pondělí 26. února 2018

Cardinia Wrap

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In January I finally finished knitting "Cardinia" wrap from Ambah O'Brien, which I started in the middle of September :D No, it wasn't that complicated, I was just working on 100 other things and this became mostly my traveling project for car, waiting or  knitting while chatting with friends at café :)

The reason why I picked such a simple pattern was this yarn ! I was asked to help Czech yarn-dyer Lovespunning with logo design and business cards and accepted yarn as payment ♥ I picked this super-cute space pink colorway and wanted to use it on project where it will stand out. Cardinia wrap looked perfect for this idea and so I combined it with "Highlighter" from Hedgehog Fibres, which I bought at Stephen&Penelope when we were in Amsterdam :) Colourful neon combo - perfect match with my grey winter coat and visible on bike in winter days ♪

I'm really happy about the finished shawl ! It looks so good and it's very easy to wear ♥

we took these photos at the statue Friedensengel - Angel of Peace :) which is a very popular place for goth photoshoots and takeaway pizza evenings :D

At the moment there are three knitting projects on my needles - Bare Branches, Boxy and Zweig
(yes, one of my new year's resolutions was to work on only one project at a time ... ha ha)
What's on your needles ?

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Tady jste moc pěkně namalovaná. Fakt Vám to sedlo, asi barva rtěnky k vlasům a všechno ke všemu. Pěkné.