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Christmas 2016 // New Year's Resolutions

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today the Christmas holidays are over here in Germany and I'm back with a new post ♪
It can't be about anything else than Christmas and new year's resolutions !

Same as the last year, we stayed at home for Christmas and went to Prague for the New Year's Eve. These were our first Christmas in Munich, which made everything more fun ! There is SO MANY Christmas markets everywhere, that it's impossible to visit all of them =D We went to one in our district, which was small but cute and cozy. We were also at Marienplatz - which is the main Christmas market with tree and everything. I also visited twice winter Tollwood (which is the fairtrade/hippie festival, but in big tents instead of open air like it was in summer) and my favourite Christmas market ever - the medieval market near Odeonsplatz ♥ The combination of historical festivals and cozy Christmas atmosphere is just amazing ! The hot mead, mulled wine or Feuerzangenbowle (which is mulled wine with something stronger and set on fire) and also meals are all served in earthenware pots and plates. There are medieval bands performing every weekend and some people are even wearing costumes *o* I love this place !

Last year we decided to break the usual (Czech) Christmas habits and spent our Christmas day/eve in more relaxed way, with no complicated cooking and overeating. It was the best decision ever, so we decided to continue with it ...

We went for a lunch to nearby Bavarian restaurant and for dinner I fried a few pieces of breaded carp and the rest of the dinner consisted of some fish delicatesses (?) from NordSee =D (I also bought full plate of gluten-free Christmas cookies, because I'm too lazy to bake)

This year I dressed up in my new Hufflepuff dress which I ordered from Black Milk when they restocked they're amazing Harry Potter collection ♪

Some Christmas Eve moments...

And gifts, of course *o*

Honza in his new super-cool PlazmaLab hoodie ♥

And my pile of gifts !
new Darkher LP, The Case of Beasts book, book about sketching from German illustrator, Marilyn Manson dress with clip-on garters ♥♥♥, Picture of Dorian Grey book, onesie, pajama, underwear collection =D, body lotion from Rituals, infinity shawl from American Apparel, and whoohoo power bank for my phone (more Pokémon playing !)

The week between Christmas and New Year's Eve was busy with family visits, but it's always a good time to look back at the previous year and set some new goals for the upcoming one.
Since I have quite a bad memory, I'm writting everything down - new year's resolutions are no exception.

Here is my planner - on the left are goals set for 2016, I highlighted the ones I managed to do - and on the right is a list of important events of the year... it was a big one, I dare to say !

As you can see I failed at driving a car (I'm scared !!!), reading (10 books vs. 21 knitting projects tells why) and sketchbook-ing (I need to practice more)

And here is (quite smaller) list of goals for 2017
...I also have to-read list, to-knit list, to-do bussiness list and wishlist, but I won't bother you with these =D (...did you notice that I really like making lists?) 

I hope you had calm and peaceful holidays and I wish you all the best in the new year !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

5 komentářů:

  1. Lists makes me feel depressed, but now I have a list about "January tasks" glued on the wall with a big sign saying "DON'T PANIC" (and then all the tasks..)
    For me its just... "be better then you was at 2016" and it includes so many things that I know I can't make it, hehe :D
    Anyway have a great new year, a year of fire rooster :)

    1. For me it´s important to set mostly goals which I know I can acomplish, otherwise I get stressed and unmotivated =D
      Thank youuu ! ♥

  2. Jé! Plant Nanny! To je strašně cute, ale vzhledem ke své práci nemám čas kontrolovat telefon a i když jsem pila, tak moje kytky umíraly. A mě bolelo se na to dívat, tak jsem tu aplikaci odinstalovala :D
    A Mrtvému nože netřeba určitě přečti :) Je to skvělá kniha, jako všechny ostatní sbírky cizích pohádek od Arga. :)

    1. Za Mrtvému nože netřeba se taky přimlouvám, je to opravdu výborná knížka (i když si nejsem moc jistá, jestli bych tomu říkala pohádky;)). Ale já už jsem spoustu let dost fascinována Islanden (a Skandinávii obecně), takže asi nejsem úplně objektivní :D

    2. Děkuji za doporučení =) ♪ Já si tu knížku koupila už snad před více než rokem, tak snad se k ní teď už konečně co nejdřív dostanu (pomalu plánujeme dovolenou na Islandu, tak by to bylo k věci =D)