úterý 1. srpna 2017

Tardigrades in Space

Hi, my dear readers ♥
Today it's an outfit post with many things I want to mention ♪

First this is historically the last outfit post with dreadlocks - big change is coming !

Second - THIS SKIRT - amazing, huge, long, flowy, dancing skirt which I bought from Veni :) 

Third is my new bag from RedBubble with tardigrades painting done by no one else than KK !

Fourth thing worth mentioning is the necklace I'm wearing - it's handcarved from bone, by talented finsternich and it was given to me by dear Striga ♥

And the last thing I want to show you is my loot from Boesner, which is a huge art-supplies super market and consumer of the most of my budget :D ha ha 
On this day, I went there just to buy more carton canvases, so I can continue experimenting with acrylic liner and spray... hm... I ended up with an incredibly heavy tote bag full of art stuff... 
Aside from canvases I also bought more liners, nib holder, new watercolour sketchbook, silver spray and this BIG and absolutely amazing book full of anatomy studies of old masters and the great art teachers ! One of the best art-related books I ever found *o*

our lovely family photo :D
(Honza photobombed my outfit photo with Satan in cardboard box)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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