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London 2016 (tourist part)

Hi, my dear readers ♥

So, this is it my PICTURE HEAVY post about London which I will have to divide in two parts - tourist part and potterhead part =D I have SO MANY photos from the WB Studios that it would make one unending post full of HP costumes which are not interesting for everyone...

Where to start... probably when I was 6-years-old and had my first English class - I instantly fell in love with the language (and after all these year I still can't use it properly, I know) and with it everything related to England. There were times when I was really crazy about England, I was collecting all kinds of embarrasing England-themed stuff and loved watching English movies and series on TV (there was no internet back then).

Every year there was this exchange trip to London with English class, but I never went there because it was too expensive and also I was really anxious about living with some family I never met before. Also I wasn't really a fan of travelling all these long hours by bus and super-scared about flying.


A big boogeyman of my life which I finally smashed in the face thanks to this trip !
Can you believe that I was planning holidays mostly according to how far it is with a car, because I was too scared of airports and flying? Now I see how ridiculous it was... I was super-scared about the flight, but in the end it was pff... fine ! And now? whoa all these places I can visit !!! It's like I've got rid of something which was holding me back all these years and now I'm totally free *o* I'm so happy that I overcame my fear of flying at age of 28 and not 68 or something like that =D ha ha

So we took a plane... to London - my dream destination ever since I started learning English ♥
And I was there for a whole week, saw everything I wanted, visited all Harry Potter-related places, did some shopping in Camden Town and many many many more ... ! The only thing which we didn't manage was to have fish&chips ... fuuu ! Maybe next time =D (because we're coming back for sure)

And here are some photos from our trip ♪

We stayed at beautiful airbn apartment in Wapping ♥ just 5 minutes of walk to Tower Bridge

Barbican was on our must-visit list for a long time !
Honza took like 100000 photos there, but I won't bother you with concrete brutalist buildings from all angles, I promise ! The place was so calm and peacefull ♥ my favourite spot in London, for sure 

yes, there is a little botanical garden for residents
(also theatre, library, café, gardens, kindergarten, ...everything !)

Baker street n. 221B was...... a bit dissapointing
The street is quite busy, ugly and there is a huge crowd of tourists waiting to get a photo with a poor guy in uniform who probably has the worst job in London =D I just took this photo and we continued...

... right in the next house, because there was a The Beatles store *o*
I bought there a pair of socks =D

The only yarn shop I visited was "I Knit London" near Waterloo train station ♥ it was a lovely "club, shop and sanctuary for knitters" with a lot of English yarn brands I don't know and cute two dogs who were sleeping on sofa and waited for cuddles :3 (we couldn't take Satan with us, so I was happy for every oportunity to touch a dog)

almost Knockturn Alley

tiny house ! 

Camden was weird at first, but then totally amazing ♥
There is a lot of tourist-shit/fake brands/replicas stores at the main street, but when we got in the stables we found some really amazing shops with alternative ethical fashion, weird shoes and much more *o*

I bought this dress at Psylo and refused to take it off, so I just packed my clothes in the shopping bag and spent the rest of the day wearing this ♥ it's so nice and comfortable !

Honza bought this trippy bag for parties =) the print is UV-reactive, of course !

Cyberdog was SO COOL !

Nothing Hill ♪
Yes, this is the street from the movie and we even saw the famous blue door, which is no longer blue, but still ...! *fangirl moment*

On Thursday we had a reservation for 1 hour at Sky Garden café ♥ What a view !

Sky Garden from below *_*

Great fire of London in 1666 !!!

THE FAMOUS FOUNTAIN  at Tate Modern *art fangirl moment*

Buckingham Palace
(we just passed it by and then had a picknic in park =D)

Piccadilly Circus
I just HAD TO sit there on the fountain for a while and feel the busy London moving around =)

Little Venice is such a magical place !
We had amazing weather, it was warm and sunny, there were groups of painters creating beautiful pictures in their sketchbooks and everything was so nice and calm ♥

(also there is a design studio where Honza could work... so possible neigborhood one day... maybe ? please?)


... and peculiar Greenwich chestnuts

I already miss London SO MUCH💔 
Seriously... I even started listening to British radio to feel conected and hear the British accent here in Germany =D
I hope we will see each other soon, London ♥

(next - Potterhead tourist post - get ready for a lot of fangirl moments and capslock)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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