čtvrtek 2. března 2017

Oakenshield Shawl

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to talk about one very special knitting project !

You all know Han from my posts, right?
It might be partly my "fault" that she started with crochet and later fell into knitting hell with me :D MU HA HA
But while I'm still stuck at knitting patterns I bought at Ravelry and buying yarn on internet, Han is already spinning her own skeins and designing her own patterns *o* !
I can't admire both of these skill more, since I never really tried spinning, I'm terribly messy when it comes to dyeing and my math skills are on level of 6-year-old child :D

At the end of autumn Han released her very first shawl pattern, called "Oakenshield" 
It´s a beautiful, huge, crescent-like shawl, with cable decorations in shape of oak leaves ♥

Of course I started ordering yarn as soon as the pattern appeared on Ravelry !
I decided to give try to Danish brand Holst Garn, which has amazing range of colours and the Supersoft type I chose is really a tiny, thin thread :D I wanted to use thinner yarn, so the shawl would be smaller (the original is made of sport weight and I used fingering) ... 
The hardest part was to choose colour !
Not only Han already did the original shawl from my favourite mustard, but Host Garn has SO MANY COLOURS, that in the end I just asked Honza and he chose "Bokhara" for me - to match with my hair. (but he always chooses red for me - doesn't matter what it is)

At first I planned to be the first one to finish this shawl, but then Christmas happened and I was knitting gifts, travelling and being lazy through holidays :D ha ha
So in the end I finished it on 27th January ehm uhm... 
But knitting is no race, so whatever !

When I was almost done with the shawl I decided to add something more and decorated the picot bind-off with wooden beads ♪

I'm super-happy about the result and wear the shawl whenever I can ♥

 (my new model - she has had a sheep with her, how cute !)

The difficulty of this pattern is something between beginner and intermediate, so if you already have some experience with shawl knitting and you're not afraid of cable needles - go for it !
The pattern is available in both English and Czech and you don't need any exact yarn weight - just around 1100m of fingering, sport or something in between ;)

And what's on my needles now ?
Right after I said that I will never again do more than three projects at once....... I'm working on two sweaters, one pair of socks ...

...and I'm about to start shawl for the spring KAL of Czech knitting shop and web Vlněné sestry  
I didn't plan to participate, but then I fell in love with the pattern and on top of that I bought absolutely amazing yarns at Creative Fair in Munich last weekend, so now I CAN'T WAIT TO CAST ON *_* 

Looking at the cutest Stephen at the Enchanted Mesa photo, I just couldn't leave you without sharing his latest knitting music video :D
Enjoy ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

3 komentáře:

  1. I love what you do with your hands! So pretty!

  2. Jééé děkujuu! :) Nejlepší fotky a ta barva *___*
    A mimochodem je super vědět, že i s přízí fingering je fakt obří! :)) Rozhodně musíš být můj test-knitter pro příští šátek! :)

  3. Šátek je nádherný. Mám ho na seznamu "one day".^^ Ta barva se mi taky strašně líbí. Naprosto nádherná červená. Jinak jsem zvědavá na výsledný Sous Sous světřík a ponožky. Obojí vypadá super. A ten šátek z KALu Vlněných sester je naprostá dokonalost. Až mě štve, že jsem ještě úplná pletací lama, takže bych to nejspíš nedala. Ale aspoň mě to motivuje plést víc a složitější věci, abych to příště taky mohla zkusit.^^