čtvrtek 9. března 2017

Egyptian Museum

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Our second Sunday museum adventure of this year was Egyptian Museum !

The building is rather new, nice modern concrete architecture with long wide staircase and minimalistic details - so it almost looks like an entrance in tomb !Collection is not exceptionally big, but it's really interresting, with nice lighting, good air, wide corridors and with jokes here and there - like this sign on entrance door ... :D

The museum also has its instagram which is quite funny :)
I really like this modern approach of museums, because it's good to show people that museums are not only serious "shh stay quiet" and "please step a bit further from the showcase" places.

I took my sketchbook with me again, because Egyptian art was something I always admired and couldn't wait to get inspired ♥

Here are some photos of things which caught my eye the most
(feel free to use them as reference if you like ♪ I drew most of these at the museum already, but plan to come back to them again)

 This portrait is just stunning ♥
I was starring at it way too long ...

these guys are not from Egypt, Mezopotamia/Babylon ...maybe, I can't remember anymore, but it was first time I saw Cuneiform script with my own eyes and not just in book ! Beautiful ♥

Of course I dressed up a bit again ♪
This time I decided to give try to something cute - we can maybe call it otome-kei? I call it "this style with dress, belt and cardigan" :D To tell the truth outfits like this are something I would like to wear everyday, because it looks so great !
Unfortunatelly short skirts and fragile tights don't work well with bike :D

shawl - knitted by me - pattern "Restless Nostalgia"
dress - C&A ages ago
necklace - gift from Tercenya :)
bag - my RedBubble (no longer available)
shoes - Mustang

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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