pondělí 11. července 2016

Mittelaltertage Haar

Hi, my dear readers ♥

This year the weather during spring was so bad - especially on weekends - that we visited only ONE medieval fair so far =( 
We spontaneously went to take a look at Mittelatertage Haar, which is almost still in Munich... so we didn't have to travel far away in case of the sudden change of weather.
It was unexpectedly sunny Sunday, so we decided to give it a try ♪

And it was great *o*
A huge field, full of shops and people wearing costumes ! There was also live music and delicious mead :3

(quite a nice decoration for Huffelpuff common room, I think) 

I didn't plan to buy anything, but then I saw a stand with handspun yarn...asked the ladies if I can get a photo... we started to talk... and yeah, I bought a skein of Lama yarn in beautiful brown colour ♥
I´m already knitting a bolero from it ! It's called "Shelob" and the pattern is by amazing ffrench ♪ I wanted to make something I will be able to wear on historical festivals and I think this will be perfect... and of course the LOTR-themed name is a nice bonus =D

I wasn't thinking much about the outfit - I just wanted to wear this beautiful skirt and then matched  with it some random accessories ♪

oh no, these glasses again =D !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥
(it's 30°C in Bayern today >_< eek! I want to go swimming in the lake !)

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