středa 21. prosince 2016

Christmas Lolita Meet-Up 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of December I traditionally attendended Christmas lolita meet-up.
Same as the last year - I went to Nürnberg ♥

We travelled by train with Rommily, which was super-cute because we were both knitting the whole time =D On our way there the train was quite crowded, but on the way back we chose special "Advent-Train" - which was a completely new model, almost empty, with good light and we also got a chocolate st.Nicolas from the staff =D cute !

The meet-up itself was in the same restaurant as last year, we took photos outside at the castle, then had some delicious lunch, tea and talked A LOT. I was sooo happy to see everyone again, because I haven't been to meet-up in Nürnberg ever since we moved to Munich =(
I missed everyone so much !

I also realized how much I missed Nürnberg itself ♥ It's a BEAUTIFUL town and in Christmas time twice as pretty than usual !

Since we had to travel quite a lot I decided to wear otome-kei instead of petticoat ♪
So I finally had a chance to wear this cute dress which I found in Pick´n´Weight again  . It has some nice Christmas-themed colours, so it was a perfect outfit for the day ♪

The dress is from Japanese brand, which I am unfortunatelly not able to read it ha ha

I wanted to look like Wednesday Addams, but Honza told me that I should probably take umbrella with me, because I look like Mary Poppins ...and then the embarrasing truth was revealed, that I've never seen the movie and Honza got it right away and now I'm obliged to watch it on Christmas =D

dress - Pick'n'Weight
necklace - Brett Manning
shoes - Demonia

So...this is it - the last post of 2016 !
What a year ! So many things happened good and bad.
I fulfilled a lot of goals from my personal list and now I'm slowly setting up a new one for 2017 ♪
For now my goals are to learn how to do digital art, draw a lot and work on my skills, learn how to do proper lettering, read a lot (same as every year), save more money, buy less clothes (imposibru), try a lot of new things, start learning Spanish, travel a lot, etc. ... =D
 I signed up for pole dance class and I have three(?) tattoo apointments for 2017 - so there is something new planned already ♥

What are your goals or plans for 2017 ?
Something you want to learn? Stop doing? Books you want to read?

Have a beautiful holidays, stay safe, party hard and thank you for following this blog ! ♥

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  1. The dress suits you perfectly, and I love your makeup! Have a lovely holiday ^^

  2. Adorable look! I like vintage style combined with lolita :)