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Fluffy Sweater // Ethical Fashion Talk (again)

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As you know I'm trying to buy as much ethically made fashion as possible. But part of, maybe? Is not only to buy clothing and accessories which were made by workers in good conditions, but also to learn how to buy new clothes only when you really need it.

I don't think I ever had a really real problem with shopping, but still - I used to buy A LOT of clothes every week, because it was cheap and I was feeling down and this was how I cheered myself up. And I kinda became addicted to this "feel better for little price" thing and managed to collect a huge wardrobe full of things I didn't need.

I already said this before, but I have the urge say this again and again everytime I see posts of other bloggers or instagram people how they go shopping every week and buy 10000 t-shirts and new coats and 10kg of cosmetics. Seriously, guys ...ask yourself first - "Do I really need this?" And you will see how many things are just this "instant happiness for cheap price"stuff's hard, but true! There are other more creative and social (like friends) ways to fell better, trust me...

I've been trying to do this for more than a year and I still have problems to hold myself on the leash when I'm in big shopping centres and suddenly I see all this cool stuff I know from internet and it's SO DAMN CHEAP...but, then I think about sweatshops and ask myself this evil question and always walk away without it...I also have to confess that this process takes me about 15minutes of contemplating, 10 minutes in changing room (where I'm trying to convince myself that it doesn't look good on me) and another 5 minutes of walking around the shop with the piece of clothing in hand (because it looks great on me!) until I finally put it back and go away =D I know it sounds funny, but it's important to stop buying things we don't need... I plan to work on this a lot this year - DIY as many things as possible (clothing), instead of buying something - first look trough my stash if there isn't something similar already (yarn, art/crafting supplies) and the most important thing - visit shops as less as possible !

The last part was really hard when I was living in Prague, because there are shops EVERYWHERE at every underground station is shopping centre and huge shop windows are luring you inside. In Ingolstadt I was also walking trough the city centre almost every day - I stopped to take a look here and there and probably ended up with buying something. But now in Munich it's pretty cool ! The closest shop is a thrift store and anywhere else I have to go with bike or public transport, which is easy (but still workout) in spring/summer/autumn, but now in -9°C I really don't ride a bike and public transport is too expensive for just a window shopping trip =D 

The only store which I had on my way to post office and weekly grocery shopping is Takko. The shop which I disliked the most while living in Czech Republic, because I never liked their old-fashioned/grandma designs... until I found out that Takko actually has a certificate of ethically-made clothing O_O I couldn't believe my eyes, checked it many times, but it really is there on the website ! So...since then it's just Takko for all basic clothes... and occasional guilty pleasure shopping ♪

And now I finally got to the point of this post - THE FLUFFY SWEATER ♥
I wanted one like this for ages, but never wanted to buy it in evil H&M or online and suddenly here it was - on sale - in Takko ! It's pastel pink and it looks like something I don't need at all, but actually it's the best thing ever in this year's super-cold winter =D 
And it matches with my galaxy leggins perfectly ♥

scarf - knitted by me
leggins - BlackMilk Clothing
sweater - Takko

I hope you're not bored with my endless talk about ethical fashion. I know I can't express myself good enough in English, so everything sounds really flat and dull, but... y'know what I mean, right =D ? I'm not trying to push you into this thing, I just want people to think about it... because my inner hippie is crying over the damage we are doing to our planet and ourselves ... and I'm also sick of all the mass media and advertisements trying to tell us what to do, what to eat, and what to wear... 
just be yourself and try to not harm anyone in the process ;)

oh, and I want to thank you for sharing your discoveries on this topic with me here or on !
Like damn... Vagabond shoes are actually made in China and Cubus is probably not as ethical as I thought ?! I wouldn't know without you !

trust no one

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Jsem hrozně moc ráda, že se o etické módě zmiňuješ tak často. Jsi moje velká inspirace k tomu nakupovat jen etickou módu, i když občas je to vážně těžké. Nedávno jsem čekala na autobus, kde jinde než v nákupním centru, a při chození po HM a Orsay jsem si celou dobu opakovala - sweatshopy, sweatshopy, nekupuj si to :D Ale nakonec jsem si fakt nic nekoupila, wow. Takže doufám, že se mi tak bude dařit i nadále :D A jsem ráda za tip na Takko, mám to sice trochu z ruky, ale teď aspoň vím, kam chodit.

    1. Moc děkuju ♥ Je to hrozně těžkýýý, ale ten pocit vítězství když si nic nekoupíš je k nezaplacení =D
      To Takko je praktický, protože není moc drahý - sice ty jejich materiály ani designy nejsou nic moc - žádný bio bavlny, maximálně bambusový ponožky, ale aspoň to nevyrábí děti =)

  2. Your commitment to ethical fashion and your DIY attitude are some of the biggest reasons why I like your blog! It bothers me too when bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers do these huge hauls seemingly every week. It's fine to have nice things that make you happy, but society seems to be glorifying excess more and more. It's worrying. I'm glad there are still blogs like yours that take a different approach.

    1. Thank you so much ♥ I really don't want to be annoying, so I'm just trying to mention it here and there, but it's an important topic... I always feel sad seeing bloggers who have 100000+ followers which is a huge influence on people and they use it to promote free stuff from fast fashion producers -_- but on a good note - A LOT of them stopped and started to promote ethical and vintage fashion which is great ♥ My biggest inspiration is Annika Victoria / @littlepineneedle on instagram - she was the one who "opened my eyes" on this =)

  3. Love hearing bloggers write about ethical clothing! I am not the best at only buying ethical clothes, but I had a wake up call about how I have way too many clothes. I got pregnant and bought a few maternity clothes. Some thing I never even wore. It was a wake up call how we all need just a few shirts, pants, and such. Although you can easily donate clothes when you are done with them, some thrift stores get too many clothes and toss the crummy ones from H&M and other fast fashion places.