čtvrtek 23. února 2017

DIY Hufflepuff Top & Glyptothek

Hi, my dear readers ♥

So much to write about today, again !

                                                                ○ DIY Hufflepuff top
                                                                ○ outfit
                                                                ○ Glyptothek

Let's start with the DIY project ♪
When I was in Prague on New Year's Eve, I stayed there for the whole week which was a great opportunity to visit my favourite shops where I used to  go every week. For example cheap fabric shop FlexTex which is quite ugly, stinks, there is always too warm, the staff is not exactly nice, BUT you can find there some pretty cute fabrics for a very low price (it's worth the trouble).
So one rainy day we stopped there on our way to lunch and while Honza was suffering I found three nice fabrics ...

Jersey in Hufflepuff colours and in blue and nice light bit-stretchy-something :D
The quality and fiber content of these fabrics is nothing special (that's why it's so cheap), but for my sewing experiments it's alright, I guess

While I'm not really sure what's going to be from the blue and green fabric, with the Hufflepuff one I had a clear vision right in the shop !

I have an old pink top which I bought for the march agains breast cancer, years ago - it's absolutely not my colour, but the design is amazing ! I remember that it was done by some famous Czech fashion designer, which is probably the reason why it's so good  :D

And this design is exactly what I wanted to have in Hufflepuff colours !

... so I took the original top, traced it on the new fabric, made the lower part from two layers (same as on the pink one) and sew everything together ♪

I'm so happy about the result !
It looks exactly like I planned ♥

Of course I had to wear it as soon as possible, so now we're getting to the second part of this post - outfit !

I combined the top with my husband's old cardigan
the new American Apparel infinity scarf
Badger brooch from An English Garden 
and my cat bag - decorated with S.P.E.W. and HOGWARTS KNITTING CLUB buttons which are from my Etsy Art Shop 
...and the cutest Fenris keycharm from MortinfamiART ♥

And now the last part - where did I go dressed up like this ?

Since the worst cold weather is (hopefuly) behind us we are now no longer lazy to go outside on weekends and decided to finally visit museums on Sundays.
In Munich is a great number of amazing BIG museums and all of them are for only 1euro on Sundays ♪
The first destination of our 2017 museum adventures was Glyptothek !
A beautiful museum full of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, with cute little café and small chairs for artists :D actually there were almost more artists than regular visitors ! I loved the atmosphere and did some sketches in my sketchbook as well (honestly, I could be there whole day just drawing all these sculptures - they are so good for practice !). 
After we saw everything, we had a tea and then went for lunch in the nearby Orange Box to have my favourite dahl ♥ nom

Here is a few photos I took in the museum ♪

(took photos of all the guys with pointy ears, because I apparently have pointy-ear-fetish)

The Glyptothek itself is a piece of art ♥

So here's my recommendation in case you find yourself in Munich on Sunday - everything is closed and streets are empty, but museums are open and full of life :)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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