pátek 8. prosince 2017

BerlinKnits 2017

Hi, my dear readers ♥

One of the (many) highlights of 2017 was definitelly visiting my very first big knitting and yarn-related event - BerlinKnits ♥
I always wanted to go there ! Yarn and knitters everywhere ! And so close ! In Berlin ! I couldn't wait for Yarn Over Berlin to announce the date and when they did we booked Airbnb right away :D 

The festival started on 30th September which was also the first day of Westknits mystery KnitAlong, which means that I was casting on new project on highway :D #justknittingthings

We arrived on Friday, too late and too tired for any sightseeing. So we just picked the closest restaurant and went inside to get dinner, only to find out that it's full of knitters :D There was a pre-party happening and I would never even imagine to be in a restaurant, feasting on delicious dinner while being surrounded by knitters without any further planning ! I haven't talked to anyone, but I just loved the atmosphere ♪

On Saturday morning I dressed up in my Linho pullover and knitting skirt which I got from Han. Hogwarts Knitting Club bag full with tote bags, knitting and wallet full of money :D ready to buy EVERYTHING
(I was saving money for this occasion the whole summer and my friends also gave me an envelope with "BerlinKnits financial support" for birthday ♥)


At first I was walking around alone, waiting for other Czech knitters to arrive. In the meantime I already managed to buy quite a lot of skeins ...

... and when the whole "Hogwarts Knitting Club group" arrived we were shopping more and more and more ... :D 
At the end of the day we had bags full with yarn in our favourite colours, super-motivated and impatient to sit somewhere and start knitting !

With Honza's help I organized sort of Czech afterparty, which happend at Neumond restaurant again (they were already used to knitters and they seemed to like us). We talked a lot, knitted a few rows, had some delicious food and in the evening went home super-tired, but also happy :)

On Sunday we jumped in the car and travelled to Prague to family birthday celebrations and on Monday finally back to Munich. I didn't mind the travelling at all ! At least I managed to knit quite a lot of rows of the first Westknits KAL clue ♪

For more pictures check out blog post of Vlněné Sestry - Czech yarn shop of two super-kind ladies which I finally had a chance to meet in real life :) Hope we will see each other again soon !

And, of course I must not forget to show you my loot !
Look at all these babies I bought ♥ ♥ ♥

I haven't done any nice photos of the whole bunch (except for this one which is not really good), but hopefuly you'll see them in finished projects soon !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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