úterý 31. května 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm back from Amsterdam !
I can't wait to show you photos from our adventure, but first I need to catch up on posts =D ha ha

Today I want to show you my Harry Potter-themed outfit from one rainy April day, when we went to Ikea to buy a few last things ♪

I finally wore my new felted earrings, which I made a while ago ♥ I wanted to have a pair of Luna Lovegood's radish earrings ever since I read HP books for the first time (...that's quite a while!) and now I finally have the material & skills ! 

They match perfectly with this cute knitted poncho I got from my husband and of course my punk Harry Potter bag from Art of Pan´s RedBubble shop ♥

I know I said this before, but 
I'm currently going through such comeback of my Potterhead self =D it's amazing ! When I was teenager and fell in love with the books almost everyone around me hated them because it was "famous shit" and there was no internet, no tumblr, no conventions, just me, the books and then movies... so sad T_T
I think Aïcha's art page on tumblr woke up this obsession in me and I started following more and more blogs, re-watched movies, did the sorting test on Pottermore, got sorted in Hufflepuff and started to create our own Hogwarts world with Han... we even founded "Hogwarts knitting club" and I plan to draw all our knitting adventures !!! 

follow my art page on FB or tumblr and stay tuned for more !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

2 komentáře:

  1. Boží náušnice *O* musím se přiznat že jsem nikdy nebyla HP moc posedlá... dokud no - pletení a pletací klub a už to jelo wheeeee :D

  2. I love your outfit! The radish earrings are great, and I wish I was a knitter so I could join the club. I'm a Hufflepuff, too, by the way. Badger Pride!