středa 22. června 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

After some time my lomography photos are back again ♪
This film has some really nostalgic photos for me... homes where are not living in anymore, summer memories from the last year and beautiful autumn trees ...

These two photos are really special - the last pictures I took in a place where I grew up and lived for more than 20 years of my life, few moths before my parents sold it... the first photo is view from my room and the second one is a kitchen window...

Befreiungshalle Kelheim ...our first adventure from last summer ♪ 
(I desperetaly need to go on a hike, hopefuly the weather will finally start to act like summer >_<)

Mountains, Gandalf ! Mountains ! ♥

This photo is like a vision from my mind which I've been returning to from time to time when I need to calm my thoughts...
I remember when I was standing there I though "this is the most beautiful place I've ever been to in my whole life" it's like something from my dreams...really =D I love mountains so damn much ♥

these three look like old postcards =)

...and autumn memories from Ingolstadt ♪
(the path I was walking everyday with my dog... *NOSTALGIA AGAIN*)

Now that I look at these photos I see how much changed in the past year !
I don't mind, changes are good, because there is always something new awaiting ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  1. Nádherné fotografie! A skutečně z nich dýchá taková nostalgická atmosféra :)