pátek 5. srpna 2016

June Meet-up

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of June we did a little meet-up with my friends do celebrate Vanilla's birthday ♪
First we planned to wear lolita fashion, but in the end it was too hot and humid for petticoats, so we dressed up more lightly =)

The plan was to go together to Pick'n'Weight, visit Japanese supermarket and then to our new favourite asian restaurant Ni House ♥ (food there is just amazing and the staff already remembers us, because we go there together everytime we meet and also sepparately with our boyfriends and husbands =D ha ha)

Inside Pick'n'Weight was incredibly warm, but still I managed to find two great things !
The blue/ivory dress will be perfect for hama-girl outfits and the one on right is great for summer mori or anything else - I just love the balloon shape it has !

In the Japanese supermarket was even warmer, but that didn't stop us from buying A LOT of stuff =D
I got a gluten-free miso soup, tea-flavoured bonbons, lychee gummy "bears", rice paper, lychee lemonade for Honza and a delicious ice-tea for myself ♥

Even though it was too hot for lolita, I still wanted to wear something cute ♪
I found this amazing dress/jsk in thrift store just a few days after we moved in Munich, but it was cold since then and I couldn't wear it until now...
I combined it with my super-old blouse from Prague and the cutest toadstool brooch from Czech Fler shop Amélka

(it has pockets !)

I hope you're all enjoying summer ♪
It's been raining the whole day here in Munich and the temperature sinked to 13°C from yesterday's 27°C x_x 
Summer, please come back !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

2 komentáře:

  1. Those dresses look beautiful! Nice find :)
    That toadstool brooch looks incredibly cute! ^^ All your outfit looks really good and with those glases it's super cool! :D
    V Česku je taky strašná zima a prší :/ Doufám, že se do konce prázdnin ještě na chvíli oteplí :)

  2. I like your outfit! Especially the grey vest on top of the grey dress. While the outfit is light, it still suggests the beginning of autumn and school. :)