čtvrtek 15. září 2016

Berlin 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of August we spontaneously decided to go to Berlin for three days ♪
We planned to visit it this year, but didn't have any exact time on our minds... then a nice free weekend with holiday on Monday appeared and we acted quickly =D
Since we started organizing our trip on Thursday, we didn't find any good airbnb flat, but instead we were lucky to book a nice room at hotel near Charlottenburg (same as the last time we didn't have time to visit it even though we stayed just a few minutes away <_<)

I had some places on my mind which I wanted to visit, but mostly we just wanted to stroll around the big city, look in some yarn stores (me) and take a lot of black&white picture of weird buildings (Honza)

We managed to do all of this and a lot more !

Here are some photos from our adventure ♥

 of course our first stop was a yarn store !
KNIT KNIT love wool is a nice shop with interresting yarn brands and some original merchandise like project bags and tote bags =) 
I bought three skeins of Norwegian Alpaca and the small project bag ♥
I plan to start knitting "memory" shawls from yarns I bough on my travels ♪

 we had the most delicious ginger/orange ice cream ♥

 slightly abandoned Kunsthaus Tacheles

 We accidentaly joined Hemp Pride on Saturday =D
they played some really good music, unfortunatelly we had Satan with us and he wasn't very happy about the noise ...

creepy empty housing complex at Alexander Platz
(there were headquarters of these secret agents something in second Bourne movie !)

waiting for my train to Hogwarts at Savignyplatz S-Bahn station
(I bought the Deathly Hallows t-shirt in Elbenwald the previous day ♥)

This is where fairs are in Berlin, I have no idea how is the right English word for it... Messe Berlin
Anyway, it looks like a spaceship !

 one of the places on my must-visit place !
Messedamm underpass where HUNGER GAMES MOCKINGJAY PT.2 was shot *o*

never-finished and abandoned Tempelhof airport
now it serves as refugee camp
also Hunger Games Mockingjay pt. 2 filming location ♥

was totally amazing !
Great atmosphere, nice street art everywhere and a lot of alternative people ♥

 Disco box !
For 3euro (I think) you can enjoy a few minutes of true disco fever inside, with mirror ball, lights and everything ♪ It's made from an old phone box and the record of biggest (and probably the tightest) party is 7 people inside =D 

 We got photos in the oldschool photo boot !


kiss, kiss, fall appart ♪ 

On the last day we visited Potsdam and spent almost the whole day in Sanssouci park ♥

 the cutest greenhouse full of beautiful plants *o*

 best faces ever
(actually it was quite opposite than it looks - Honza loved the greenhouse, while Satan was annoyed and bored like little kid)

 look at the fishing net *o* so beautiful !

 Yarn store in Postdam 
Quite normal, full of German yarn, nothing special =D
(but, right next to tea room!)

 The Dutch Quarter was really interresting *o*
169 red brick buildings in Dutch style

We were in Berlin for the second time, but we still don't have enough of it ! We need to do some more exploring, so we're definitelly coming back soon *o*

Now I'm getting ready for another adventure - London is calling !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

3 komentáře:

  1. Jé... Tak jsem se asi po dvou letech blogové stagnace rozhodla pročíst blogy, které jsem tak ráda četla kdysi a úplně mi to udělalo radost :) Skvělé, že pořád píšeš a že s takovou vášní pleteš a šiješ a tvoříš a dokumentuješ svoje cesty. Já se do berlína chystám už hrozně dlouho - město undergroundu, skvělé hudby a klubů, místo, kde se zrodilo elektro. Slyšela jsem, že tam je i nějakej podivnej klub pro gaye, kde je prostě jenom totální tma a dějou se tam po tmě fakt divný věci.
    Měj se krásně a dělej dál co tě baví :)

  2. So you've been to Potsdam and missed to visit the part in town called Nova-Ves where the Bohemian settlers lived and you have streets like "Garnstraße" where only yarn and fabric Shops are.... tsss ;)

    1. More reasons to come back as soon as possible ! =D I had no idea there is something like that x_x thank you for telling me !