středa 16. listopadu 2016

October Lolita Visit

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I don't even know how many months passed since the last time I wear lolita ...
It's been soooo long !
And I missed it greatly, same as I miss going to meet-ups of Nürnberg comunity T_T
But in October I finally managed both !
We had a nice visit of lolitas from Nürnberg and I was so happy about our reunion that I even dressed up in SWEET LOLITA - which happens like - never =D
It was fun, because everyone was dressed in black / grey so I felt like rainbow unicorn ♪

We planned to do a little walk and take photos in Englisher Garten, but it was raining the whole day so we spent the afternoon in my favourite veggie bistro Orange Box and then moved to the cute tea house Friesische Teestube ♥

It was SO GOOD to meet with lolitas again and talk about clothes and gossips around the lolita fashion community =D
Hopefully we will meet soon again at Christmas meet-up *o*

cardigan - BTSSB
dress - Bodyline (bought "third-hand")
blouse - Metamorphose
RHS - Bodyline
pearl headband - DM
forever budget lolita

 I bought these super-cute buttons in London ♥
I chose the one with tofu, because I'm huge tofu-addict, and the one with teeth, because I had a big trouble with teeth in summer and had to spent a lot hours on dentist's chair, so...this will remind me to take proper care of my poor teeth =D

oh, and look at my bracelet !
It's Han's amazing invention - handspun art yarn made into a bracelet *o*

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. That's a really lovely bracelet! And of course you look super cute, I love the buttons!

  2. Tyjo ten náramek se k tomu fakt dobře hodí! :) Ale myslím, že budu muset vymyslet nějaký víc mori, abys ho mohla nosit častěji! :)

    1. jooo prosím *o* A klidně by na něm mohli být nějaký přívěšky !