úterý 14. června 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

The thing I probably missed the most in Ingolstadt was art. There was an art gallery, but I never really visited it because...I don't know...it wasn't interresting at all... but here in Munich *o* we could go in galleries every weekend and won't manage to see everything !

The first art-related event we visited was STROKE. I saw a poster near our house, but what really convinced me to go there was a recommendation from owner of this tiny little PlazmaLab shop where I'm leaving my money everytime I step inside =D He told me that there will be various art groups presenting their works with PlazmaLab among them ♪ Sounds cool !

The even took place at Praterinsel, which is a small island on the river not far away from the city centre. There is a complex of old warehouses and a "city beach" bar...
Some rooms are quite small so it was a bit overcrowded, but still it was comfortable and works of featured art groups matched perfectly with the atmosphere of the place.

I was really happy that we gave it a try, because most of the works were exactly my kind of aesthetics ♥

 ♥ ♥ ♥ originals from Miss Van ♥ ♥ ♥ now that I think about it, maybe I should spent all my money and buy one ...??? I've been admiring her art for years ! 

 "please respect the vandalism"

 (in the upper right corner of the photo - one more original from Miss Van ♥)

 Satan !

Aperol Spritz is our tradition every time we go out =D

there were artist painting outside and this one with snakes was my favourite  ♥

Every artist had small prints for sale and there was also a Boesner room with a lot of art supplies ♪ here's my loot !

After we left the Praterinsel we strolled around a bit more, to explore new parts of Munich and found this amazing house covered in blooming Wisteria *o*
There was a cute French restaurant, so we decided have a Crème brûlée - it was absolutely delicious ♥

nom nom

Since I knew about this event thanks to PlazmaLab, I decided to wear the piece I bought there last time ♥
In this outfit I felt like a sith lord who went to see some art =D ha ha

choker - DIY
top - PlazmaLab
leggins - Cubus
shoes - Vagabond

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. oh!!! all those art works look so pretty and exciting :D and especially... miss van ; 0 ; <3 she's too perfect <3 I'd love to see her art live too ^.^
    your outfit is so amazing :D love it!!

  2. You looks so wonderful, Honey...