středa 11. července 2018

Arboreal Sweater

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I know, I know, it's been terribly silent here lately, I'm just so busy with EVERYTHING ! But in a good way :) I'm currently working on one quite big illustration project, pictures for my upcoming art show at cat café Kavárna Kočičí (check FB event for more info!), we have a lot of visits at our place and I'm also trying to chill & live in between :D

I'll definetely make a post about our 3 week in amazing New York City, but it's going take a while to go through all these photos and memories, so please be patient with me ♪

For today I have a knitting post about my new favourite sweater ♥

Arboreal pattern was a big hit this winter and almost everyone in online knitting community made at least one. I tried once and failed because I was knitting too tight and also my yarn got eaten by clothing moths before I could finish the project so I frogged it and started over this spring. Yeah, I know, knitting winter fair isle yoke sweater in spring is silly but I had this "feeling" that I'll wear it sooner than in September ♪

Even though I bought the same yarn weight as suggested (I didn't make a swatch pam pa dam), my sweater ended up being huge... again :D (what a surprise!) I almost wanted to frog it AGAIN and don't come back to this patter in the near future, when Han stopped me and motivated me to try change the construction and see the mistake as an opportunity to create something original. And so I did ! I made the body and sleeves shorter and got this really cute oversized cropped fit, which goes perfectly with high-waisted pants ♥

I'm super-happy about this project (I know I say this about every project) ♥ It's easy to wear, comfy, warm but also airy and it travelled with me all these long hours on plane to NY and back :) Do you have memories attached to your knits? I surely do. And these are some big ones. I will always think about NY when I wear this sweater now ♥

Oh, and you know what? We even made it to instagram page of Knitty City - a New York yarn shop near Central Park which I visited :) The super-kind staff there loved my Arboreal sweater so much that they wanted to have a photo of us (me+sweater) on their Instagram page ♥

(I look like complete dork, I know :D I was just too happy to look normal)

And here are some photos we took with Honza near our home ♥

I would not recommend this pattern to beginners, unless you're skilled with knitting top down seamless sweaters and fair isle ...I'm still struggling with fair isle tension, but I know people who made this sweater and are quite at the beginning, so it's really just a matter of practice and your knitting style :) If you like it, try it, you can always frog it and start again !

At the moment I'm working on three things at once, but to be honest - I haven't touched my needles for more than a week. I'm really focused on art lately (EAT SLEEP DRAW REPEAT would be the right name for my current state :D) and in those moments when I'm not doodling, I'm escaping in Witcher books or mountains of Skyrim to clear my mind ♪

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

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  1. 5. srpen! To jsem zrovna v Praze! A tu kavárnu mám ráda! Sice to sotva přiletím z dovolené, ale jestli bude možnost, tak přítele naženu kouknout na obrázky a po dlouhé době na všechny místní kočičky. :D

    1. Super :) ♥ No kdyžtak obrázky tam budou celý měsíc, takže když to nevyjde v tu neděli, můžete zajít okouknout kdykoliv potom :)