úterý 7. června 2016

Amsterdam 2016

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Last weekend we went for a short adventure in Amsterdam. I don't even know what was the first impuls for me to start planning visit of this beautiful city in the Netherlands, but probably it was combination of the architecture, canals, great shops and sea =D

Our plan was to go there by a plane, but in the end we managed to miss it =D ha ha (I'm laughing now, but I was actually crying on the airport...) After I swore that I will never ever go on a holidays with him, my husband came with a solution that he will take us there with a car... (it was his fault that we missed the plane, because he planned a very tight time management <_<)... and suddenly we were on a roadtrip again =D this time absolutely unprepared, so we had to stop at gas station to buy some food and water and after I-don't-know-how-many-hours we were finally in Amsterdam !

We were staying at a cute little apartement that we found on airbnb, which was situated on the other side of the big canal next to the main train station. We had to take the ferry everyday, which was really cute =) There was also a really good restaurant "THT" nearby with a view on the city with delicious (gluten free!) food ♥

On Saturday we visited the most important parts of the city - canals, markets, Stephen & Penelope, big fabric store, sex shop, Red light district, coffee shop, ...=D
On Sunday we went to the less touristic parts of Amsterdam, we saw a huge ship, the windmill and walked a lot around the canals ♪
On Monday - the last day - we left our apartement around 10am, took our car and went to see the North Sea. There was a fog and crazy strong wind, but we loved it anyway =D We definitelly need to visit it again !

So yeah...the beginning was pretty wild, but it was totally worth it ♥
Here are some photos !

 view from our apartment

 the ferry =)

 fresh orange juice from Noordermarkt =)

 I always loved the idea of living on houseboat, so I was admiring those in Amsterdam a lot ♥

And now my personal highlight - Stephen & Penelope
A must-visit yarn shop of every knitter, "home" of amazing designer Stephen West, endless selection of yarns...
I don't even know how long we were there ! Good, that they have a "waiting chair", so it wasn't so hard for Honza and Satan =D And what's the coolest thing? I met Stephen at the door !!! *fangirl moment* ♥ ♥ ♥

my future bike 

loot !
I bought two skeins of Hedgehog Fibres in colours "Highlighter" and "Zephyr"  and matching Malabrigo Sock in "Dewberry" - I plan to use these three for the Doodler shawl =) I also bought a pattern for this lovely Damask infinity scarf, because I want to learn brioche *_* Five big buttons for a vest... aaand of course I couldn't leave without the tote bag ♥

Right next to Stephen & Penelope is an amazing shop with fabrics and EVERYTHING for sewing...they even sell latex *o*

I couldn't resist and had to buy at least 3m from each of these beautiful embroidered ribbons ♥
"mini bottles" are from a craft shop in Pijp, which we visited on the other day ♪

Bagels & Beans was our favourite place for lunch - they have delicious (gluten free! yay) bagels, avocado salad with smoked chicken and homemade ice tea ♥

both Chinese and Red Light districts were a bit of dissapointment for us - it was overcrowded with party people and cheap souveniers


evening chill on free bean bag at the shore and delicious dinner =)

 huuuuuge ship

Dear Amsterdam,
you were great and I already miss you.

We will meet again, I'm sure about it ♥

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  1. Whaaaa to je super článek! Tak nebudu tu obšírně popisovat jak moc se mi líbí fotky ze Stývnova shopu, ať neucpu celý koment jen tím. :D prostě pecka!
    Všechny fotky jsou skvělý, a tam v tom "asijským" chrámu jsme byli taky!! :D O_o
    A baví mě sledovat i Satanáše, ten vypadá vtipně snad na každý fotce :D

  2. Amsterdam is great. I missed out on buying something at Boeken when we visited last year, but your loot from the shop looks so great! And I'll make sure to visit the knitter's paradise next to it, too, on our next trip. Thanks for the tipp!