středa 4. října 2017

Summer Classic Lolita

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I know it doesn't look like it at all, but I still consider myself being part of lolita community. Even though I wear my beautiful dresses only rarely these days :( The reason is that my schedule doesn't really match with local meet-ups and it's too far away for me to travel to Nürnberg and attend meets of Franconian Princesses like I did when I lived in Ingolstadt...

So I'm happy for every opportunity like, for example, birthday of one of my friends :) In July we met to have a lunch, stroll around Munich and celebrate Kathi's birthday. The weather was really nice, not too hot but still sunny, so I decided to wear classic lolita and straw bonet - I can finally fit my head on it, again :D ! (it was impossible to wear with dreadlocks)

I must say that I was a bit nervous while dressing up, even thinking about changing into something more "normal", but then I remembered how pretty I feel every time I wear my frilly dress and cute accessories ♥ Damn, I need more meet-ups !

 I hope you're all doing fine !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

4 komentáře:

  1. I think I started to follow you from your lolita clothing. I always wanted to do the whole Gothic Lolita look but I was too lazy, cheap, and nervous. But it does feel nice to wear something pretty, right? I love how you match a modern cardigan with the dress. It works really well.

  2. Beautiful outfit ♥♥♥ it´s amazing how you look just stunning in every style. ♥

    And I know that feeling. I have it similar, but with goth. I mostly dress up more just for shootings, otherwise I don´t go out often, and for work it´s just pants and t-shirt/sweatshirt. :D

  3. You looks so beautiful!!! Wonderful Dress...

  4. You look so pretty!
    I can relate to you as well -- I love Mori but hardly ever dress in full Mori except for special occasions.