čtvrtek 20. července 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

As I said in the previous post, the season of summer adventures started in May on one exceptionally busy weekend. I already wrote about German ComicCon, ArtMuc fair and today is on the schedule  true tourist post !

We planned to visit Salzburg for quite a while, but the weather was either bad or too hot to spend the day walking through historical streets. I was in Salzburg once already with a school trip and it was a wild ride for Christmas markets, it was cold, dark, we spent most of the day in traffic jam and I rememeber only how we bought this super-sweet apple on the stick covered in candy which was impossible to consume without getting a sugar overdose :D

This time I finally saw more :) The day was nice and sunny, we took Satan with us and made a tour around the whole town. We had a lunch at gluten-free pizzera Beccofino with a super-kind staff and delicious food. Then we went throught the small cute streets, gardens, climbed to the castle, wandered around in the heat (it got pretty warm at the noon) and in the evening we had a little snack at Modern Art Museum café which has a wonderful view on the Salzburg castle ♥

We definetelly plan to go back, probably in autumn, because I need to see the view from the castle with colorful trees *o* Also the Modern Art museum sounds like a good place to visit ... 

And now for some photos !

this was the creepiest and coolest underground passage I've ever visited *o*
I think it's actually a vault, a huge, long big-ass vault in the hill with the castle on the top ! 

 (no insta filters added - we've got a new camera lens from Murhaaya as gift ♪ )


say goodbye to my dreadlock bun, only one post left and it's gone :D

This is my favourite photo I took in Salzburg ♥
I love how you can see mountains behind the castle, it's giving this city such a fantasy magical atmosphere !

I hope you're all doing fine :)
Have a beautiful day, eveyone ♥

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