úterý 11. července 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

The busy summmer is here ! I have so much to write about, but only very little time to sit down and make posts :D That's why I'm a bit late and today I'm going to show you a few pictures from an event we visited in May ... May was the beginning of busy summer - since then every weekend is booked already, we're making trips, hikes, we're having visits, concerts and 1000 other things to do ♥ 

This was especially busy long weekend in May - there was a national holiday on Thursday and free day on Friday + weekend and we had schedule for every day. On Thursday we went on ArtMuc, on Friday to Salzburg, on Saturday was ComicCon and ...yeah, I've already forgotten what was on Sunday :D

Today I want to show you a few photos and my "crinkled" outfit from day we visited an art fair ARTMUC. It was on Praterinsel, same as the Art Stroke last year and there was a lot of artists selling their art... I, personally, was a bit disapointed about it, because I didn't manage to find many artworks I liked... I had a feeling like there was a lot of rivality between artists, trying to sell abstract paintings with "no life" for a very high price to rich people who came for a new decoration for their luxurious Munich appartements :D
(Art Stroke was more like a fair, with artists having fun and showing their works to the world, happy about every sold postcard with print of their artworks... )

We walked through the fair, I took some photos of my favourite pieces, we had a wine at the bar and then we slowly walked home, because the day was quite nice :)

And now for my crinkled outfit !
I didn't notice it was in SUCH A DIRE NEED of ironing until I saw these photos D: So I apologize in advance for the mess ! It wasn't THAT visible in real life, I promise ♪

I got this dress from Veni's closet cleaning and I really like the mint colour ♥ I combined it with black and most importantly with my new cutest enamel AVOCADO CAT pin from PONY PEOPLE !

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

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