čtvrtek 12. ledna 2017

Elven "Big Jim" Shawl

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you the third and final project from the busy November, which was full of knit alongs and finished shawls ♪

This one is my absolute favourite !
It's the first one of my planned serie of elven shawls ♥
I planned to give it some lovely elven name, but I... eh... didn't come up with any... this pattern reminds me of some gypsy-like elves, wandering from place to place...like dalish or elves from Witcher (...I think - I haven't read the books, yet I know I'm terribly behind ) ...but still - no ispiration for the name =D

The original name of the pattern is far from elves - it's called "Big Jim" and it was designed by Justyna Lorkowska to have more western-like look (western like cowboys and indians).
I fell in love with the design immediately and I was also instantly sure that it will be green/natural, big, warm and cozy ! That's why I asked Han to handspin the yarn for me from some natural raw-looking materials ♥

The result looks exactly as I imagined it and it's the coziest winter shawl I have !
It can be also worn as poncho with the shawl pin ♪ The fringe is such a beautiful element, I think I need more shawls with fringe ... !

At the end of Autumn we took some elf photos at our favourite spot in English garden ♥

As I said 100 times already, this shawl was part of the "Cozy for Winter KAL" organized by Justyna Lorkowska and believe it or not I WON THE INSTAGRAM PRIZE ! *o* whaaa
The prize was a beautiful skein of hand-dyed yarn from Martin's Lab in "Caterpillar", pair of the cutest scissors and a bunch of stitch markers ♥

Right now I'm working on three projects at once (again) - two pullovers and one shawl ♪
I hope it won't get warm before they're finished =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Uaaaa jaktože mě tenhle článek minul! x(
    Je to nádhernost. Fakt moc. A všechny ty fotky jsou skvělý! :) to je zatím jediná barevnost která se mi na Big Jimovi hooodně líbí! Skvěle jsi to vymyslela :)