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Hi, my dear readers ♥

I think it happened to all knitters - you were working on some project for the current season, but just as you were finished with it, the season ended and the weather changed to something completely unfriendly with your brand new knit.
It happens to me a lot.

This summer I fell in love too late with "Este" pattern from Justyna Lorkowska and started working on it as soon as I had a time. I used yarn from my stash - the beautiful and soft Marina from Manos del Uruguay which I bought in spring. This pattern is supposed to be done in fingering weight yarn, but I wanted it to be a bit more fitting, so I risked lace weight. I don't know what kind of sorcery it was, but without doing any adjustments it fits PERFECTLY !

So I had this lovely, light, summer knitted top and guess what... autumn arrived :D Last year September stayed pretty warm until the end, so I was hoping for at least one summer-like day, but NOPE.

For now I'm wearing it over tank top and waiting patiently for spring.

Oh, and there's one more thing about this project !
When it was finished and proudly blocking at mats in our living room, I forgot that our robotic vacuum cleaner is set on Sunday 13:00 and foolishly left home on this precise time. Coming back to expression of true horror on Honza's face when he found out what happened. He didn't want to let me see what happened - so scared he was of my reaction ha ha :D But honestly, my hearth stopped when I saw my beloved finished project stucked and chewed in our Roomba D: Luckily, this yarn is really tough and aside from some minor knots nothing happened and the whole knit survived !!! PHEW

Here are some photos I took at home - outdoor knit photoshooting has to wait until spring ♪

I hope you're all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day ♥

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