čtvrtek 4. dubna 2019

JANUARY 2019 - outfit post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Sorry for the little break, I'm just all over the place lately - I was finishing illustrations for new children's book, putting together my portfolio and attended book fair in Leipzig + we're travelling to Prague like every other weekend because of new appartment (not moving back to Prague, don't worry :D) and also playing D&D with my friends while we're there ♪

The spring is apparently here and so are allergies, so I decided to better stay at home to avoid red eyes and explosive sneezing, which means I have at least finally have time to write new blog post (✿◠‿◠) 

I have no idea how I managed to take photos of so many outfits in January, probably because this month have like 75 days instead of 31 ... or it at least felt like that :D 

My hair was dark blue/black the whole month, but at the end I got tired of it and removed it again... I say "remove" on purpose, because I didn't use bleach but the ColourB4 and even though it stinks like rotten eggs, it works great and I'm back to my natural hair colour ! (yeah, I know I'm crazy)

The first outfit celebrates my discovery how PERFECTLY my Sparkle cardigan goes with this Coldplay t-shirt :D neon colours ! Also mega-old earrings from some handmade fashion market in Prague... I still think they're cute and the yellow neon colour is just timeless :D

The second outfit is just something simple with striped tights I was wearing for our weekly (knitting) meet with Rommily :) Yeah, the denim skirt again ! I wanted to take advantage of travelling with public transport and not yet on bike and tried to wear skirts, dresses and tights as much as possible :D (Now I'm back to pants&leggins&bike already)

Next one is my "snow calamity" attire :D It was heavily snowing that day and there was like 1m of snow around Munich and I was about to leave for the meet-up with local illustrators, so I tried to put together something nice featuring my snow boots :) Ended up wearing this Psylo dress I bought in London and until now I was wearing it only in summer, but it prove itself being quite warm and comfy in winter as well ♪
Also I got a bit crazy with hair - I discovered AURORA earlier that day and instantly fell in love with everything about her and especially this hairstyle in "I went too far" video  ≧◉◡◉≦

And now something weird and comfy for our annual January sushi making at Rommily's place :) We always make A LOT of sushi and then just eat and talk and eat and drink a lot of green tea ♪
I don't wear this violet sweater as much as I would like to, so I tried to combine it with shirt and cullotes and also matching lipstick... it's a bit weird, but I also kinda like it :D

And the last one ! Wearing my knit, again... and new coat... and tried to braid hair on both sides ♪ Also Thranduil tote bag to give it more elf-ness :D

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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