pátek 7. října 2016

Don't talk to me, I'm counting !

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Autumn is all about knitting and drawing for me ! Why? Because there's Inktober going on the whole October and also A LOT of autumn-themed knit alongs for October/November *o*

I will have to re-organize my days, so I will be able to do more !

Here's my to-do list for October/November

                                               • Inktober (one picture at least every other day)
                                               • autumn KAL with Vlněné Sestry - "Meadow Grass" shawl
                                               • Westknits mystery shawl KAL - "Building Blocks" shawl
                                               • Cozy for Winter KAL - "Big Jim" shawl
                                               • read a lot
                                               • work on harnesses for my shop
                                               • work on some new art stuff for my art shop
                                               • start working out again
                                               • try not to cripple myself while learning on logboard
                                               • play Dragon Age Inquisition at night

... phew =D That's quite a lot to be done !
If you would like to see some photos of my progress through this list, I suggest following me on Instagram ♪ This social network is currently my favourite - together with tumblr, of course♥ 

Why am I even talking about this? Because the outfit I want to show you today matches perfectly with my current situation =D

I dressed up like this for meet with my friends Mina and Rommily (I'm so genuinely happy to have such a good friends in Munich ♥ !). We went for tea and chat in Friesische Teestube not far from the city centre - the place is so nice *o*
I don't miss many things about Czech Republic, but still there are some - like my friends and tea rooms... preferably both at once ! I reaaaally miss long hours spent in tea rooms talking about nothing, sipping delicious tea, drawing and lying on dirty cushions surrounded by the Shisha smoke ♪ 
...but that's something that you can't find here... or at least I didn't... the closest atmosphere to my tea room teenagehood has this Friesische Teestube ♥ I'm happy that girls like it too, so we can go there more often or maybe even organize a lolita meet-up here =)

Anyway here's my crazy knitting lady outfit of the day !

headband, earrings - DIY
t-shirt - BoooTees on Etsy
skirt - thrift store

What are your plans for upcoming months ?
Do you have any Christmas gifts already ? (I need to start ordering like NOW)
Do you participate in Inktober or some KAL ? Tell me, tell me =) 
(btw. you can also write comments on my FB Kaninchenherz page ! To be honest, I'm faster there with answers <_<)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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