úterý 10. května 2016

Magical Girl Frida

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my travel-outfit from one March day. We visited our new apartement on that day to take a look how the reconstruction is going and to sign a contract *o*

I decided to wear the skirt/over-skirt from Moshiki which I recently bought in Nürnberg and my new Frida necklace from super-amazing artist Brett Manning . I found her art page on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the style and colours she is using ♥ And when she made these necklaces I didn't hesitate for a second and bought the one with "Magical Girl Frida" right away =D
It arrived quickly and packed in a box full with faux-fur =D together with a business card and two cute stickers ♪

Now that I look at these photos I see that the outfit is in autumn colours again ! >_< I need to finally accept the fact that is spring and have to start wearing some lighter colours =D
...which is easier said than done for someone who is currently madly in love with mustard colour

necklace - Brett Manning Etsy
skirt - Moshiki
shoes - Vagabond

I recently ordered Frida biography from Hayden Herrera, which was used as a reference for the Frida movie. I saw it a looong time ago when it was in cinema - I had no idea what is it about, my friend just said "it's cool, let's see it, I have some free tickets" =D
...and since than I'm a huge fan of this amazing artist ♥ Her paintings are so surreal and full of meaning that I could stare at them all day and still find something new... 

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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