neděle 4. března 2018

We're just getting started

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Winter is never really outfit-photos-friendly, since it's dark most of the time and when it isn't, it's too cold to look pretty, so I just wear a lot of layers and have no mood for taking photos. But sometimes I'm lucky, the light is good so I can dress up a bit and take a few photos before going out.

One day I stumbled upon this great t-shirt in Takko and just couldn't leave it there even though I have enough shirts already. Because NEGAN ! We've been watching The Walking Dead since the start, sometimes it's great, sometimes it sucks a lot, but I still love it, I just can't get enough of zombies and the episode with Negan's Lucille vs. Glenn's head is legendary and one of my favourites (I'm terrible, I knooow) :D

t-shirt, cardigan - Takko
shorts - BlackMilk Clothing
tights - C&A
shoes - NewRock

I took this photo before we went to local shopping centre and I stepped into iStore for the first time in my life (ha ha, I know) to take a look at iPadPro to see what's all this hype about. I really wanted to try Procreate and guess what... I LOVE IT SO MUCH ♥ I can't wait to get my hands on it ! I plan to buy iPadPro for myself in New York this spring (◔◡◔) ho ho ♪

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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