pátek 10. června 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

These photos are from the 30th April ...oh my, I'm really behind with posts =D But there is so much to do and so many places to go and I have so much to write about !
30th April was a fine sunny day before Honza's birthday and also Beltaine/Walpurgisnacht ♥
The weather forcast for 1st May was bad and also on Sunday everything is closed here in Bayern, so we decided to go to city centre and celebrate the birthday one day earlier by walking around, exploring Munich, shopping, having a good lunch and delicious smoothie in cute little shop called "SUPER DANKE" =D

We also stopped by at Dallmayr supermarket (which is something like luxurious grocery shop with amazing chocolate and café), where I found lavender syrup *o* so now I can make lavender lemonade ! I took Honza in a cute Himalaya shop which I discovered and we couldn't leave without a pack of burning incense sticks and a huge pile of prayer flags for our new home =) ...and a mandatory stop at Lush before summer - this solid sun protection is the best one I ever had ! 

I was wearing my new pants from Cubus...PANTS AGAIN! I have so many pants and I almost don't wear skirts >_< what's happening to me?! I need to wear more skirts - that's my resolution for this summer !
I was in dire need of high-waisted pants and at first I planned to buy normal long ones, but then it started to be warm, so I ordered these (I have no idea what is the fashion term for this lenght, sorry!). Even though there were just two measurements on the website, I managed to get perfect size =D mu ha ha
I used to hate high-waisted pants, but I got really tired of my underwear peeking everytime I sit on bike or while taking Satan from the ground... and they look pretty cool, I don't know what I was thinking !

pants, shirt - Cubus
t-shirt - Bershka (loooong time ago)
shoes - Vagabond

And a family portrait :3

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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