IRL they really look like if I just stepped out of the sea =D perfect for a party

Here is my very first outfit with the Mermaid ones - I had to wear them right away after I got them ♪ I really wanted to combine it with something sea/mermaid-related, but I don´t have anything yet...only my Bioshock tank top =D ha ha BUT IT´S A PERFECT MATCH !

tank top - Cherry Sauce (the shop exists no more)
necklace - made by Clover =)
leggins - Black Milk
shoes - H&M

Now that I´m looking at photos I´m not sure if black shoes weren´t better, but I really wanted to wear these, so whatever =D maybe next time !

Do you have any Black Milk dream items? I still have a few on my list - for example Slick Black Leggins will be definitelly in my next order fu fu

oh, and the picture !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 3. července 2015

Spectaculum Nordgavia

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you a few photos from historical festival we visited in May. It´s called Spectaculum Nordgavia and it´s not only a market, but also a music festival. On Friday there are always some historical/metal bands playing all night and at day you can visit the market.
It´s not that far away from our town, so we decided to give it a try, since it looked quite big and the location was nice as well. It took place at the castle above a little town ...

But we ended up pretty dissapointed about this one... at the beginning it looked great, because the very first shop I saw was my favourite Al Mischas and I left there almost all my money in first ten minutes =D but as we continued walking trought the market it became pretty boring.... there was weird funeral-like band playing in the distance, shops had nothing interresting or it was expensive, the food was just normal ...sausages on grill or things like that and what´s worse - they didn´t have any special beer glasses like usually on historical festivals.......so I got a mead in an Ikea glass...what? That was pretty embarrasing...

Just as I almost gave up and wanted to go home, the "orc band" started to play on the main stage. I can´t find the band´s name anymore, but they were great =D They had a really epic image - dirty barbarians playing on their postapocalyptic instruments, good songs and show. The part I liked the most was when they asked for some girls to go to the front and make a circle. Then they started to play a song about witches and girls had to dance in rounds and whaa it was great =D all girls were dressed up in costumes and some of them danced pretty good, so it really looked like some kind of ritual witch party =D

After this great show the funeral band was about to go back stage again, so we better left and went home.
Nah...the orc band was cool, but I don´t think we will go there again next year <_<

I was in some fantasy-mood before we left, so I dressed-up in my new tie dye skirt with faun years and everything. Kids loved it and guys from the "orc band" were bleating at me =D ha ha which was pretty funny, they were really into their roles the whole day not only on stage !

Here is a few photos from the day ♪

 ...kids were amazed by my ears, but even more they were interrested in Satan =D 


 The viking girl in the middle was soooo cool ! I want to be like her  She had a great oufit, dreadlocks and dancing skills *o*


And some photos of my outfit

My antlers, necklace and skirt unintentionally matched so perfectly =D I made the necklace looong time ago, antlers last year and the skirt is new... and then I put it all together and everything had almost same colours... ha ha violet+green is just the best combination ever ♥

antlers, necklace, skirt - DIY
faun ears - The Elven Caravan
sandals - LUNA sandals

And the picture !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 26. června 2015

Satan´s Delivery Service

Hello, my dear readers ♥

ha ha...looks like totally random title, but NO - you´ll see at the end ! =D

In May we went to Prague to celebrate 4 birthdays at once (!). In family circle and with friends. This is what I wore for my boyfriend´s b-day party with his friends - we went to our new favourite restaurant KeltMek. Which is a really peculiar place - have you ever heard of a celtic burger...pub? Me neither, but it´s great =D My absolutely favourite thing there is burger filled with fried smoked cheese and soja strips NOM ♥

After a time I wore completelly black outfit, because...I don´t know - everytime I go to Prague I unintentionally dress up like my "old self", which means all black and goth...or at least strega...

I´m really happy about the outfit, because it looks cool even though all these things are pretty old except for the cage bra harness which is new in the shop. I like it so much that I had to make one for myself, too =D

sunglasses - C&A
cardigan - H&M
shoes - Vagabond

not enough of Satan?

... and the title mystery solved !
✉ Satan´s Delivery Service ✉

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥