pondělí 1. srpna 2016

Release Me

Hi, my dear readers ♥

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2016 was to start doing something serious with my art.
Draw a lot, learn new techniques, finish some sketchbooks, take commissions, open shop, make a portfolio, be able to call myself illustrator ... because after all these years of wondering about what do I want to do with my life and what is the thing I'm the most passionate about and I would never get tired of so it could be my full-time job, I came to a conclusion that THE THING is ...art.

Yep, I'm that crazy person who decided to be an artist.
Illustrator, to be more specific.

I was drawing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand and producing tons of scribbles on everything at home. I always admired people who were studying art schools, they all looked so cool and free and amazing and I wanted to be one of them... but I never really made it to an art school... ha ha... I was too lazy to make 100000 works for etrance exams and was told by my parents that I'm hopeless and if I ever wanted to be an artist now that dream is gone, because I'm lazy-ass and without a school I could never be a professional... and so I gave up
Just like that.

I got back to drawing when I discovered manga, but got this "envy syndrom" after a few years, proclaimed myself to be even more hopless and gave up again...

Then the big change came, I moved to Germany and was alone most of the days at half-empty apartment in country I didn't know, full of people I didn't understand. So I went to grocery store, bought a cheap sketchbook and begun drawing out of boredom... 

In these days I started following Striga on FB. She was getting better and better with every picture and suddenly people starting to ask her to buy her pictures, she had small exhibitions in cafés, people had tattoo designs done by her - I bought one as well - and suddenly I realized that it is possible. You don't have to have the best art school ever to be an artist. You just need to work hard.
And so I did.
I do.

I managed to overcome my envy, I'm drawing daily, I'm sketching a lot, I do art challenges, I'm experimenting, I'm bying a lot of new art supplies, I visited art class, I'm admiring other artists instead of being envious of their skills, I get inspired by their works, talk with them, ask them about things, support them. Because that's what I wish for as an artist. I found out that appart from working hard every day on your skills, you also have to be part of the "community". Not because of fame, or number of likes. I don't really care about how many followers I have, I'm just happy to see that someone likes what I do and it motivates me to work even more =)

I'm still working on it, I'm not even halfway there, but at least I'm finally sure about what I want to do ! 

I wrote this big text mostly for people who are struggling with something similar and hope that it maybe help at least a bit =) if not,I would recommend to watch Fran's YouTube chanel, because there is the big motivation you need - trust me ♥

For a while one of my dreams was to open a shop with my art. Originals, prints, postcard, clothing, bags, or other cute stuff with my own designs.
I was super-scared about it and it was Striga who did the final push and conviced me to do it...
so I did... ha ha... here's my own art shop on Etsy ! whoa *o*

I also have a Society6 and REDBUBBLE, because why not !

And REDBUBBLE is what are today's outfit photos about ♪
I ordered some of my stuff to check the quality and here is the first one of them - contrast top with a print of my picture "Release Me" ♥

Also, can you tell that I adore my new summer sandals ?? =D

And long time no song, so here's the one which inspired me to draw this picture ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. dreamy!


  2. Držím pěsti s kreslením. Taky se teď snažím se vzpamatovat a kreslit,co nejvíc. A to tílko vypadá super.

  3. Satan really stands true to his name with that look on his face.
    Oh it's so weird that I went through this I can do this and it's the only thing that really makes sense to me moment right before the exam season at school, during which I didn't have time for anything (and still managed to squeeze in a couple of facepaints... usually by not going to sleep... on the nights before tests... good choices) and then left for America and now I don't really have the means to do anything else then drafts and sketches and it takes a lot to keep that fire burning for so long without actually having anything to feed it on. I still have two months until I go back to Prague. And then hold and behold because I will work my ass off.

    1. I'm sure you're going to create something amazing, because you are a really good artist !

  4. Practice practice practice! It is funny seeing people's art evolve, because sometimes we forget that we still get better even if we don't have someone "teaching" you. My friend Alexa is trying to make money in illustration and actually have gotten better once she stopped taking grunt jobs in coloring comic books, and started to focus on her drawing.

    I've been following your blog for maybe a year now, and I've noticed an improvement in your drawing. Art school can be great for improving your technique, but sometimes you can get better just by observing things yourself. Keep on drawing, your really great at it and you have a really unique style.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I don't want to work in an office for the rest of my life. I know it will kill my soul. I envy the others doing their own thing, just like you did. Your post really makes me think I can do something different!

    1. I tried to apply for usual jobs many times, but it I always failed, so I think this is the only solution for me =D I couldn't even get a job in shopping centre >_< !

      You can always change your life, all it takes is just a huge portion of courage ! Which is the hardest thing to find, I know ...

  6. Still not sure if I want this to be my future but I'm going back to school this month after four years and it's an art school!!! I'm excited and scared as well. It's been years since I drew on a regular basis and I can't find the motivation to start because I'm not feeling it :( It makes me quite sad not to find what I want to do with my life.

    You've improved so much though! Where dou you find your inspirations?
    Because that the thing I lack.. and I guess it's why I'm scared to just start and scared of failing in school.

    1. Good luck with the school ! I'm sure it will be fine =) Other people will motivate you and you will get back into daily drawing in no time ♪

      hmm... I mostly get inspired by music...I have a loooong list of albums on Spotify of all kinds of music... then nature ! Walks in nature and making little sketches of plants inspires me for new pictures for sure =) And then things I love, like tea or fashion... I have a pinboard on Pinterest where I'm saving interesting pictures and when I have no idea what to draw I look through them and always find something inspirational =)