středa 27. července 2016

Burton Vestigan

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A while ago I discovered this amazing pattern by Ela Torrente and I was sure, that I will knit it one day - for me or for my husband ♪
I was just contemplating about what yarn to use when Lanade came up with a sale on Malabrigo Chunky, which is exactly the same yarn used for the original version of this design.

...and then begun the worst part - what colour to chose ??!
I love the dark-green version of the original, but I already have a green vest... grey or black is too sad... a few minutes I was sure about violet... and then... dark blue happened !

So I ordered it right away and started knitting as soon as I picked up the package. The main plan with buttons was to buy them in Amsterdam - and I did ! I found these big cuties at Stephen & Penelope and now they remind me of their amazing shop everytime I wear the vest ♥

I started the project in the middle of May and thought that I will probably have the chance to wear it at the end of September, because it was already getting warm... oh, how mistaken I was !
It was 13°C for more than two weeks, so I was wearing the vest every morning for dog walks =D
With two pockets and a nice big comfy collar it's perfect for cold mornings ♥

Even though it looks quite complicated at first sight, it was really relaxing, easy knit. I haven't been knitting with such a thick yarn for ages and it grows so fast in comparison with my usual fingering weight yarns =D  

...oh and I finally learned how to make pockets !

Gorjuss bag - Santoro
galaxy skirt - ages ago in H&M
shoes - Vagabond

I didn't have a chance to take some nice photos outside, because it was raining all the time. So I took these photos before we went to take a look in a huge art supplies shop Boesner which recently opened in Munich. I think you can imagine the look on my face when I stepped in the huge supermarket filled with all kinds of art stuff ...

Of course I couldn't leave without emptying half of my wallet... here's what I bought... 

gold leaves, small handmade paper cards, Ecoline Brush Pen for lettering, gouache challenge accepted, small brushes and this hi-tech liner from Pentel =D

... and here's my first try with it... it's nothing super-special, but quite cool to work with ♪

Speaking about my art... did I already tell you that I opened an Etsy shop with originals and recently added postcards with my tea fairies ♪♫♪ ?

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

3 komentáře:

  1. I love your galaxy skirt! I have one similar but in shades of purple and deep blue.
    Love your look.

  2. To je super vesta! Bomba! Vypadá fakt moc dobře. :) Že bych začala uvažovat? :D Mám totiž doma ještě takový ty velký kočičí knofle z Laponska :D Udělala bych si vestu jako poctu Festrovi :D

  3. That vest is so stunningly beautiful <3 :D wow wow!
    loving the colour and the cute pockets >w<