pátek 20. července 2018

STROKE art fair 2018

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In May, right before we left to NY, we managed to visit STROKE art fair - which is a growing art event in Munich where I always discover a lot of inspiring art and artists. This year it took place at different location - The Werksviertel, which is an old industrial area made into artists-friendly space. There are ateliers for rent, huge art supplies shop, coffee, bars, discos... everything an artist needs :D OK it's more like half-artist/half-party area and I like it !

Here is a few photos I took of pieces that I liked the most ♥

 Satan was there with us to consume some good art !

 Of course I wanted to wear something nice, so I took out my favourite culottes, The Beatles socks I bought in London & cork shoes ♥

sweater - Takko
back, pants - C&A
necklace - Florence and The Machine merch
socks - The Beatles shop 
shoes - EtikButik

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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