úterý 4. října 2016

DIY Dragon Skirt

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you another one of my upcycling creations !
Don't worry, no more tie dyed bedsheets =D This time I upcycled an old kitschy fantasy t-shirt of my husband !

I had this t-shirt in my stash for quite some time without any plan on my mind... until one day I run out of black thread which I'm using for making harnesses, but I was still in mood for some sewing so I dived into my materials and found it again... and suddenly idea appeared - what if I make a pencil skirt out of it ? Yeah, I know, I have some really weird sense of thinking...

Inspired by Annika's videos and her advices I decided to find as many tutorials as possible and don't make it in my usual (random) way. I wanted the skirt to look really good and as much professional as possible !

I ended up using these two

Here are some process photos ♪

 I didn't manage to persuade my printer to make the pattern in real size, so I was just...trying to re-draw it on the fabric in bigger size <_<
(If you're going to do this, please  print it in the real size - you save a lot of time and nerves)

 This is such a cool way to do an elastic waistband ! I can't wait to use it again *o*

 It looks so clean !

Tadaaah ♪

I couldn't believe how amazing the skirt is !
It fits PERFECTLY and you know - DRAGONS ♥
Same as ravens there are dragons re-appearing everywhere in my life... it's even my Chinese horoscope sign... the only thing with dragons missing in my life is a tattoo... I need to work on this one !

 Daenerys would be proud♥

I wore my new dragon skirt for a walk around Munich with Honza and Satan. We discovored some new places, had a gluten-free pizza, Honza took a lot of b&w photos and I caught A LOT of Pokémons by the river =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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