pondělí 7. května 2018

Coralina Raincoat & Furie Nocturne

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm sorry for quite an inactivity lately ! There were public holidays in Germany, I'm busy with illustration project and I'm also leaving for 3 week to USA very soon ... ! But I still have so much to write about and bunch of outfit photos to post :)

To catch up a bit I decided to put two in one post today, because both these outfits have something in common - my new super-amazing yellow raincoat ! I'm so happy that these are trendy now, because I always wanted one ♥ I just wish I had blue hair and dragonfly hairpin, to complete the Coralina look (but at the same time I hope that I won't accidentaly find "the crossing" and end up 30/60 years in the past, like Jonas from Dark who also had yellow jacket :D) 

I usually don't buy displayed sets of clothing, but this time I just couldn't help it - not only the yellow raincoat was on my wish-list for ages, but they also had matching stripped pants with the same navy/white stripe as the lining of the raincoat ♥ Lucky for me, I keep my Christmas money loooong after Christmas are gone and in cases like this I can grab a few coins from my vault at Gringott's ♪

raincoat, pants,t-shirt - C&A
shoes - EtikButik

The second outfit has the yellow raincoat, but most importantly this cutes Chat Noir/Toothless t-shirt I ordered from RedBubble ♥ I kinda really love How to train your dragon, I can watch the movie over and over and the OST makes a great background music while drawing :) and of course Toothless is THE CUTEST ♥

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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