pondělí 4. července 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my mori outfit with the most amazing beret I own =D

 I'm wearing it everytime it's a bit colder ever since dear Mim oredered it for me from TaoBao ♥
But now I finally put together a complete mori outfit !

I found out that it matches perfectly with this super-cute mori top I found in Pick'n'Weight... and the top looks best worn with this red dress which I have for ages in my wardrobe and used it just for harness photos, because in combination with my red hair it's just... too much red =D

I wore this outfit on one half-sunny/half-rainy day in May.
We went to city centre to look around shops and I bought two new pairs of sunglasses - two - because I couldn't decide which one is better =D ha ha
We had to wear them right away !

We also discovered a huge Italian (super)market and got a new bottle of Aceto Balsamico di Modena (nom - best thing you can put on salad!). I showed Honza the Japanese shop I visited with lolitas last time, but they didn't have much stuff so we just bought this matcha...cake?

When the rain started we went to see a free exhibition of 100 years of Leica photography. It was really interresting *o* There was a lot of amazing and moving photos... for example - original (!) of this photo by Nick Ut... I have goosebumps everytime I see it ...

After we saw everything on the exhibition, the rain was pouring so we quickly went to underground station and headed home - good thing I had the sprout on my head to save me from rain ! =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Hi! This is nothing related to this post, but I just have to mention this: did you know that you picture appears on American tv-show called Under the Gunn? I was watching it just now here in Finland, also just opened your blog while watchin the show and PAM! Here is your face on the screen. Show has already aired on 2014, so someone else might also have noticed this before?

  2. The baret is adorable, it fits perfectly with your outfit. ^_^

  3. Your outfit is so cute! I love the hat and beret. You should do more gifs. =D

  4. can't get over how amazing that beret is <3 it looks amazing on you :D
    those wood frame sunnies are superb too * . * wow!!!

  5. Ten baret je úžasný! :D Nemít špatné zkušenosti ohledně nákupu z taobao, hned bych si ho objednala :D Jinak máš krásně sladěný outfit *w*