úterý 22. listopadu 2016

Spark of Rainbow

Hi, my dear readers ♥

In October I finally finished and took photos of a knitting project which was on my needles since May !
I don't know why it took me so long - not sure if the pattern was so time-consuming, or I was so lazy and instead of working on it I started and finished many side projects <_<

I remember that I started knitting it while watching Eurovision song contest, ready for annoying commercials and surprisingly there were none, so I haven't done much work that night =D

The main reason why I started something so crazy colorful, was the release of Malabrigo Anniversario - special colorway released on ...yeah, I don't know how many years...anniversary of Malabrigo company =D ha ha (I tried to search it, but I couldn't find it anywhere)
It's such an amazing combination of pink, blue, yellow, green ... EVERYTHING !
I had to buy one skein and decided to combine it with mustard yellow (Malabrigo Ochre) to create color combination which would remind me of colorful Indian saris ♥

I chose a pattern called "Spark of Grey" from amazing German designer Melanie Berg ♪
At the beginning of June (?) she had a lecture in Die Mercerie - yarn shop in Munich - and unfortunatelly I was in Prague on that weekend -_- I'm still sad that I couldn't attend, hopefully she will come back soon ! I'm a big admirer of her work - not only her designs look so perfectly original and she's releasing new ones very often, but she also gives great part of money from sold patterns to charity ♥

I planned to wear this shawl with my yellow summer dress, but I didn't think it through, because when the weather is warm enought to wear summer dress, it's definitelly too warm for a knitted shawl... and when it's finally knitwear weather - the dress is too light =D

So my plan to take photos with yellow dress was cancelled and instead I wore my favourite bell-bottoms and created autumn hippie outfit !

oh, and I made this Frida brooch a while ago from button which I bought in Prague ♪
I think it goes quite well with this shawl ♥

every stitch has different colour *o*

In the past month I managed to finish quite a lot of projects, so get ready for more knitting posts !

Also I'm so happy to see how many people around me started with knitting (mostly because of me ha ha) and how they're getting better and slowly growing yarn addiction MU HA HA =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

2 komentáře:

  1. Ta barevná kombinace je nádherná. A pletení je fakt závislost. A přesně jak říká ten poslední obrázek mou vášní se momentálně stalo sbírání nejrůznějších přízí a to jsem teprve začala.^^

  2. yay!!!!
    loving the warm shades ^ - ^ <3
    hehe can't wait to see more and more knitting posts from you :D I really want to start knitting too :D