pondělí 18. července 2016

Rainy Days

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of June we had a visit of our friends for the whole weekend ♪ We did a lot of sight-seeing around Munich and got totally drenched in rain (or at least me) ... at that time it was raining two weeks in a row already?!
What a terrible start of summer this year in Germany >_<

And this is what I was wearing ♪
Rain sucks, but at least you can do some layering !

I think PlazmaLab lately became my super-favourite brand... everything is ethical, original, made by young artists, amazing, beautiful, comfy...AND I WANT TO BUY ALL OF IT !

neckwarmer - hand-knitted by me
necklace - DraculaClothing
dress - PlazmaLab
tote bag - Mono merchandise
shoes - Vagabond

We saw a lot of interresting things and places on that day, but I think the most bizzare sight in the middle of Munich is Eisbach Wave - it's a wave on an artificial stream which is running through English garden and surfers can be seen there all the time - in every weather, in every season... it's pretty rare for someone from middle Europe, so I'm always mesmerized by their skills *o*

Video zveřejněné uživatelem @opheliavioletta,

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. I love that your hairdo matches with the print :D llloving the print! it's so ominous and stunningly beautiful <3
    your shoulder tattoos look sooooo pretty with that dress too ^ - ^ so perfect!!