čtvrtek 2. února 2017

The First DIY Leggins !

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I love leggins... I have more than 10 pairs for sure and I still want more... I wear them daily, because they're comfortable, great for ridding a bike or long travels and they look cool !

Funny thing is that I don't own any good basic black pair of leggins, I have just one ancient sport leggins from my mum which are kid-size probably, because they keep on sliding off my butt :D

I also don't own any simple grey leggins, or dark blue, etc. ... because every time I'm placing an order at BlackMilk, I JUST CAN'T order basic colour and go for something weird... or galactic ♥

I spent half of my life looking for cheap basic cotton fair-trade non-transparent leggins, but...

That's why learning how to make my own DIY leggins from old t-shirt, or cheap jersey fabric was my n.1 crafting goal !
I looked trough tons of tutorials on Pinterest, I even tried to make my own pattern according to them, but... y'know... me and numbers, that just doesn't work....

So I took my favourite pair of cotton leggins, turned them inside out and traced the pattern on a huge paper. Cut it out and applied it on a cheap elastic fabric.

[ IMPORTANT: the fabric must be stretchy in both directions, otherwise it won't work and leggins are going to end up short - been there, done that - believe me ]

Sewing pants together was making me problems since lolita bloomers, so I always have to look at this picture to help me understand how this magic works

(part 1 and 2 are all that you need to know and then of course this elastic waistband tutorial I found on Pinterest)
I didn't even have to use overlock machine or overlock stitch - I just used zigzag for elastic fabric on my Bernina sewing machine.

Surprisingly everything worked out fine and in just one afternoon I could add a new pair of leggins in my growing collection ♥

yes they are transparent, but this was just a test - first fabric I found in my stash ♪
I didn't expected any success :D

And here's a complete outfit !
The leggins are really thin and I always have to wear some longer top over them, but still I can't wait to wear them in spring ♪
I'm really happy that they ended up being so good that I can wear them outside and not just as pajama pants :D

infinity shawl: American Apparel
cardigan: my husband's
leggins: DIY
shoes: New Rock

I hope you're all doing fine ♪
The snow is gone here in Munich, so I'm expecting spring in every minute *_*

Also have a magical Imbolc today ♥

3 komentáře:

  1. I wish I could knit and sew my own clothes as nicely as you do but I don't have patience to learn about it. On the other hand, my mum is quite talented with her sewing machine and she knits too and I can draw the clothes I'd like to wear. She just have too much work on her hands and is eager to be retired!

    1. It looks complicated, but it really isn't - give it a try =) and your mum can teach you how to sew and knit - that's great ! Like that the learning is much faster than from YouTube ;)

  2. Vyzera to paradne! Velmi sikovna si :) To inac vobec nie je zly napad, sit si leginy sama - ja som na ne maniak, ale malokedy najdem take, co sa mi fakt pacia a su zaroven aj dobrej kvality - si mi dala chrobaka do hlavy, asi vyberiem z komory ten moj zapadnuty sijaci stroj :D. Dakujem za inspiraciu! :)