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DECEMBER 2018 - outfit post

Hi, my dear readers ♥

December was busy, dark & cold, so I didn't have much time to take photos of my outfits. That's why I have only two from this month :D So today's post will be quite short !

The first one is from the beginning of December, when I went for the 2nd anniversary of local ethical yarn shop RAUWERK ♥ part of the anniversary celebration was release of the new yarn and I had the honour to design the yarn tags and also tote bag prints ♥ It still feels quite surreal !

I was wearing my "Bare Branches" cardigan, because I made it from the first Rauwerk yarn, last year :) On photos you can also see my new broomstick Cleansweep Eleven !

The second outfit is very raven-themed (what a surprise ha ha) ! I dyed my hair dark blue-ish and it ended up looking a bit like raven feathers, so I just had to wear it with my new t-shirt from The Raven from The North (raven again!) and Ravenous leggins from Black Milk :D I LOVE RAVENS, OK 

I managed to have the dark hair for two months only, because I got tired of re-dyeing it and now I'm back to my natural colour again (yeah, I'm crazy, I know)

I also purchased this Lumos charity pin of Newt Scamander's wand and Occamy ♥

Well, that was really short :D
Have a great day, everyone ♥

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