pondělí 25. září 2017

From t-shirt to tank top feat. CATS

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today it's time for summer flashback! With a bit of upcycling and cats ♪

First the upcycling part.
I'm sure you remember my grey t-shirt from Nuclear Holocats with design from dear Striga ♥ It's a super-pretty t-shirt, but I found out that grey cotton shirt with sleeves is not really good for my anxious sweating self :D It's just too visible when you get sweaty in this colour and it makes me extremely uncomfortable, so I decided to make a few adjustments to this cute t-shirt :) 

I cut off both sleeves and also the neckline and from the fabric leftover made a little loop which I used to hold together the back part, which added more fit to the loose tank top ♪
No need for sewing machine, just good pair of scissors, needle and a few centimeters of thread.

I was quite nervous about this, but it ended up looking great and I really like wearing it ♥

For the cat part : if you look closely, you'll notice that there is not only one cat print on my outfit ! The "Witchcraft" skirt, with cat skull print is from my RED BUBBLE shop

... um and yes, my tote bag is made of bubble wrap :D

I hope you're all doing great and don't forget to (at least try) upcycle before buying new clothes :)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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