pátek 24. června 2016

DIY harem pants + botanical garden

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want show you two things - first - a pair of DIY harem pants I made from a tie-dyed fabric and second - some pretty photos I took in Nymphenburg botanical garden ♥

Let's start with these pants !
When I was tie-dyeing last time I added in the cauldron big piece of grey cotton fabric which I bought for lolita skirts, but then I found out it has stains so it was useless for that purpose... I had no idea what will I made of it, until few months later I stumbled upon this simple pattern on Pinterest ♪

I didn't have enough fabric for the belt, so I just made a small tunnel for a thin elastic band on top of pants =) I also had some problems with holes for feet, but nah...somehow I made it and it's fine =D ha ha
I'm really happy with the result ♥
They're super-comfy and match perfectly with mori outfits !

I wore this on one of the few beautiful May days. We decided to visit botanical garden of Nymphenburg castle, which is just a few kilometers on bike from our new home ♪
The garden is beautiful ! Even though there is no japanese corner... BUT instead there is an Alpine rock-garden which makes my mountains-loving heart happy ♥

We were there just on time for blooming tulips *o* SO MANY COLOURS ! (I took a lot of photos with my lomo ...)

I hope you're all enjoying summer !
It's finally warm in Bayern wheeeeee *o*

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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