čtvrtek 16. března 2017

Hufflepuff Scarf, Project Peace & Mori Mittens

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In the past half a year I made a few smaller knitting projects, which I never posted here - mostly because I forgot to take photos of it, or I did and forget about them or because writting a post about only one of these projects would be too little.

So today I will show you all three of them !

Let's start with the one I made at the end of August (ehm)
Luxurious, smaller, lace version of Hufflepuff scarf which I made to take with me to London and warm my neck on plane :)
I also had big plans how we will take some amazing HP-themed photos of it in London, but then I was too busy being happy that I completely forgot about it :D But I was wearing the shawl most of the time there, ocasionally switching with the original one ♪

Why is it luxurious? Because I bought some pretty cools yarns for it !
Mustard and grey are amazingly soft Canopy from The Fibre Company and black parts were done with the softest Angora Haze from Rowan *o*
I think that I don't even have to tell you how comfy and warm the shawl is !
Can't wait to wear it again in spring ♪

I used pattern Lady Fern from Suzanne Middlebrooks as reference for the lace parts ♥

The second small project is from december.
Lovely "Project Peace" peace-along was a knit along organized by  Christina Campbell alias www.thehealthyknitter.com
Everyone was knitting the same, easy cowl pattern, but only a two rows a day :) and with each day Christina Campbell released on her blog a tip how to be peaceful ♪ I think it's a really beautiful idea, so I joined even though I didn't have any fancy yarn at the moment. At least I finally used this old "fox" one which I bought ages ago in Prague and it's of course a nasty acrylic, but still cute  :)

I ended up wearing this unexpected infinity shawl quite a lot in winter and now I wear it at home, because I need to keep my neck warm, otherwise I'll get a back pain or headaches from sitting at sewing maching or drawing table for too long ...

pattern Project Peace on Ravelry - definitelly something for beginners ! It's easy, quick and you don't need a lot of yarn for it ♪

And the third small project is just a few weeks old.
Mori fingerless mittens from a super-warm virgin wool which Rommily bought me in Austria ♥
After the long winter all my mittens and fingerless gloves started to look terrible, so I decided to make a new pair.
Well... I wore them once... since then it was too warm for them :D ha ha

I used pattern "Ah Caramel" from Tanis Lavallee and altered it a bit for the thicker yarn.

Building Blocks shawl ○ DIY skirt ○ faux fur vest from C&A ○ beret from TaoBao

I hope the really warm spring will start soon, I can't wait to see the first leaves and leave my jacket at home *o*

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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