pátek 25. listopadu 2016

Stijl Markt

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of October there was a Stijl Markt in Munich - which is a fashion market of young designers of clothing, accessories and also a few illustrators ♪

You probably noticed that I love going to these events, because there is always a lot of inspiration, ideas and - for me most importantly - motivation to not give up on what I'm trying to acomplish in my life =)

The Stijl Mark happened on the Praterinsel again - which is the same place where we were for the Stroke art fair, and I really like this place. It's nice and clean, but at the same time old and rusty...

I was expecting shops like I usually saw at the same events in Prague - handmade accessories with original design, few clothes, stuff with funny quotes printed on it, etc. ...and I was a bit dissapointed, because a lot of shops there were just selling mass produced clothing with "original" prints (which were from 30% stolen ideas from Etsy), geometric jewellery and sometimes... something cool, but EVERYTHING was super-expensive ! As a seller myself I know the price of materials and the amount of work put in the product, but these prices were just too much - not all - but some of the shops were just making money out of the word "young independent design" while their stuff wasn't even ethically made nor organic or anything which would justify the high price... the problem was that I noticed too late, that there wasn't any rule saying that products sold on this market HAS TO be handmade and ethical... like it's quite common on most fashion/design markets =/ what a shame !

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the afternoon and I managed to find some cool shops and Honza bought me a pair of beautiful earrings from a girl who was there with her ethno shop =) There's a funny story connected this shop - I was looking at all these cute things at her table and Honza was waiting with Satan behind me and suddenly the qirl came to me and whispered: "Are these two here with you?" And I said yes and she: "That's SO CUTE they look SO ALIKE ! They even have the same expression on their faces ! aww ♥ "
ha ha =D she was totally right - and not the first one who told Honza that they look same with Satan !
(I always wanted to be that dog owner who looks like their dog and in the end it's Honza... fuu -_- but for that I guess I need to get Irish Setter or Komondor...=D )

(the earrings design reminds me of Kirkwall symbol *o*...or maybe I'm just playing too much DA)

Fashion markets are not only a place full of cool stuff to buy, but also an opportunity to wear something more "fancy" than usual ♥
As a designer myself (hu he hue he...ha ha) I decided to wear my latest creation - Elastic "Hunter" Harness, together with this damn sexy pretty knitted dress I got from dear Striga :3
I think it's a perfect match !

My dream come true and after all these years I finally have my own pair of New Rock shoes T_T
I exchanged them with Striga for my knitting =D can't wait to start working on the cardigan for her ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. love the look love the pin ad please do-Paul

  2. i would so love to netflix and chill -Paul