pondělí 23. května 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to talk about one amazing place which should every vintage/second-hand-lover visit ♪
The Pick&Weight store !
I had no idea something so amazing exists so near to my house, until KK told me about ♥ she found there super-cool rounded sunglasses and was really excited about the shop, so I didn't hesitate and went there right on the next day =D

When KK told me about a "cool second-hand where everything has a price according to its weight" I instantly had on my mind an image of this vast stinky second-hand stores where we used to go with my mum. The price was set by the weight as well and everything was cheap and ugly =D
...so I almost missed the store on Schellingstrasse while looking for it, because it's an absolute opposite of what I was expecting =D The shop is rather small, totally FULL with clothing, with great interior design, things are organized by colour, style, materials and you can find there literally EVERYTHING ! Hippie bags? check! Fetish shoes? check! Japanese Yukata? check! Gothic clothes? check! Military corner with crazy postapo stuff? check! ...and much much much more ... I don't even know how long I was there, but in the end I found three things I brought into super-cute changing room ...

Unfortunatelly the beautiful light-green FlorenceWelch-like dress was too small for me, but the other two things fit perfectly, so I just had to buy them <_<

The amazing dress with white collar is from a Japanese brand and the cute mori jacket has no tags, so maybe it's handmade? who knows ♪
I can't remember the exact price of each item, but I think the dress was around 40euro and the jacket 20euro ...yeah it's not cheap like in thrift store, but you can find there real treasures =)

When I finally left the shop, I decided to stroll around the Schellingstrasse a bit more. So far it's my favourite part of Munich, because there is a lot of cool people, good restaurants and cute shops =D One of them is tiny-little store called Unimoden which is selling mostly Plazmalab clothing... I couldn't skip it and of course I found there something amazing and pooof! more money was gone from my bank account >_<

How totally perfect is this thing?? I feel like Star Wars hero in it =D 

...unfortunatelly I managed to destroy the fabric a bit in washing maschine after a week of wearing, because I'm stupid and didn't read the tag properly -_- fuu ...but it still looks great ! phew

I got these cool stickers with the purchase ♥

I also discovered a cute shop with all kinds of beautiful things from Nepal ♥ and had a lunch in Dean&David which is a chain of cute salat restaurants all around Germany.

The day was sunny and warm, so I decided to take out my hippie clothes ♪

hat - H&M
dress - Gudrun Sjodén
shawl, vest - knitted by me
shoes - Vagabond

oh, and I forgot to say that Pick&Weight is not only in Munich, but also in Hamburg and Berlin =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

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  2. Most of the second hand shops in my country are pick-and-weight but they're cheap and far more casual and plain compared with the shop you visited.