pátek 29. dubna 2016

Chalice for Girls

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm so happy when I look at fashion trends for this summer =D Hippie bell-bottoms, fringed tops and white lace tunics everywhere ! wheee *o*
But who has the time and patience to wait until summer? I don't.
So I'm wearing my bell-bottoms and hippie witchy clothes already ♥

Here's an outfit I wore on one special March day when I was in Prague. After years we finally met again with our "old" lolita group ! So nostalgic ! We didn't wear lolita clothes anymore, but we had so much fun talking about the "old days" =D Instead of frilly clothes and tea in café, we were all comfy, met in geek pub and got a bit drunk ha ha - we definitelly have to do this more often !

I combined my beloved blue pants from Velvet Cave with new amazing t-shirt from The Ahoy with design from my favourite artist NataszaKura alias Space Manifesto. She released four witchcraft-themed designs for The Ahoy... it was a hard choice, but in the end I bought Chalice for Girls
I already bought an art book from Fukari on Ahoy and I can only recomend this cute shop from Poland =) The delivery is always fast, the quality of products perfect and what's more - everything is made and printed in Poland ♪

choker - DIY
t-shirt - The Ahoy
pants - Velvet Cave

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

3 komentáře:

  1. I went in Hollister (just looking, don't worry!) last thursday and was amazed by the stuff they sell. Really cute things! I hope I can find similar pieces in second hand shops soon. I always loved hippie vibes on clothing so I'm glad about this trend :)

    1. ha ha =D Yess it´s a great trend ! I always go for inspiration to shops like these and then I´m trying to make things myself, find them on Etsy or hope they will magically apppear in second-hand store ...Etsy is usually the fastest way to get it =D but vintage stores have a lot of hippie stuff now, so I´m sure you will find something there =)

  2. You just have to go there quite frequently... Speaking of thrift stores. Do you remember if had any favourite second hand shops in Prague? I know just a couple of the "normal" ones and then a couple of the horrible stinky ones where you need to dig through mountains of worthless sh*t to maybe find one thing that is completely not worth the trouble you just went through.