čtvrtek 1. prosince 2016

Autumn Walk in Englischer Garten

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Who doesn't like autumn sunny walks through park, colourful leaves, getting dressed in all kinds of layers of knitwear and shawls which were waiting for you the whole summer ? ♪
I make sure not to miss this kind of walk every year. I always wear something nice and take a lot of photos =D

I did the same on one nice October Sunday ♥
We decided to finally explore Englisher Garten bit more and had a lunch at one of the Bavarian restaurants there. The Hirschau is right in the middle of the huge garden and it was all decorated in autumn colours *o*
After a delicious lunch we went for a walk and took some super-nice photos among the old trees there.

Of course I had to wear mori for such an occassion - I missed wearing mori-kei layers all summer !

I found this cute dress at Pick'n'Weight (again) and I think it will be great for some hama-kei outfit, but I still dodn't make any matching sea-themed accessories from shells and pebbles...so for now I wear it with classical mori-kei =)

We were lucky to catch some last rays of sunshine and took a few beautiful photos ♪
(you probably noticed that I was so happy about them, that one of them made it to new headder of this blog =D)

...and some autumn nature ♥

I already miss autumn by looking at these photos ♥
Now all leaves are gone, everything is grey and it's getting dark soon -_-
Hopefully the winter won't be long ...

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Amazing! I love autumn so much... I really like your scarf too :D