pátek 9. září 2016

Kaltenberg 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Same as every July in the past 3 years, we went to Kaltenberger Ritterturnier again ♪
This time we were not even alone ! My sister-in-law and her boyfriend visited us for a few days and the highlight of their stay was the night tournament at Kaltenberg ♥

This time the atmosphere was a bit different, since it was raining for a while, but most importantly at the time when we were there a shooting in Munich happened - just a few minutes from our home. So I spent a lot of time with a phone in my hand, answering questions if we're all alive and watching news to know if we would be able to come home, since the murderer was on the run for a while and our whole neigbourhood was closed and it was forbidden to go out... situation I don't want to  experience again, if you asked me...

Anyway, after a few drinks we got ourselves together and were ready for the tournament.
I didn't take any photos, since it was at night, but it was pretty cool, with fire show and big battles ! And also the end of the story was decided according to audience - we were cheering for the bad guy more and it wasn't a happy ending o_o I was a bit sad about it, to be honest ...

My companions !
guess who I was romancing 

I seriously need a magical staff 

 ... and this Samwise-Gamgee-like sleeping blanket holder


As I promised last year while buying this dress for our wedding, I recycled it and used for a fantasy outfit ♥
I can't be more happy about the result =D I totally felt like a mage and I was ready to slay some darkspawn at any moment ! (yes, I started playing Dragon Age and I love it) 
Thanks to the white dress I stood out more than usual, which escalated in almost getting arrested by an inquisitor and sent to trial, but luckily I talked myself out of this trouble high persuation skill  and could continue in strolling around the village.
Also a guy at the mead bar fell in love with me and I had to promise him that I will always buy mead ONLY from him and so I got bigger glasses and got a bit drunk... as always =D ha ha 

dress - ZhenNymph
earrings - WolfTea
necklace - Samsara
bolero - knitted by me
everything else - treasures from my travels

So appart from the unpleasant feeling of being at the right time in the right place (we were at the Olympia Einkaufszentrum underground station just a few hours before the incident happened)... we had a lot of fun, delicious food and good drinks.
I also danced a lot while Furunkulus played... again with some strangers, because Honza isn't really into medieval bands <_<Luckily I always smile at someone and manage to find myself a dancing partner =D
(dancing is not exactly the right word, more like running in circles and jumping around)

This year we bought some really nice things ♥
At my favourite Al Mischas I added some lovely incenses into my growing collection and also finally bought the feather fan for rituals... IT'S MADE FROM THE REAL RAVEN FEATHERS !!! 
At our dear friend's shop DIE RITTER I found this super-amazing Targaryen necklace *o* Daenerys is my favourite character from both books and series, so I just had to !
And the last fungi thing is not only a necklace as it may look like, but it's also a smoking pipe ! What a clever mechanism =D We don't have any tobacco yet (we're not even smokers), BUT we will buy some soon for sure ! smoking is bad, I know, but this has some strong hobbit feels

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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