středa 4. května 2016

Restless Nostalgia

Hi, my dear readers ♥

It's been more than half a year since Han asked me to draw a logo for her yarn shop Hana Paimen Yarns ♪ It was a great honor for me to make something so important ! And since it was a commission from a yarn shop I asked for yarn instead of money ho hooo =D
I was drooling over all these amazing knits from mustard-colored yarn for a long time, so I asked Han to spin a few meters for me in this beautiful colour ♪  I was already sure about the pattern for it - Restless Nostalgia from Caitlin ffrench ♥ it's such a beautiful shawl with a great crescent shape !

I didn't get around to knit it until March of this year, because I have so many project on my to-do list ! =D And the reason why I finally started it was that I needed something simple to knit on train. I was travelling to Dachau a few times to meet with my husband and go for a visit of our new apartement in Munich ♪ Knitting is a big help for me when I need to travel alone. Anxiety makes everything harder and knitting helps me to concentrate on stitches instead of worries =) I´m not sure how will I survive my first flight to Amsterdam at the end of May, since it's not allowed to take knitting needles in plane >_< eek !

The shawl was finished very quickly, because the pattern is changing all the time and I never got bored, not even for one row =) it´s not as complicated as it looks, it just needs a good concetration and not to get lost in the repeats ♪

The handspun yarn from Han made such a beautiful texture *o* I need more !

We took photos in Klenzepark in Ingolstadt where is a huge field full of crocuses every spring *o*

Last year I took there super-cute photo of Satan and sent it to everyone as Easter "card".
This year Satan wasn´t in the mood...

just look at his pissed off face =D 

Now my current knitting "WIPs" are Breathing Space pullover and a pair of socks which I will hopefuly finish today =) And then? ha ha... I have a bag full of yarn and head full of plans ! Right now I´m determined to start "Enchanted Mesa" sweater after all of this is finished... it would be nice to have it to Amsterdam ♪ 
just in case I run into Stephen West on the street, you know
which is this guy

(I´m currently a bit obsessed with his videos, because I haven´t laugh so much for a long time =D)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

11 komentářů:

  1. Jako vždy nádherná( šála i modelka :3) Tuhle kombinaci barev taky miluju <3 (

    1. Děkuju =) joo ! tyhle barvy jsou sice podzimní, ale já je nosím pořád =D

  2. so dreamy!

  3. wow that shawl is super beautiful!
    I'm in love with the colour :D <3 it really really compliments your lovely hair colour too ^-^
    so pretty!!

  4. Já to píšu už úplně všude, fakt :D Ale ten šál je prostě dokonalej! :) A fotky taky moc hezký!

  5. I love your blog!I totally understand why you use knitting to calm yourself in public transportation. Crocheting really helps with my concetration so I use that on loger trips. Maybe you could try taking wooden knitting needles on your flight or a really thick wooden crochet needle.
    Ps You inspired me to try and learn how to knit.

    1. That´s a great idea with the crochet hook ! I will take one in the bag and see what will happen =) thank you !

  6. I don´t know why, but the comment about second-hand shops in Prague just vanished, so here´s an answer for youu ♪
    My favourite second-hand shop in Prague is the TEXTIL house chain, I always stop by at the one in Charvátova and usually find something cool for a good price =)