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HalloWien 2017

Hi, my dear readers ♥

First post in 2018 ! ... and I'll be talking about Halloween
I know that I'm super-late with everything and I've been neglecting this blog a bit in the past few weeks. The main reason were Christmas and the second big reason is that I'm currently working on my very first big illustration project and I want to put everything into it :) I'm excited and nervous at the same time, but this is what I want to do, so I'll give it my best ! Also I can't wait to show you everything, but for now let's keep it secret ♪

Now let's talk about Vienna !
At the end of October I decided to visit Austrian lolita event again ♥ I liked the Metamorphose tea party and I couldn't wait to get hyped into lolita fashion again by spending the whole afternoon among the best coords and watch some beautiful fashion show. All of this happened at this year's event of GLA - HalloWien ♥

It wasn't meant to be classical tea party with cakes and everything, but more like a spooky Halloween event with lolita fashion dresscode and designer guest, which was super-kind NuNu from Haenuli.

Since we loved Vienna the last time I went there for tea party, we decided to arrive two days earlier so we have enough time for sightseeing and enjoying the atmosphere of Austria's capital.

First day we visited gardens of Belvedere Palace at dusk and it was  BEAUTIFUL ♥ In Bayern all palaces look same - they are just copies of Versailles, but this one was something else ! The architecture, details and most importantly those sculptures ! I wanted to draw everything !!! (I had only a few minutes before the dark and it was quite cold, but I still managed to do a few sketches) After the long ride from Munich, we were starving, but lucky for us right next to Belvedere gardens is a huge restaurant with traditional Austrian cuisine which consists of huge portions of meat and beer, so after a few hours we rolled ourselves out and decided to take a walk around night city centre to be able to fit in doors of our Airbnb when we got back :D

Vienna is so beautiful ♥ I'm in love !

 top modern tourist service :D

On the second day the weather got pretty ugly so after morning trip to nearby yarn store/café "Laniato - Das Wiener Wollcafé" and light lunch at our favourite Palmenhaus, we decided to escort Satan back to our place and spend the rest of the day at Albertina gallery where the exhibition of Raffael's work was currently displayed. You know how much I love art, so you can imagine my happiness when I was browsing through works of Monet, Picasso, Bruegel and of course the master Raffael ♪

 Dreaming of Hogwarts ♪

Saturday was THE day !
Together with my friends, we were lucky to get all VIP tickets, so for us was the "tea party" beginning an hour earlier, with special goodie bag and welcome drink ! (which was the best thing ever for someone socially awkward as me - after a glass of sekt I felt like I can talk to anyone :D)

The whole event was really cute. The location, people, photo corner, shops and Nunu - who talked to everyone, did silly selfies with us, answered all of our questions and even had her parents with her (her mum was dressed in traditional hanbok!) was the absolute highlight of the day for me :) She's so talented, humble and doesn't act like a celebrity ...and she loves and understands lolita fashion so much !

Fashion show was really beautiful, I loved seeing all these dresses in real life and wanted to buy EVERYTHING ♥

Concerning the shopping area - ehm - my plan was to buy ONLY Haenuli's artbook and get it signed by Nunu... which I did... but I also bought a skirt from Lady Sloth, because I just COULDN'T RESIST that print D: I loved it ever since I saw it online and thought it was only available via pre-order, but Lady Sloth had one with her for the event, so I got it  MU HA HA !

We spent the day chatting, taking photos and shopping and I got home both happy and tired :)
If there's lolita event in Vienna next year again, I'm in ! ♥

with Nunu :D

"The Voice from the Other Side" skirt from Lady Sloth

VIP goodie bag stuff *o*

As for my outfit - I decided to wear ouji this year, since I'm really into this substyle of lolita fashion lately ♪ I wanted to finally wear my Black Peace Now pants which I got for birthday from my dear friends and I also bought a pair of Haenuli tights from Rommily. To give my outfit some Halloween vibe, I pimped my old bowler hat with bat wings from H&M and spider from Halloween deco collection :D I felt super-cute !

The event was in October and since I was participating in (fanart) Inktober with daily drawings and I knew I won't have any time to draw during our little holiday I prepared a few paper dolls with my favourite characters from Mass Effect :) here they are, travelling, sightseeing in Vienna and eating Sacher cake !

I wish you all good start of 2018 ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone !

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